Where To Photograph Clients If You Don’t Have A Studio

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I wanted to talk with you today about where to photograph portrait clients if you don’t have a studio.

I want to give you a list of different places that you can photograph, if you don’t have a studio because here’s the thing, if you don’t have a studio, that’s okay, in fact, that’s great when you’re first starting out because your expenses are a lot lower and it gives you less stress when you’re trying to figure out how to book more clients and make more money in your photography business. Am I right?

So, here are a bunch of different places you can shoot. I’ve actually done all of these before I got my studio because I photographed for many years without a studio. Here are some tips for you guys, some examples.

You can photograph, of course, outside on location.

You can photograph at the client’s home.

You can photograph in a room in your own home. Yes, you really can.

You can photograph at a campsite, if you wanted to do that, you could even do a blow up airbed, if you were doing boudoir photography.

You can photograph at an air B and B.

You can photograph at a hotel.

You can, photograph at a yoga studio. You can say, “Hey, I want to trade you or pay you to use your space.”

You could find a warehouse space in your area and you could rent that.

You could find another photographer with a studio and you could rent their studio.

That’s nine different places that you can photograph if you don’t have a studio.  Listen, I was making great money in my photography business before I ever got a studio. It’s a huge expense. It’s not just the monthly rent, you have to think about the internet bill, the garbage, the utilities, getting a business phone. There is so many different expenses that come with it. Having your different mailing address can be confusing. Just trust me, if you don’t have a studio, totally okay. You can make it a goal for some day, but for now you can use those nine different places that I listed and go photograph in those.

So, I hope you guys liked this. Comment “On Location” below if you enjoyed it, and be sure to tag any of your photography friends if you think would benefit from this!

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