What If You Could Get Paid To Build Your Photography Portfolio... All While Working With Awesome Models That YOU Pick...

"I just had my first model from my model call today and had my highest portrait sale ever! Seriously, Molly Marie, you are amazing!" - K.C.
Hey there,

Molly Marie here, and today I want to share with you the exact system I personally used to go from struggling boudoir photographer to having a thriving boudoir business that topped $250,000 last year alone - and is still growing!

I stumbled upon this system - MODEL CALL - when I had just discovered my passion for boudoir.

I got my first boudoir client by accident. Seeing her transform into a confident, empowered woman through the lens of my camera - literally as I was taking the photos - felt amazing!!

But when her shoot was over, I thought... "Okay... now what?"

I had no idea how to go out there and get more clients. All I knew was that I had $0 in my bank account to spend on marketing.

And I remember thinking...

"Why are the new and growing photographers who need money and clients the most the ones who are forced to give away shoots just to build their portfolios?"

It just didn't seem right to me.

I knew that there had to be a solution out there, so I started putting all of my energy into developing the system that would change my life.

Seriously, this is how I have been able to quit shooting weddings, newborns, and other types of photography so I could focus on what I really love...

...and actually make money at it!

Because having a passion in life is great, but a girl's gotta eat, am I right? :)
Introducing... MODEL CALL!

"How I Build My Client List and PortfolioWITHOUT Working for Free or Spending Thousands of Dollars"

Model Call is my proven marketing system for filling your schedule with the shoots that YOU want to do, filling your portfolio with tons of gorgeous photographs that perfectly reflect your style, and (most  importantly of all!) filling your bank account with money!

With Model Call, you'll learn how to attract paying clients who are willing to sign your model release. And you'll do all this while also...

1. Shooting who, how, and when YOU want to
2. Collecting awesome testimonials to fill your website
3. Having the freedom to explore new techniques and poses
4. Gaining valuable experience working directly with clients
5. Building your confidence
6. Filling your portfolio with awesome photographs
7. Partnering with other businesses

This is the exactly system I used when I first got started shooting boudoir...

...in fact, my very first time using Model Call, I booked 15 shoots in one day. Best of all, my average sales from those shoots was over $1600!

And to be honest... I still use this system today if I have a slow month and want to bring in more clients.

It works like a CHARM and helps me update my portfolio!

"So... How Does Model Call Work?"

Model Call is a marketing bundle that starts with an ebook, but also gives you everything else you need to make the system work for your business.

You will first want to read the steps in the ebook so you can understand the “Model Call” process. I packed the ebook with pure information - no fluff - so that it is short, sweet, and to the point.

We're going to go over the exact psychology behind the wording, tips, marketing ideas, email scripts, and templates, so you can perfectly mold the Model Call system to work for your unique boudoir photography business.

Once you’ve read through you can start following and completing the steps. “Model Call” comes with social media and email scripts so that it’s super easy for you to implement this in your business and see super fast results.

You will be able to implement Model Call within a matter of a couple hours.

Which means... you'll be able to make money in a matter of days with Model Call - as soon as you want to schedule your first shoot!

I've had some people tell me that Model Call paid for itself several times over in less than a month! 

OH...And Did I Mention the BONUSES
When you pick up your copy of Model Call today, you are not only going to get the ebook and scripts...

You're also getting my Quick and Easy Collage Photoshop Template so you can post your call for models TODAY, even if you don't have time to make your own design..

PLUS! You're access to my exclusive members-only Facebook group for Model Callers! (You can't get access to this group any other way!)

Imagine for a second being completely stress-free when it comes to finding clients and making money.
...KNOWING that you have shoots scheduled and you're going to hit your financial goals this month... and every month...

Here's what even more Model Call users are saying about this system:
"Using your model call, I booked 12 clients in 2 months. 3 of their reveals were this week. 2 purchased my top collection and all three of them purchased photos :)"
-Nichole Rea, Nichole Marie Boudoir, Florida

"I launched my first Model Call. The main objective was to replace my website images with my new studio. However... I was able to bring in $8,584... Thank you for providing this for the photographers out there that just don't have time to sit down and plan something like this out. You saved me SOOO much time and am grateful!"
- Katie Whitcomb, Boudoir by Katie, Indiana
“I have tried doing my own type of model call before and had 1 or 2 responses which were mainly friends of friends. I am still shocked at the response from this one. At this stage I have 13 emails and also a couple enquiry and a Hair design studio has contacted me to work with them! The model call is the best. It's all there for you. Minimal thinking, the routine is set for you and it is so SIMPLE! Highly recommend it."
- Carley Grayson, Captured By Carley, Australia

"The first time I used Model Call it literally made me over $10,000... safe to say that certainly convinced me! Totally worth the money!" [Later, Alex wrote me again:]  "Just another shout out for Molly's Model Call! I made a post last night to find models in Atlanta and NYC and my Atlanta weekend is already full! I needed 4 girls and had 8 email me. I live in The Netherlands (originally from Northern Virginia), but have had success using model call all over the US and the world! Definitely worth the investment!"
- Alex Chalkey, Alex Chalkey Photography, The Netherlands
"I have done two "MODEL CALLS" (using Molly's guidelines) during slower times at my studio. Both received lots of inquiries for growing my email base and women were so excited to be chosen! I was able to try new things and it brought money and new faces in at an otherwise slow time for my studio. PS. it also sparks a huge social media buzz with women commenting on your model call and sharing it so theri friends can see it!"
- Lori Lewis, Lori Lewis Photography, Minnesota

"Shot my last model from the model call today and during her IPS she CRIED! this had never happened to me before. She hugged me and said she was so thankful for the opportunity to do this. This girl is a very young college student/working mom who has not embraced her curves after baby, when she saw her photos she told me she could not believe that was really her. She bought the deluxe album and went home with a complimentary mobile app (I gave all the models a 5 photo mobile app as a thank you gift) her fiance then called a few minutes ago saying this has done something wonderful for her self esteem. He said "she keeps scrolling through the app and saying she can't believe that's really her" He asked if I had a large size print or canvas that he can order for her as a surprise! He thinks this will help her believe how "amazingly beautiful she really is" I took his order and by the end of the conversation I too was in tears. I never knew my art had the power to change someone's view of themselves so much!!!”
- Anel Lestage,Whimsey Candids, Texas

"I just posted my 1st Model Call post on just my business page and I already have 3 inquiries in just 1 hour! The verbiage of this product is great. Makes women want to do this! I saw my inbox and said wow! I can't wait to get them booked. Happy dance, happy dance!!!"
- Wanda Fernandez-Thomas, MadCris Images, Pennsylvania

"Molly Marie, I just got started reading the Model Call E-Book.. I'm maybe half way through and I seriously want to punch myself for never thinking of doing it this way before! What have I been doing with my life?!"
- Jennifer Lazos, Brazen Boudoir, Florida

"Molly really breaks the Model Call process down into easy-to-follow baby steps for you to implement. Her method is effective, and anyone can make money if they follow her formula (with easy to use templates included)! Ideal for slow season, or if you're just starting out in boudoir!"
- Amy Zellmer, Custom Creations Photography, Minnesota

"I bought your model call book and my A-ha! moment so far is that I do not need to give away everything for free! Such a great (and should be common sense) concept!!"
- Elizabeth Zimmerman, Torrid Boudoir, Texas

"Wow, Molly Marie, I just wanted to say Thank You for Model Call! I am swimming in emails from the number of responses! Hopefully I'll use the money I make from this for Boudie Marketing Camp! If it's half as effective as Model Call is it'll be well worth it!"
- Jessica Connel, Midsummer Night Media, California

Hundreds of other boudoir photographers just like you have already used these strategies with fantastic results! 
Love and High Fives!! 
Molly Marie  
 PS. Please download Model Call now while you're still reading. So many people SAY they want to be successful boudoir photographers, but when it comes down too it, they never take action to actually grow their businesses and succeed. 
You Need To Think About Something... 
Listen I know all the testimonials on this page have gotta sound really awesome to you, but I want to make sure that you KNOW that you do need to put in effort to make you business a success
There is absolutely NO QUESTION about that... 
I'm providing the best strategy and even the tools to do it with so you can shortcut your way to success, including everything you need, and you can even do it at your own pace... but nobody's going to grow your business for you.
YOU need to take action.

That's why you've gotta have a burning desire to create a boudoir business that rocks. To make a difference for yourself, for you loved ones, and for your clients!
Because if you don't, then Model Call is definitely not for you. But if you do, and you WANT it and you're definitely willing to take action, than this is a perfect fit for you.

Let's build your business together so you can join the hundreds of other Model Call customers bringing tons of new clients into their studios every month! I can't wait to hear from you about your success!