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Are You Making This Mistake By Taking Too Many Photos Per Shoot?

Are You Making This Mistake By Taking Too Many Photos Per Shoot?Are you making this huge mistake in your photography business that’s costing you LOTS of time and money?

This mistake is the #1 mistake I’m seeing photographers make.

This mistake is – over shooting.

You see, the best way for you to create a profitable portrait or boudoir photography business is to do same day viewing and ordering.

In fact I do my IPS (in person sales) same day viewing/ordering sessions 30-60 minutes directly following the photo shoot.

I tell photographers this and educate them on how powerful and lucrative this is but then I hear things like…

…”but Molly there’s no way I can edit in 30 minutes,” “but Molly I can’t even cull my photos in 30 minutes,” “but Molly then I’ll have to show my images unretouched.”

Are You Making This Mistake By Taking Too Many Photos Per Shoot?

To the first two I say this, you can edit and cull in 30 minutes if you shoot LESS. And how you shoot less is by applying two principles. One, treat your digital camera like a film camera and only take the photo once it’s perfect. Take your time! Two, practice and get REALLY good at shooting. You should be so good at shooting that your straight out of camera images look very similar to your edited ones. I show straight out of camera at my viewings and nobody ever mentions a thing.

To the second excuse I say, you shouldn’t NEED to retouch before viewing. If your clients have rolls showing, that should have been fixed in your posing. If your client has acne showing that should have been fixed by your professional makeup artist and lighting.

Once you start to treat your sessions like film sessions it’s liberating.

Are You Making This Mistake By Taking Too Many Photos Per Shoot?

It frees up SO much of your time.

And if you’re sitting there thinking “but I love photoshop – I enjoy editing.” Then let me ask you this…

…would you rather spend 2 hours editing each sessions at your computer or would you rather spend 2 more hours of your life every shoot with your family? Yeah, exactly.

Money replenishes, time does not.

When you shoot less & do in person ordering sessions you are saving yourself HOURS per photo shoot. Now multiply that by the number of shoots you do per year (not to mention this method produces HIGHER sales) and you’ll be on board in a flash.

Are You Making This Mistake By Taking Too Many Photos Per Shoot?

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Do you do in person sales? Why or why not?

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