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How To Market To Your Ideal Client

Have you ever tried to convince somebody to do a boudoir shoot with you?

…and you got the dreaded, “well I need to lose 10 pounds first.” Or some other mega lame excuse?

In the past I heard this excuse, A LOT.

It would make an appearance at trade shows when I was talking to women, at networking meetings, or even over facebook comments on my business page.

…and I got really tired of it.

I realized that I needed to stop blindly trying to convince women to book boudoir shoots with me!

I needed to stop having salesy conversations with these women.

I needed to offer her what she already wants…in the WAY she wants it.

Here’s the thing: people don’t want to feel sold to!

They want to make that decision for themselves….and feel like it’s the perfect thing they need to do for themselves, RIGHT NOW (because it is).

So how can you turn your approach around?

The key is knowing your unique value and how to match it up with your ideal client so that you become somebody who she simply HAS to work with!

In order to do this you have to know what your unique value is (so you stand out from the crowd and it’s apparent why your ideal client needs to work with YOU), who your ideal client IS, and what it is she wants.

If you’re unsure what your unique value is, who your ideal client is, or what it is she wants I want to encourage you to figure these things out.

Grab a notebook and start listing traits of your ideal clients:

  • Who is she?
  • Where does she hang out?
  • What is her family life like?
  • What’s missing in her life?
  • What values does she have?

You’ll also want to figure out your unique value and how these things will tie together.

For example, if your ideal client is a workaholic mom, then she clearly has little to no free time and needs to “ME TIME.” Maybe your business focuses on reminding mom’s to take their “me time” because they work hard and deserve it!

This is just scratching the surface. You can really dive deep when you create your business mission statement. This way your business’s mission lines up with your ideal clients wants/desires. …and when they read your mission or hear you talk about it (they think of it as a mission statement and not a sales pitch) they relate to it and “click” and want to book a shoot with you!

Once I nailed down my unique value and my mission statement chatting up clients in a non-salesy way became a breeze! I also had a lot more inquiries (that I didn’t have to work so darn hard for) because women were convincing themselves they had to do a shoot!

..and I’m so glad I did because I’ll never have to hear “I need to lose 10 pounds first” ever again! hah!

Where do you need help in figuring out your unique value? Book a 1:1 free strategy session with me or one of my coaches to figure it out! Go to now! 


Learn how to market to your ideal boudoir photographer client with your unique value.

How to market to your ideal client by Molly Keyser of Boudie Shorts

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