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3 Confessions: Why Putting My Life In The Public Eye Scares Me

3 Confessions: Why Putting My Life In The Public Eye Scares MeWe’re going to get a bit personal here on the Boudie Shorts blog today.

You guys know I always love being open and honest with you and lately I feel like I haven’t been creating enough free content for you guys.

In addition Boudie Shorts has been around since 2013 so I always feel like I know most of you guys and that you already probably know so much about my life. But truth is I really don’t share that much about my personal life.

But I see you all as friends my photo family, so in future posts on this blog that is going to change.

I think in any business if it’s a solopreneur business – like boudoir photography – letting your audience get to know you on a personal level is most certainly needed.

Especially when it comes to boudoir as it’s such a private session and needs for there to be a lot of TRUST.

So you might be wondering why it has taken me 4-5 YEARS to finally decide to share more about my personal life with you all.

Well to be honest, mostly fear got in the way.

Can you relate to that?

If you’re wondering exactly what fear has held me back, I’ve laid it all out here:

3 Confessions: Why Putting My Life In The Public Eye Scares Me

1. I’m not glitz and glam

I’m a boudoir photographer. In the boudoir photography industry you will see a LOT of glitter, gold & pinks. Can I let you in on a little secret? I literally HATE the color pink. No joke. In fact my first business branding was yellow simply because I needed it to appeal to women but I personally hate the color pink (as you can see I later gave into this via my graphic designer haha).

I’m also really low key. I’d rather wear yoga pants and an over sized t-shirt with a baseball cap then a dress with high heels. In fact I literally HATE high heels.

3 Confessions: Why Putting My Life In The Public Eye Scares Me

I’m also ok with less. Much less than most people strive for. I own a small 50’s house in a low key neighborhood. I don’t drive a fancy car, I go shopping maybe twice a year – I’m just not really a fan of stuff for the most part.

I’d rather spend it on traveling, saving for retirement or doing things with my family.

2. Some people are crazy.

I’m not sure if you know this – but some people are legit, nuts. After growing my audience to over 20k people I’ve come to learn this first hand.

Now before we go further I need to preface this with that 99.9% of my audience is AMAZING!!! They’re so supportive, sweet, motivated & are TRUE #BoudieBabes.

But like everything in life with the good sometimes comes the bad. I’ve had my fair share of assholes over the years. Accusing me of not having a photo studio, just trying to make money off of photographers, complaining about my FREE content and then leaving me a 1 star review on my BOUDOIR BUSINESS FB page (so not even boudie shorts) but my personal business page – I even had a local photographer opt into my email list, call as a fake for a photo shoot, drive past my house for multiple days & even stop by my studio late at night unannounced. Some people are just nuts – and it scares me a bit.

This is why I never share my address until a client has booked & paid with me. I only ever use my PO box address.

3. I don’t want social media to consume me.

When I go out and about I see so many people 100% consumed by their phones. I’ll admit this is totally me. But I hate it. I try really hard to live in the moment when I’m outside of work hours and I don’t even want social media to consume my life.

3 Confessions: Why Putting My Life In The Public Eye Scares Me

Here’s the thing though. Even though there are a lot of negatives that go along with putting yourself out there online. There are SO many positives.

I’m able to help thousands of photographers from around the world transform their businesses. I receive COUNTLESS positive messages every day. Getting a personal PM and postcard to my PO box on how I helped somebody make $44k in a month, or how they were able to leave an abusive husband because their business now makes enough to support them – THAT I wouldn’t change for the world. THAT is why I’m here.

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What’s the #1 thing that scares you from sharing your life online?

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