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How to Leverage Social Media Marketing without Living Online


Every morning I park in “my spot,” unlock the studio door, turn on the lights, turn on my Scentcy (mmm) and power up my computer.  On the drive over chances are I was running a thought bubble list of TO DOs and getting pumped up to tackle that list for the day. What happens more often than not though, is I turn on my computer and BAM.  I log into email, facebook, and all hell breaks loose.  The next thing I know I’ve woken up from a 3-4 hour long email/chat/status posting coma realizing that I still have a mountain of things to tackle in the “real world.”

Social media is SO time consuming. The way things work today though, social media advertising is SOOO necessary. I try to post to my business page at least once per day.  I’m getting better each day about logging out of my chat and delegating certain times of the day to answer emails so I don’t get distracted to easily from my other tasks.

So what’s the answer? Well for me, “automate.”

I wanted to share a few tools that I’ve recently learned about that have been LIFE CHANGING for me.  With these tools I no longer need to log into facebook or other sources daily to market.

Scheduled Facebook Status Updates:

Did you know you can schedule your Facebook status updates? Now I’m able to take 30 minutes a week or less to schedule all of my status updates for any/all of my Facebook business pages and groups. You can schedule just a text update, image update, blog post etc.

Scheduling Blog Posts: 

If you are using WordPress then you will be able to schedule your blog posts. Instead of switching from task to task each day, why not try doing all your blogging on one day and scheduling them so they’re consistent throughout the week? This will keep your audience coming back because they know you post “every other day at 10am” (or whatever you choose). Scheduling blog posts in WordPress is super simple. Instead of clicking “publish” click EDIT next to publish immediately. You’ll then be able to choose the date and time in which you choose to publish your blog post.

Scheduling Your Email Newsletter:  

Just as if you were to schedule your blog posts you can also schedule your e-newsletter. Why not take 1 day out of the year to schedule ALL of your monthly newsletters for the year? You can take one day to focus on that, give your subscribers a consistent flow and then you’re done with it for the year. Of course if you have a new announcement you can always schedule that in there as well.

I hope I’ve given you some motivation to schedule some of your tasks so you don’t waste as much time switching from task to task. Better yet, so you don’t wake up from a 3 hour facebook chat coma. It sucks you in!! haha

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