What I’ve Learned As A Boudoir Photographer About Women



I wanted to share one of the things that I have learned about women being a boudoir photographer. Now, it’s funny, because you and I both know that boudoir photography is amazing, and every single woman really needs to experience a boudoir shoot. But, the number one thing that I’ve learned is that the average woman needs to have some kind of an excuse to do a boudoir shoot. It sounds crazy because we know it’s so amazing, and they’re going to get so much out of it.  But women have:

  • Responded so well to my model call marketing strategy
  • Said it’s a gift for somebody else
  • Say that it’s because of a milestone (or something similar)

What I have found is that when they give these reasons, they absolutely needed to make up in their mind an excuse to do the shoot.  I dug a little bit deeper with one of my clients on this topic once, and I said, “Are you really doing this as a gift for your fiance, or is this for yourself?” And she’s like, “You know, I’ve been saying it’s for my fiancé, but really it’s for me.”  She said, “I felt a little bit selfish. I felt a little bit self-centered if I told people that I was just paying to get photos taken of myself.”

Now, I found that to be really, really interesting.  What I found, though, is instead of trying to change the way that women view this, you can really tailor your marketing around women giving these excuses.

I hope you found this helpful, and I hope that next time you think about your marketing, you will keep in mind that women need an excuse to do a boudoir shoot.


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Molly Keyser

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