Juli Arendash’s Honest Review of Boudoir Certified


Hi. I’m Julie and I’m a boudoir photographer in Cleveland, Ohio and the owner of Cleveland Fine Art Boudoir. And I just want to tell you today about my amazing experience with Boudoir Certified. I joined about five months ago and it has literally changed my entire life.

Before Boudoir Certified I was booking maybe one to two boudoir session a month and I was making maybe $200 off of them. It wasn’t profitable for me, but I loved it. And I was doing weddings every single weekend and hating it. And I just knew boudoir was something that was going to make me so much happier.

And since I joined Certified, my life has completely changed. I am so much happier with the choice of photography. I’ve made … I am booked for three months straight. I have a group of over 3,000 women that encourage and support each other every day. And if you’re somebody that is struggling in your business, this program is for you.

I was able to pay my class back in one session. I paid it back within five weeks and that was me working on this class and also going to school full time, working a half-time job and keeping up with all my weddings every weekend.

You can do it. It’s self-paced and so stop questioning and just sign up for a call with Boudoir Certified because it will … it’ll change you. It’s crazy.


Check out Boudoir Certified and schedule your complimentary 1:1 strategy session at www.boudoircertified.com/case3

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Molly Keyser

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