Is Photography a Good Career to Get Into?



Have you ever wondered if photography is worth it?  I get asked this question a lot.  I get asked, “Molly, is photography as a career really worth it? Is it actually a good career to get into?” I can easily say without a shadow of a doubt that it IS an amazing career to get into!   

What’s funny is I used to do senior pictures.  The kids would always be like, “Oh, my god! Let me see your camera! I totally want to be a photographer.”  Then parents would always come around later like, “I don’t know.  Is this actually a good career?  Between you and me, are you making good money?” I just laughed, and I’m like, “Yeah. It’s pretty good.” But you and I know that it’s pretty darn good, right?

We know the money is good, but I wanted to share with you some other reasons why I think photography is an amazing career.  First of all, there really aren’t a lot of barriers to entry.  If you’re someone who is even slightly interested in photography, I definitely think that you should give it a go.

Here’s the thing. You don’t have to go to college to become a photographer. You don’t have to get a degree. You don’t have to get a certification.  All you need to get is a camera and a lens, and then just start practicing.  It might take a little bit of time to produce a good result, but I just think it’s so cool and freeing that you and I can get started in a career that’s going to change our lives by simply buying a camera and starting to take pictures.

So yes, photography is a great career to get into!  I’m so thankful that I got started in photography. I absolutely love it!  I hope that if you’re a photographer, you love it too. If you’re thinking about it, then you should definitely give it a go because it’s not only super fun, but also a really great source of income.


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Molly Keyser

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