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Is blogging dead? Should you be blogging for your photo biz?


Is blogging dead? I get this question all the time. “I’m a photographer. Should I blog?”

The answer is, honestly, yes! Yes, you should blog. Blogging is not dead, but marketing is always changing, right?

So here’s what I want you to do. I want you to blog consistently. So, if that looks like once a week to you, awesome. If that looks like once a month to you, awesome. Just do it consistently and you can ramp it up in time.

That’s number one: consistency.

Then, I want you to blog about stuff that’s really interesting. I don’t want you to slap it together like, “Oh, Miss B.’s photo shoot. Here’s a crap ton of pictures.” Pictures are not that good for SEO; you need to have some words in there, so I want you to start telling stories.

So here’s a little hack to blog in a much easier way (and I’m doing this right now). I’m creating a video right now, talking to you, right? Then my team is going to send it to (R-E-V dot com), and they transcribe all of the words out of my video. From that, my team writes a blog post. So all you would have to do is record a video like this (or ask your clients questions and record a video like that), and then transcribe it on Boom! You have a blog post.

You can put the words and the video in the blog post. The words are going to be better for SEO, but you’re also going to have the video there too. So when you email your audience, or you post about it on social media, you can be like, “Hey, here’s this cool thing. My new client Sarah shared her story overcoming xyz. Click here to check it out.”

You can also say, “Do you want to watch it or read it?” It will all link to your blog, but then they know they have the option to either read the post or watch the video, because some people prefer one over the other.

So, if you are someone who doesn’t like to write, don’t let that hold you back from blogging. Create a video, transcribe it on Rev, create your blog post, and go be a badass blog post photographer maker. That’s a name!

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Molly Keyser

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