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IPS is a fad! Try this sales technique instead

You just wrapped up an amazing photo shoot and you’re leaning in to hug your lovely client goodbye and reminding her to come back in three days to see her photos. Wait, what? No! Don’t do that!

IPS, or In Person Sales, is the old way of showing clients their photos and then making a sale. IPS looks like scheduling a second session with your client about three to seven days after the shoot, during which time you’re tirelessly editing their photos. And so much could happen during that time for your client: her car breaks down and can’t make the appointment, or she changes her mind and doesn’t want to order as many photos or any number of things that could get in the way with your sale.

What if I told you there was a better way to show your client her photos that saves you time, saves your client time and increases your chance for a sale? You’re in luck because that’s what I’m going to do!

Introducing DAVO: Directly After Viewing and Ordering. It looks like this: you snap your last photo, your client goes to change and grab a coffee or a quick bite to eat, you cull your raw photos down, and then you show your client the photos and get an order! Now you’ll only edit the photos she’s ordered, saving you hours of time. And your client won’t have to come back in a second time, which saves her time, too!

DAVO is also better for your sales. Right after her photo shoot, your client is feeling empowered and excited, and she’s already prepared to buy a photo package. When you show her the amazing photos you took, right then and there, she’ll be ready!

I can hear you worrying and saying “you want me to show her raw, unedited photos? How in the world is that going to increase my sales?!” All I can say is: relax! Your client isn’t going to notice that there’s a wall outlet in the frame, or that the lighting isn’t completely perfect. She’s just going to be excited about seeing her photos! And you can always assure her that the final product will be edited to perfection.

To make your switch to DAVO even more successful, make sure you educate your client about the structure of the appointment: hair and makeup, photo shoot, change out, see the photos and order! This will prepare your client to properly schedule enough time for your DAVO.

Any questions about the difference between IPS and DAVO? Want more direction on how to make DAVO work for you? Send me a quick message or drop a comment below! Want direct coaching on how to implement it into your photography business? Schedule a FREE strategy session with me or one of my certified coaches today.

IPS is a fad!

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