Interview with CPBP Teri Roberts

Last month, one of my staff members, Belle, and one of my Certified Boudoir students, Teri, sat down to chat. I want to share their conversation with you to celebrate Teri’s graduation and booming business and to show you the power of Boudoir Certified!!

Belle – “Can you tell us your name real quick, so we have it?”

Teri – “I’m Teri Roberts, and I own Teri Roberts Photography.

“Okay, wonderful. You are a recent Boudoir Certified graduate, correct?”


“That’s so exciting! So what was your business like before you signed up for Boudoir Certified?”

Teri – “Well, if I could give a little background: I retired from firefighter paramedic a few years ago and then went full time into photography. I shot many genres, including sports, weddings, a little bit of boudoir, and some other stuff. I always kept coming back to boudoir. Always, always, always. I just loved empowering women, so that’s kind of where I stuck. But it was non-existent in that I couldn’t get people in the door. I didn’t know how. So that was kind of where I was before Certified.”

Belle – “When did you sign up for Certified?”


“What was your experience like in Boudoir Certified?”

“It was so freaking awesome, I gotta say. Because one of the problems that I had was getting people, as I mentioned, getting people in the door. Through Molly’s program, I was able to do that and I’m so excited. I went back and counted all of the boudoir sessions that I had in August and September and it’s amazing how much more work I have now that I’m in Certified–now that I’m a graduate.”

“So you were able to see immediate results! Because we’re now talking, what, three months after you first signed up?”


“Okay. You have constant clients now, you’re making sales–”

“Right. You…you create the model calls and whatever else Molly tells you to do or suggests that you do and whatever you do, you put in the work and you’re gonna get the work.

“That’s awesome!”

Teri – “In August I had 11 boudoir sessions. From zero, otherwise. In September I had 13, so it just only gets better.”

“So you’re even growing! Do you have anyone on the books for October?”

“No, but that is intentional because I do something for Christmas that doesn’t involve boudoir, so I’m trying to gear up for that right now. But! I could if I wanted to. I know exactly how to do it.”

Belle – “That’s the key! So you’ve definitely seen some success and that’s wonderful. And, really, that’s what all of the Boudoir Students see, but of course we like to hear that it’s working for you.”

Teri – “Absolutely. It’s such a good feeling to be successful like that, if that’s how you measure success. I am driven to empower women and I am driven for myself to make money and I can do both. That is what I consider successful. I love it. I love, love, love it. ”

“Do you have any words of wisdom to anyone that is considering Boudoir Certified but is still kind of on the fence?”

“I would say, if you’re sitting on the fence, take a chance on yourself. Spend, invest, borrow, do whatever you need to do to get into this course. It is so worth it. There was a point in the program where I wanted to kind of do things my way, I didn’t really fell comfortable asking for this kind of money or whatever, because remember, in my career history, I’m used to people giving me a paycheck every two weeks. Now it’s different because you ask for money, but you deserve it because you’ve given them such a great product. But I listened to Molly, I did exactly what she said to do and it worked like a charm. I was kind of surprised. It’s like, just shut my mouth and do what she says and it worked! It was awesome.

“Very good! We hope to hear stories of your continued success and you know that Molly is always there for you, even though you’ve graduated–”

Teri – “Yes, which is what I wanted to say was one of the things I absolutely loved about the program. You could ask a question at any time of the day, 24/7, 365, on the Certified Boudoir Facebook page and somebody will answer you. Molly will eventually answer you at some point or her assistant will answer you, but others who have experienced what you’ve experienced or know the answer to a question that you’ve asked,  will answer. I truly and genuinely loved and appreciated that part of it, and the second thing I love, love, loved about it, besides the making money and getting people in the door, is it was fun! It was just fun to do. I can’t wait to go through the program again.”

Teri – “I needed guidance and I got it, which is why I picked up the course in the first place. And it was perfect. It was perfect for me.”

Belle – “That’s really good! That’s why we’re here, that’s why Boudoir Certified and Boudie Shorts exists: it’s for the people like you, because we’re tired of seeing photographers not get paid what they’re worth.”

“Absolutely. And now I am and I appreciate that. Not only in this genre, but the Christmas thing that I do as well.”

“So you’re even able to use what you’ve learned in Boudoir Certified for your photography that’s not boudoir!”

“Yeah. I do the Christmas thing, but I also do a couple of families here and there, especially the families that I’ve had over the years that continually come back, and I raised my prices a little bit and I don’t feel bad about that. I’m paid what I am worth because of Molly. I can’t even tell you how awesome it is. I’m trying, but I can’t. It’s hard to relay just how wonderful the experience is.”

Belle – “That’s everything we need to hear. Wonderful! Well, remember, let us know as soon as you hit those $10,000 and $20,000 goals so that we can continue to gift you with some wonderful things.”


I am so thrilled to see that Teri is doing well in her business and that she is happy! She is overjoyed! Because she gets to do what she loves and she actually gets paid for it, and gets paid what she’s worth.

Now that Teri is graduated, I’m on the hunt for the next photographer I can help. Are you that person? You can see if you qualify for Boudoir Certified by following this link:

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