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Interview with CPBP Cassie Bodnar

Cassie Bodnar of Everlasting Truth Boudoir is a Certified Professional Boudoir Photographer and I was so thrilled to be able to sit down and talk with her about how her business and her life has changed since signing up for my Boudoir Certified program!


Molly:                I’m super excited to chat with you and you have a lot of new stuff going on so it’s like extra exciting. So let’s just start at the beginning. What was your photography business like when you first started photography?

Cassie:              I wouldn’t really consider it a business, like it was just kind of happening barely. I couldn’t get clients at all. If anything, it was just like friends and sometimes they would talk their friends into it. I wasn’t really getting paid anything, like anytime, basically, I always ended up putting more into it than I was getting out of it like by a lot. So just really kind of going in debt, and I had a full time job, it was kind of just something I was doing because I felt passionate about it but I wasn’t able to live or even buy gas with it. Like just didn’t benefit me financially at all.

Molly:              Were you doing like all types of shoots or did you start out doing boudoir?

Cassie:              I started out doing everything and then about two years ago when I realized I had a space that I could use for boudoir, I started really trying to focus on that but it just, like I said, I couldn’t really get anybody in. And so I was still doing like a little bit of everything and then I found you. And I’ve always been the most passionate about boudoir. So found you and realized like we can do these things. Here I am.

Molly:              I love it. Cassie’s business is called Everlasting Truth Boudoir, which I love the name and her logo is like the coolest thing ever. It’s like a drawing of her. Did your significant other draw that for you?

Cassie:              No. So his boss at the tattoo shop, the guy that made his logo is like a good friend to him. So I like literally sent him one of my boudoir photos which was like the funniest thing ever. But I was like, can you draw this.

Molly:              And by the way, she means the boudoir photo of her doing a boudoir shoot, not like of a client.

Molly:              That’s awesome. And she lives in Piqua, Ohio. I think I’m saying that right. That’s awesome. And it’s Bodner, not Boudner or wait, I still say it wrong.

Cassie:              Like body, Bodnar.

Molly:              Bodnar, not Boudner. Boudnar sounds so Midwest. I think my accent just totally went for it. But then again, you live in Ohio. Awesome. Cool. So okay, when you first started out your photography business, you were shooting sounds like everything. And you said that it was just $75. And were you doing like a shoot and burn kind of a thing?

Cassie:              Yeah.

Molly:              And how many hours were you spending on like acquiring the customer, shooting the customer, editing the photos, delivering the CD and all that stuff?

Cassie:              I didn’t really keep track of it I guess. But I do remember like editing being like one of the worst things ever because I was just like, I have nothing to show for this, I have a million pictures to go through and like I couldn’t bring myself to not get them all of the ones that I liked because I thought that’s what I was supposed to do. And so like giving them 40 pictures and just like, it was just so tiring because I knew I didn’t get anything out of it.

Molly:              And like emotionally, yeah, like, tell us more. So you felt tired. Like, did you ever feel like quitting or were you just sort of like …

Cassie:              Like, I gave up a few times, like just let my camera collect dust and was like, I’ll just take pictures of my family and like pictures of my kid and that’ll be it because I honestly had just told myself like, this is never going to be something that you can do for a living. You’re always going to do this when you get a little boost of motivation. And then you’re going to go out do the shoot and then you’re going to be tired of it again because it’s not like, it’s like being so close to a dream because yeah, you’re out shooting but you know it’s never going to like get you where you want it to get you. And like, I guess that was my mindset. Like now I know it can.

Cassie:              It was really sad, honestly, because I put so much work into it. I went to school and I had just, I was finishing school and I was just like, all this is for nothing. I just wasted all my time. But I’m so close. Might as well get it finished and then I’ll throw my degree up on a shelf and let it collect dust too. I mean, it was just seriously one of those things I just had given up on.

Molly:              And so, yeah, so it sounds like, okay, you put your camera away like a couple times. And then how did you hear of Boudoir Certified and what made you like consider it?

Cassie:              I think this is one of the funniest like things ever because like a lot of the people that I feel like have joined certified kind of like followed you for a little bit. I just like jumped. I was just like, whoop, I’m in there. I randomly, literally, random found you on like, I think you were just like a sponsored thing or like boosted post or something I guess now that I know. Just literally scrolling through Facebook at work one day and I saw it and I was like, sure, I’m going to be listening to music, anyway, I’m going to do this. And I had never heard of you before. And literally that day I signed up. I was like, sounds great. Like, I hate my job, I’m here, so let’s do this. I literally jumped into this.

Molly:              That’s literally why you’re one of the top students is because you have the mindset to just go for it. Because like the one thing I’ve noticed between successful and unsuccessful people in general is that successful people they make quick decisions and they act upon things to get results faster and unsuccessful people they’re like, oh, I’ll mull it over for days, weeks, years. And nobody ever got results mulling things over. I never had heard that story before but like, I really, you are like a pretty decisive business owner, wouldn’t you say?

Cassie:              Yeah, I would say so.

Molly:              That’s awesome. I mean, you’re like, I found of a new cool studio. I’m doing that. Like, you’re just like, I’m in.

Cassie:              I’ve been like that my whole life. It’s so funny, I think it might be part of me being like a millennial because I’m [inaudible] I’ve kind of been told my whole life like I’m great, I can do whatever I want. Like my mom raised me that way. I heard something on Facebook, I was watching a video, they were like, all this is such a downfall. And I just agreed with it because I was like, because I was raised with that mindset, I’ve never believed that I could do something. Obviously, like I had my moments.

Cassie:              But yeah, when I just like heard that, I was like, I can do this, 100%, why can’t I. This is happening. And that’s why I jumped in. And I’ve kind of just like, ever since I started, I’ve just continued to have that mindset. I’ve had like clients ask me, like, how did you know how to do this, how did you know to go full time? I was like, I just never believed that I couldn’t. Like I heard what you had to say and I believed it, and I was like, I’m not going to take no for an answer, this is going to happen.

Cassie:              One way or another, I get that it’s a mountain, I get it’s going to be hard. But it’s going to happen. Like I’m tired of thinking, you know, this is a hard life path, whatever. Because photography, I just always assumed like it’s so competitive. At this point, like you literally could not stop me if you tried. I’m not, I’m not going to stop.

Molly:              Hell yes. Oh my gosh, that’s amazing. And you know what’s funny is, I was raised the same way that you were raised. My mom read a lot of personal development books and she constantly like, I’m not even kidding you. If I got to a C in school, they would hang that shit on the fridge. They were like, go Molly, you’re amazing, you can do anything.

Molly:              And if you’re listening to this and you didn’t have it upbringing, don’t think of it as a setback because you can start now with your mindset. You don’t have to be raised with that way. Like you can change it now. All you have to do, and this sounds like really woo woo, And I would have thought, I literally used to think this was all nonsense. But literally every morning, just like, always think positive thoughts and tell yourself like I can do, like, it’s not even a question, it’s like I can do this. My husband and I, we actually right post it notes every morning, like positive things, like affirmations, like, we will accomplish this thing or we will do this or I will look at things with the glass half full and we put them on our computers. So, even if you weren’t raised that way, juts start thinking about that now.

Cassie:              I tell that to my clients all the time.

Molly:              That’s awesome.

Cassie:              Literally just had a talk, I tell people, this is your world, like, make it what you want it to be. And especially like, with the girls, like, obviously, they’re having issues. I had a woman break down on me during her testimonial and she was like, I’ve wasted so much time like being mean to myself about my body. I was like, okay, well, now is your chance. Like, it’s your world. From here on out, you get to make the decision every morning to wake up and say, I’m going to be nice to myself. Like, I’m going to be happy with what I have here. I’m going to keep making steps forward and that’s kind of just how I like go about my life.

Cassie:              So, yeah, I mean, literally, anybody who’s like, oh, well, I was raised this way or this happened to me at one time. Like, okay, well, today’s today and [inaudible] and you get to make your decision today. What’s it going to be?

Molly:              I love it. Oh my gosh. When you were telling me about your client, I was like tearing up because …

Cassie:              It was so sad.

Molly:              It’s just crazy the amount of impact that we have as boudoir photographers on other people’s lives and like what we’re doing, it really does make a huge difference. You haven’t been shooting boudoir a lot yet, you might not know that. I mean, after doing boudoir, even just my first year in, it’s like, I would see my clients obviously come in as somebody and leave as somebody totally different. And even a year, two years, three years later, they kept in contact with me. A lot of them have done multiple shoots. But whether they did or they didn’t, they tell me like, wow, after my shoot, it’s not even like they did anything really that different, except for really just looked at themselves in different way and were more positive about it.

Molly:              And I literally had my clients tell me like, I lost weight and it’s because they had the confidence to actually go and workout every morning or whatever it is that they wanted to do. And it’s just crazy, like you think, wow, a photo shoot can’t have that big of an impact on people and it really does. So, that’s amazing.

Molly:              And what made you want to niche into just boudoir?

Cassie:              I’ve always kind of liked to find art in stuff like that anyway, I originally like went into school thinking like, oh, I want to do fashion photography. I ended up getting pregnant with my daughter. I was like, no way I’m going to be able to do that, that’s like, high speed, lifestyle. Like, I just had this like imagination like I wanted to be like in the movies, you know? Like that kind of person. Then I just kind of like brought it back. I was like, okay, fine art, really love this.

Cassie:              And then like after being pregnant with my daughter, and like having all the issues with them like body image and stuff through that, because like I’m 23, you know, so I had my daughter when I was 19 and like I was pregnant when I was 18. That’s a hard thing. I had just came out of high school. So a lot of body changes. I just didn’t really like treat myself very well because of that. And so like, I kind of looked at my daughter and I was like, whoa dude, like you got to change your own mindset and like you have to create a world for your daughter where like, she did doesn’t have to deal with this stuff.

Cassie:              And so like, seriously, it has a lot to do with what I grew up with in terms of like body image and like all those self confidence issues that I had and then me just deciding like I’m going to own this shit and I look great and my daughter is 100% going to grow up like this. And I tell my group all the time, like, y’all better just come in here and fit me for my straitjacket because I am crazy and I am changing the world. I am changing the world. I’m doing it with or without you guys. You can hop on this train or you can wave while it goes by because like, we’re changing the world. It’s going to happen.

Cassie:              My kid is 100% going to grow up in a world where like, this trash of like, oh, she looks like this, she looks like that, especially people being mean to themselves. Like, I can’t stand somebody, in the middle of a shoot, I had a girl, I showed her her picture, it was a gorgeous photo and she was like, “Ugh, I’m fat.” And I was like, “All right, I’m not shooting anymore.” She was like, “What?” I was like, “I’m not going to take any more pictures of you until you promise me that you’re done bullying yourself. Like, you’re going to make me cry in about five seconds because it hurts my feelings for you to be mean to yourself because I used to do that to myself.”

Cassie:              So really, it’s just, you know, how I like felt about myself and just like that transition for me in my life and wanting that for other people and also wanting to like create this better world for my kids to grow up in.

Molly:              I love it. And that’s-

Cassie:              Passion right there.

Molly:              Passion. That’s also like a huge part of the Boudoir Certified Program is teaching you about having a movement. Like your business is not just a photography business, you’re not just taking portraits. Like you have something that you are striving to change in the world just like Cassie said, and you’re doing that through the vehicle of your business and you really do have the power to actually make a difference in the world. I know that you had mentioned earlier like classes and I think like college. Like, did you go to school for photography and do you think that you’ll have to go to college for photography?

Cassie:              Probably don’t. I mean, I got my bachelor’s and fine art photography. And like, because my school was like pretty small, like I did get some one on one stuff that maybe was helpful. But I don’t feel as though like you need to go to college to learn those things. I think 100%, like, I could have learned all of those things elsewhere for a lot less money a lot less time. Like, sure I want to have my degree but I think people don’t really care about that. I have it hanging on my wall but nobody ever asks me about it. Nobody really cares. I’m proud of it but nobody like cares about it.

Cassie:              And like, I genuinely feel like all of like all the business aspects of everything, like they didn’t teach me how to run a business. And my whole time through school, I’m like, okay, I need to know how to run a business. I would like to do this on my own. But I also, like, it just, they didn’t really teach me anything in terms of like, how to go about it. They taught me fundamentals so I knew how to use my camera, so I knew how to use lighting. They didn’t even really teach me posing, anything like that.

Cassie:              Like that’s stuff that I picked up on and I got to use models for that. But I mean, even at that those were models that I brought in. Just real like assignment based stuff that you like learn basic guidelines, but then you have to kind of figure it out yourself on how to use that.

Cassie:              So, I mean, sure it was helpful for me, like, I chose that path. But I also now like have to pay somebody $50,000 and I could have probably learned it a lot cheaper, even just like shadowing somebody.

Molly:              I went to school for photography, too. And they didn’t teach me anything about business. I actually ended up dropping out because I was like, okay, I’m already 60 grand in debt and I am three or four years into school and I still have no idea where to even begin with my photography business. So yeah, I dropped out and I learned it all. I did trial and error though over like six freaking years. And that’s exactly why I started Boudoir Certified because I’m like, man, I would much rather have been able to take a program for a 10th of the cost of college where it actually teaches me all the things I actually need to know about running a profitable boudoir photography business.

Molly:              Which leads me to my next question. Like, what reservations Did you have before you joined? We were a certified and why did you decide to enroll?

Cassie:              Well, I don’t really think I ever like thought about that stuff until like, after like, I didn’t get to the like well what if stuff until after when I was like, oh, like, I just paid for this, like what if it doesn’t work? I was so sold on it that I was like, I have gone and spent this amount of money on things when I didn’t have it like for fun. So, I literally, like my mom was ready to break my neck. I got off work, told her, I was like, oh, so I just went and paid for this thing. And look at it, it’ so cool. I really think it’s going to work. And she’s like, what if it doesn’t. And I was like, oh, I didn’t think about that.

Cassie:              I was like, you know, screw it. If it doesn’t work, I have spent money on things that I didn’t need before. And I was like already just looking through, like, I was just reviewing like model calls. Like, just looking at this, I was like, I already feel like I’ve gained something. So it was already worth it. I hadn’t even like implemented anything. I hadn’t even actually like sat down and focused on anything and I was so sold on it.

Molly:              What does your mom think now?

Cassie:              She still tries to like, my mom is just like a scaredy cat.

Molly:              Isn’t she still happy for you?

Cassie:              Yeah, yeah, she’s like super proud of me.

Molly:              There we go, sorry. It was frozen. But go ahead again. Isn’t your mom proud of you now though?

Cassie:              Yeah, like, they’re all super proud of me. But like my mom, just like in the back of her head, every once in awhile, she’ll be like, now, just keep in mind, it might slow down or it might do this or it might do that. I’m like, yeah, I hear you. I was like, you also didn’t want me to join. You were like get a refund right now. And I was like, no, it’s not going to happen.

Molly:              How long have you been in the program? I’m glad that you don’t have your mom’s mindset because that’s not the mindset to have. How long have you been in the program?

Cassie:              Since July? So what’s that, like, four, five months, something like that.

Molly:              And how long did it take you to pay your investment?

Cassie:              I think I could have paid it off within the first month easily but I think I like kind of spread it out under like two months. But I literally made i think six grand or something the first like month. And that was when I was like, being a little scaredy cat saleswoman. So I was like, I’ll give you all this free stuff and this and how about this and this. And then I like what now I’m mad, why would I do that.

Molly:              You were struggling with sales and you still made how much your first month?

Cassie:              $6,000.

Molly:              That’s amazing. That’s so awesome.

Cassie:              I was so nervous. I was like, I just got a bunch of stuff finished off and I was looking through my order form and I’m like, looking at my little notes like five free digital images. I was like, I need to go back and smack her, like why did you do that? Why would you do that?

Cassie:              I honestly was never going to tell you that.

Molly:              Well, the secret’s out now.

Cassie:              You know what, the second month, I don’t remember if it was the second month or the third month that I made like the $22,000 sales for the month. And that was the month I didn’t give anything away for free. Not a single thing. It was just me being like, look, you are buying this and like you don’t get anything extra. It just is what it is. And they’re like, oh yeah, no, that’s great. I’ll take that. I’ll add images to the next election even though I’m closer this one. But you know, that’s the better deal, like just, I didn’t know I could be a saleswoman but I’m a hell of a saleswoman.

Molly:              Yeah, you are. Your second, so, okay, hang on. We got a backup because that’s some pretty good number. So your second or third month, so let’s just say third month even, you grossed 2000?

Cassie:              Okay, so my first month sales like sales total, I think was like around $6,000. And then my second month sale was around $11,000. And then my third month sale was $22,000. Well, I just like bumped it up each month. I don’t know, I haven’t looked at it a while but I remember like writing everything down and like being so excited about it. So I do specifically remember those first three months off.

Molly:              That’s awesome.

Cassie:              And I mean, it’s obviously, like, I don’t know what my sales were for the last month have looked at it and written it all down. But I’ve been extremely busy with moving.

Molly:              That’s awesome. You can always update us in the group and we’ll talk about this at the end, but I mean, Cassie actually just hired her first like, real like, assistant, like a< well, actually, I don’t know if she’s a contractor employee, but like a real hire in her business, which is super exciting. But before we talk about these assistant, which I’m super excited about what was like one of your favorite, if you could pick just one, like what’s kind of like your favorite part or technique or something about Boudoir Certified?

Cassie:              Favorite one. Favorite. I don’t know. I don’t even know how to single anything out. Like each thing in it is so helpful. Everything is like for a certain reason so I can’t really decide, I mean, obviously model call was like a huge mind blower for me. I never expected that to be like the way, like I didn’t expect that to be like a successful way to do something. But I guess I also didn’t realize like that people don’t come in because like they do or don’t want something, they just don’t know yet. Like everyone wants it. They’re just scared out of their minds that they’re not going to look good, that they’re not going to love their pictures.

Cassie:              So that was really just like eye opening me because really like that’s exactly what it is, and like getting started like getting your name out. I was running through Facebook today and I saw a picture of lingerie. I was like, oh, what’s this? And it was a girl saying like, oh, I want to do something special for my boyfriend. I decided to go through the comments and like just people after people hey, go check out Everlasting Truth Boudoir. Just so many people and it’s just like through the group, like the group was helpful. Like I would have never known to start a private group, I always just thought, oh, business page, this is how you do it.

Cassie:              I’ve added like nine million random people to my personal Facebook and I was always like, this is my Facebook. I’m going to keep it just my Facebook. But there’s so many people that I get to reach out to that otherwise wouldn’t even know I exist or that my company exists. So like, there isn’t one favorite like they all need to exist together and they’re all like so important.

Molly:              That’s literally the exact thing that Kerry said when I was just chatting with her before you. She was like they all have to exist together and I mean tell us though, like your Facebook group, I mean, do you like the strategies about the Facebook group because how big is your group now?

Cassie:              I think it’s like 10.6k followers. Obviously like group grow I would have never known anything about that. Like I’m clueless. I knew nothing. And then I met you and now I’m like super smart.

Molly:              You’re awesome. You’ve always been super smart girl. It’s funny, like everyone has it in them. Everyone just needs a roadmap. You can figure it out on your own if you want to sacrifice time and money but if you don’t want to sacrifice, you know, like I said, it literally took me, I’m not even exaggerating, like six years of suffering, of testing what works and what doesn’t work and I’m telling you do not want to it that way. If you can just follow a roadmap, its way, way easier. Cassie, like literally, I think you said you joined in July or something and like your first month six grand, I would have freaking killed to have that.

Molly:              So, what is your business like now? I mean, I guess you’ve kind of already told us about it. But, I mean, you have, I think you have like a newer studio and you just put like a really cool clawfoot tub in your studio which is cool.

Cassie:              Yeah, I got a bunch of space and now I’m like, dang, I need more space because I’m really bad, like, we have more space, let’s get more stuff. [inaudible] fireplace and a clawfoot tub and I’m like this this hallway’s too small, like I need more space. But I’m just trying to hold myself back. I’m like, we just got here, I’m not moving again. But anyway.

Cassie:              Yeah, so, like when I very first started doing boudoir like two years ago, way before Certified when I was like not good anywhere, I started in my attic in my house that I had just like remodeled and like it was really nice. I had maybe 10 people a year and everybody loved it. Then I started Certified just like a month after I got this like little teeny tiny studio, and it mostly, like I got it as like a storage place for everything and I was like this is never going to get used. No way. Like how am I going to pay for this.

Cassie:              But I was like, I’m going to give it a shot. And it was just teeny tiny like hallway that I just was using. And then I started Certified. I was like, all right, clean this out, we got to make it a real live studio. I started making money and then we found out like we had to move just like a few months into being there and I’m like, great. Like, we got to move, we just got settled in. Like, I’m still behind a little bit, I’m just trying to get caught up because it was just me doing everything. We just moved to the new studio and it’s got like two separate rooms. We have an apartment, we have our own hair and makeup room, our own bathroom. Like I have my own office and it’s super great.

Cassie:              I don’t know, it’s just super amazing because I would have never like probably committed to a studio like that beforehand because like there would have been no like knowing whether or not I was going to be able to pay for it. Now, like, I would have been fine getting a studio that cost me a few hundred dollars more. I just ended up getting like a good deal, because I don’t know, I just got lucky.

Cassie:              Then I’ve got, I actually ended up getting like a hair and makeup artist. Before I was just like fluctuating between like a team of like seven hair and makeup artists that were like kind of doing it on the side and now I have like a dedicated makeup artist, a dedicated like hairstylist that they’re like, I call them like a head of hair, had of makeup. And like, I have a girl who kind of like takes care of them and make sure that they’re doing what they need to do.

Cassie:              Then I just hired my assistant and she like I told you, kind of when we first started, she quit her job to come work for us. And like, that’s how much she cares about what we’re doing. And even though she’s doing like the behind the scenes stuff, like she’s just so excited to be a part of it because she knows like what she’s doing is the little stuff but it’s the stuff that ultimately takes up time that I need to invest into the business and into our clients.

Cassie:              Just so many things have changed. Like, I’ve always like tried my best to be like super professional. I guess I just have like an idea that like, this is the way it should look when you walk in, this is how you should be greeted, these are the kind of things that you should have access to. And it was just so hard at first to have all of those things when it was just me and now like having this team of like really like reliable people, and they’re reliable because like, I can guarantee them this time and like this money. And you know, obviously they care about what I’m doing.

Cassie:              It’s just so cool to be able to be able to like know that like I can pay people to like do jobs that I need done. Like they’re going to be dedicated to doing those jobs so that I can focus on what I need to focus on. And everything’s running like really smoothly. Even down to like, I just used to hand people their books. And it looks like such a simple thing, like, okay, just buy a bag, put some tissue paper in it so it looks prettier.

Cassie:              But it was like, those few more seconds, like I’m running around already trying to get things done and now it’s like people get their stuff in pretty bags like with thank you cards that are handwritten. And like that means a lot to me because I try to make sure that everything is so personal and now I can do that because I have like this group of people and it’s all because like I’m actually successful and it’s literally 100%. Like, obviously, I’m implementing this skills and I’m doing what I need to do but it’s the knowledge that I gained through the program that I would have, like, maybe I could have gotten it eventually but I don’t honestly see how it would have happened so smoothly and like so quickly without the program. Like it was instant.

Molly:              I’m so proud of you. Like seriously, I mean, like, I know everyone’s listening and like, oh wow, she has a studio and she has a team and she has all this stuff. But like she did not have all that stuff when she first started guys. You can really put your foot on the gas as fast as you want to go. I mean, really, I mean, I’m not trying to downplay, like, you are a super talented person, Cassie, but like, really what you did here is like you made a commitment to join and do the work and you put the pedal down real fast and you just went and it’s only been like, three, four months and you already have all these new changes and you have an assistant. I mean, it’s just so amazing. I’m so proud of you.

Molly:              Tell everyone how old you are. I don’t remember if we said that in the beginning.

Cassie:              Yeah, I said it. I think it’s funny that like we focus on that so much. I get the idea around it because it is, like it’s kind of amazing. I know my clients like hearing it that I’m like one of only like a few certified professional boudoir photographers in Ohio and I’m like the youngest one of those three and people are like, what. And I’m like, yeah girl, that’s me and I’m taking pictures of you so welcome to the club. Come on, come on baby.

Cassie:              Yeah, I’m 23 and I have a two year old daughter and a four year old daughter. Like I’m a mom. I got a busy life as it is. And I’m a businesswoman. And I’m a certified professional boudoir photographer. I love my job and I love my life.

Molly:              Oh my gosh, I love you. You’re amazing. The reason I focused, I just want to explain to everyone why I’m focusing on your age is because I started my photography business when I was like unofficially 17, officially started when I was 19. I had it in my mind that I couldn’t do the things that other people could do because I was young. I will be honest, like some people do actually judge because you’re young but the majority of the ones that are the right client for you, they will see that as like you said, like a great thing.

Molly:              But I just really think it’s so cool that like, if anyone’s watching this and they’re 23 or younger or whatever, like you can do this and I just wish that, you know, my 19 year old self would have been able to like watch this and know that that was all in my own head, you know. And so, I just think it’s amazing.

Molly:              So yeah, so I think we pretty much covered everything. So, I so if there’s anyone listening to this that’s like on the fence about joining us in the program, I guess, like what would you say to them if they’re considering it?

Cassie:              Obviously do it, like 100%. I do not see how it could do anything but benefit someone who especially is like, okay, I want to do boudoir, like this is my passion. Like, okay, you’ve got the passion, great. Bring your passion, I’ll give you knowledge. Like that’s literally what you do for us. Like bring your passion, I’ll show you the way and nothing but success from there. Like, yes, there are ups and downs, yes, you’re going to be terrified, absolutely terrified. Because it’s new and like it’s on the internet.

Cassie:              It is, it’s scary, it’s super scary. But so is boudoir and we get our clients to come in even though they’re scared and they’re more than thankful that they actually showed up and they didn’t run away, they went, like they wanted to. They didn’t just say screw them and lock the doors. She better not come out here and try and greet me because I’m driving away. Like, seriously, that same concept. I think it’s really important for us to be able to get over that hump and join Certified because it’s the same hump that like our clients have to get over in order to come into our studios. It’s so crazy how it all like is connected and like the same feelings that we feel with this is the same feelings that they feel.

Cassie:              I think it’s super important. It’s obviously super useful. I would have never expected this for myself. Of course I could have always like dreamed about it but like being this is my life, like I seriously some days still wake up and like pinch myself. I’m like, did I really wake up or did I just wake up in like dream land because this can’t be my life but it is and it’s awesome and like it’s only the beginning of month for me. Like it was awesome the first month, and then it was even more awesome second and the third and like just [inaudible] and put everything that you have into it, do it because that’s how you’re 100% going to get the most out of it.

Cassie:              Like, I’m an online kind of person so like I quit my job, I wasn’t playing any games, I was like this is happening. I feel like when you take that step as scary as it is, like you get the most out of it because you’re fully dedicated. You’re not giving yourself any option but to succeed that way.

Molly:              That’s awesome.

Cassie:              I can preach a little bit, I’m a talker.

Molly:              No, no, I love it. I love it. I’m sure everyone listening is like super thankful for just like everything you’ve shared and keeping it real. I have to say when you wee talking about waking up in like pinching yourself or whatever, I imagine you like woke up super flawless in your clawfoot tub and you’re like I get to take awesome photos today.

Cassie:              Well, the clawfoot tub is at the studio. I wake up with a headache …

Molly:              With your kids jumping all over.

Cassie:              I always try like sneak in work while I’m at home. I’m supposed to like now work at home but I’m always like, oh, go to the bathroom, let me work a little bit, always trying to sneak in more work.

Molly:              Well, it’s because you’re super passionate. And for anyone who’s watching this, how can people like reach out to you, like, is it okay if they reach out to you and how can they do that?

Cassie:              Yeah. I mean, Facebook. I always get anything on Facebook, I’m on Facebook all the time with my group and stuff. So like personal Facebook or obviously, I have a Everlasting Truth Boudoir business page but I don’t really like tend to it the majority of everything I do, even if you’re just wanting to like kind of see how my group goes, it’s empowered women, empowering women on Facebook. You’ll see my cool little logo with my bar photo.

Molly:              It’s really cute. My first logo ever was a hand drawn logo and so I think that’s part of the reason why I also love it is because it kind of reminds me of that, it’s super cool. But yours is way cooler. Well, awesome, cool. So yeah, everyone, if you if you want to ask your questions you know about program you can reach out and ask Cassie. She’s a real person, she’s not a robot. She’s a real person who lives in the middle of nowhere in Ohio.

Molly:              Awesome. Thank you so much for chatting with me and everyone watching today. Yeah, do you have anything else kick ass for the rest of your day?

Cassie:              Today is my assistant’s first day so I’m like counting down the seconds. We’re all so excited for her to be there today. Like, we went out and got her like a few little presents. Do you have like a cold second so I can tell you about me telling her she was hired. It was the most nerveracking thing. It was like telling somebody the love them for the first time. I was so scared.

Molly:              That’s actually really accurate. That’s a really good way to explain it.

Cassie:              So like the woman who was like acting as my assistant up to this point, she’s a friend of mine, she’s just kind of been helping with me with everything. We’re actually friends because she’s had of makeup and everything. So I didn’t actually even know her previously but she’s just really become close to me.

Cassie:              So, we get this idea, we go out like shopping. After her first interview, I was already sold and I was like, dude, I don’t even know her but she’s perfect for this job. I was like, can you come in and do like a second person interview check out the studio? And she’s like, yeah. Well, turns out like she’s in her car like shaking with like anxiety, afraid that we like changed our mind and like, hey, she’s going to like come in. We’re going to talk and be like, okay, well, we’ll be in touch. Like, you’re totally not hired, you know, whatever. I’m also like, I was anxious all day because I was like, what if she doesn’t want to work for us anymore. And then like trying to like pat our tears and then like we meet face to face. And like, my voice was like shaky. It literally was like telling someone I was in love with them.

Cassie:              But we went and we bought her like a little coffee cup that said, like, whatever you do, do it well or something like that. And like a book and a cute little planner. And then our little girl power pens that we wear.

Molly:              Oh cute. I love that. That’s so cute.

Cassie:              So we had it on the desk and then wrote like a sign like, welcome Carrie. We didn’t put it on the desk at first because she had to walk through and then I took her out into like the main shooting room, we closed the door and my acting assistant, she was like, give me that, oh yeah, she’s totally like are we doing this? We like totally like, do like a signal but it wasn’t really working out. And then it hit me, I was like, wait, how do I like tell her that she’s hired. Do I just like, okay.

Molly:              That’s amazing.

Cassie:              I didn’t even think about like what like sentence I was supposed to say. So I just kept bouncing around it because I was like nervous. I didn’t want to screw it up. And I was like, so like, it took me like 15 extra minutes to just figure out in my head while we’re talking, like, I didn’t want her to know that I was trying to figure it out. So I’m just talking about other stuff while I’m still trying to work this out my head. And finally I was just like, okay. So, when would be a good time whatever.

Cassie:              So we get through that and we walk back to the office. I open the door and she sees other presents. And then we all just start crying. We’re all just crying.

Molly:              Oh, that’s amazing.

Cassie:              All day to do that. And she thought like this isn’t going to work out. So we’re all just like group hugging and crying. And then all weekend, the three of us have been like trying not to text each other because we’re all super pumped for work today because the first day with all three of us like working together but we’re just like trying not to be clingy. It’s exciting to me that like I found someone that I didn’t even know existed like that that’s passionate like I am about what I do and is like super down to do all the grit work so that our business can keep moving. And like we’re all super pumped to be at work on Monday.

Molly:              That’s amazing. And now, you get to not only empower your boudoir clients, but you get to empower other people to work for you with jobs that they really love. And so it’s like, the more you grow your business, the more you’re doing. It’s just so, yeah, that’s awesome. I’m super proud of you. You’re awesome.

Cassie:              Thank you.

Molly:              Yay. Well, great. Well thank you so much for chatting with me. I know we’re going to chat again really soon. I was like long time no see. Not only are you going to Boudie Camp Live but you’re speaking at Boudie Camp Live so that’s pretty exciting. Are you nervous or excited?

Cassie:              So I’m like a naturally anxious person. I’m like 80% sure I might cry. Whether it will kind of be like, I’m going to get up there, try to like talk and not be like, give me a second. I just have to cry for like five minutes and not.

Cassie:              And then I’m just going to cry in front of you guys for like five minutes. And then I’ll be back and I’ll have a lot of really awesome things to say. But I have like, I’ve been reading a lot of books lately just for like my own self and just for like my group because a lot of what I do is like motivational stuff, inspirational stuff.

Cassie:              For those people that like aren’t coming in for shoots, people who just need like general daily uplifting and empowerment, I think a lot of the stuff that I’ve been reading through that, like, I’m super excited to share with you guys because I know what I told you I wanted to talk about was just kind of like authenticity and like why I feel like I am obviously, besides all of the tools that you’ve given me, why I feel like I’m so successful and like people want to come to me over other people, is that just like rawness that I have and just like the authenticity and like how vulnerable I allow myself to be, and it is comforting to them. Because like they’re going to be vulnerable and like, I’m just as vulnerable and I’m so open about it.

Molly:              I totally agree with.

Cassie:              100% going to cry so it’s fine.

Molly:              I actually told Aaron, I was like, I feel like there’s going to be a lot of tears at Boudie Camp Live this year because, like, I’m already getting like emotionally excited for the event, and it’s like five months away or whatever. Well, I’m super excited to see you and everyone there. It’s going to be super fun and we can all cry together and be awkward together and have a great time.

Cassie:              Yeah, I’m really excited about it.

Molly:              Awesome. Well, thank you. I’m going to let you get back to changing the world and we’ll talk really, really soon and I’ll see you in the group. But yeah, thank you so much for sharing everything with us today.

Cassie:              Yeah, anytime.

Molly:              Thanks, bye.

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Certified Professional Boudoir Photographer Cassie Bodner sat down with Molly Keyser of Boudie Shorts for an interview on how Boudoir Certified transformed her business

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