How to Get People to Actually Interact with Your FB Posts

I wanted to share with you how to get people to actually interact with your Facebook posts.

Here is my tip for you: create good headlines.

What is a headline? A headline can be the title of your video, or the first sentence in your post on Facebook. Basically, that is what a headline is, and you need to evoke some kind of curiosity or conversation, or something that’s controversial in your post or video. So, you would want to say something like “The real reason why I photograph women in their underwear for a living.” People would click on that, people would respond to that, people would watch that video.

But if I said it the boring way, I would say “About me.” No one cares to click on that, so you really have to come up with, and think for minute, before you post, or before you do your video, what is a good title, question, or headline that I could start with for the first sentence of your post, or the headline or title of your video. How can I make that first sentence interesting enough for people to want to read that or comment or engage in some kind of a conversation? Because that is what Facebook is for, and that is what you have to do to get your post to stand out in front of other people’s posts.

I hope that you will go now and practice some headlines. You can check out some magazine websites, or, or other famous bloggers or things like that, to see how to come up with good headlines.

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