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How to do an Instant Viewing with Your Photography Clients

Want to do an instant viewing with your clients for a photo session. head shots at a conference, mini sessions, or boudoir marathon?

An instant viewing can help you save loads of time, help you make more money, have happier clients, and get your clients their photos back faster!

For every photo shoot I do a same day viewing and ordering session, however, for that we take a 30-60 min break for me to cull/edit. Sometimes I just want/need to do the viewing instantly.

The last time I did an instant viewing using the eye-fi was at a women’s business conference. I decided I was going to market my boudoir business by doing women’s head shots right there at the conference. It might seem weird to market boudoir with head shots but it worked really well for me! Let me explain…

I set up my studio right there in the conference. I had a 10×10 foot booth and I set up my background, lights, gear, etc. I offered day of head shots w/ instant viewing/ordering. It only took me 5-10 mins per person. I ended up making $2k that day off just one off head shots. AND the best part…

How to do an Instant Viewing with Your Photography Clients

…was that along with their 5-10 min shoot and their 1 digital file they also got to know me and receive tons of info on my studio!

I used the quick head shots as a way for them to get to know me, see I’m professional, and feel at ease behind my camera.

It worked well because I ended up booking a slew of boudoir sessions after the conference from those ladies in addition to the day of sales (which was freakin’ sweet too!).


Step by Step how to have clients instantly view/order their photos:

  1. Order your Eye-Fi Card, [HERE].
  2. Download the Eye-Fi app on your ipad (recommended), or mobile device.
  3. Put your SD card in your camera.
  4. Open the Eye-Fi app on your mobile device.
  5. Click the Settings icon at the top of the screen
  6. Select “Eye-Fi Card Settings”
  7. Select your card from the card pairing page.
  8. Turn ‘Receive Media” off
  9. Turn “Receive Media” back on.
    Note: Make sure you only select photos as “On” and the other options are “Off”
  10. Take your picture!
  11. Manually select the Eye-Fi card network from the WiFi settings on your mobile device when you are ready to have images download.
  12. View your pictures on your mobile device instantly within seconds of you snapping the photo with your pro camera!
  13. Have your clients view and order their favorite photos!
  14. Give yourself a high five!



Have you ever done an instant viewing with your clients before? Do you have any concerns when it comes to an instant viewing? Let me know in the comments below!

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