If You’re Not Shooting These 3 Poses, You’re Losing Money!!


Hey Boudie Babes!!

There are so many shot options and poses to do in boudoir, but there are three that you need to be doing 100% of the time!! Why? Because they are shots that are almost always a guaranteedĀ sale, so if you’re not shooting them you’re missing out on money!!

1. Hidden face and slightly out of focus

Stay with me, here. Yes, you do want to purposefully take a shot out of focus and I’m going to tell you why. Although your client loves her photos, she might be hesitant to buy a lot of prints because they’re not the kind of photos she can put on display around the house! But if you have a few shots where her face is a little hidden and the whole shot is just slightly out of focus, that suddenly becomes a picture that can be displayed!

The goal is to make it so that the picture could be anyone, that it’s a beautiful sultry picture of a woman. It’s not until someone looks closely that they realize it’s not only a boudoir shoot, but it’s also a picture of the lady of the house!! I always manage to sell this sort of pose as a canvas or wall art addition.

Slightly out of focus boudoir pose

2. The Detail Shot

This is a great shot for every kind of client for a variety of reasons. But it’s also one of my favorites because, in a lot of ways, I think this kind of shot is what really embodies the boudoir feeling.

The detail shot is a close of that focuses on one aspect and hints towards the overall tone of the picture. It’s sexy, it’s sultry, it’s mysterious. My clients love it because it can be a focus piece on their favorite attribute, it’s variety, and sometimes they don’t want to be shot full-on.

Some of my favorites for this kind of shot is focusing on her lips and letting her hair kind of hide her face, or focusing on her wedding ring with her hand on her neck and her boobs a bit out of focus. Give it a try at your next boudoir session!

Boudoir detail shot

3. The topless illusion

Before every boudoir session, I send out a little questionnaire to my client. I ask things like why she’s getting boudoir photos and what kind of music she likes to listen to, and I also ask how risque she wants to get. Sometimes I get a client who is ready to do everything and isn’t shy at all! But the majority of the time I have clients who are not interested in stripping down (which is totally okay!). However…

Once the shoot is underway and she’s having a blast, I suggest trying an illusion nude shot. Nothing too extreme will be capturedĀ on film, but the sexiness level skyrockets when you swap put a bra for a blanket or a hat or her arms. Don’t ask me to explain why, because it’s psychology that I don’t understand, but it works.

topless illusion boudoir

Are you already shooting these poses during your boudoir sessions? If not, you need to! These are big sellers and really expand your photo results without doing a lot of work or having to get super creative.

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If you aren't doing these three poses, you're losing sales!

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