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How and Why to Define Your Ideal Customer

I want to talk to you today all about how to define your ideal customer and why you actually need to do it!  Now, before you run away or click out of this post, I know you’re thinking, “I already know my ideal client,” or “I’ve already done this,” or “I don’t see the purpose in this.”  So, I’m going to tell you guys even if you already have one or you don’t.  I promise it’s going to pay off.  

You need to figure out who your ideal customer is so that you can market to them, because right now you’re competing with a sea of photographers, right? You are probably thinking to yourself, “Oh, I’ll just do this event and I’ll post this on social media, and I’ll do this over here, and I’ll do a giveaway.”  You’re doing all these marketing things, but you don’t actually have an idea of your ideal customer. Maybe you’re doing marketing, but you’re not targeting the right person. You’re not speaking their language. You’re not in the right demographic.

Doing this exercise is going to save you a lot of time and money:

  1. Get out a notebook or a piece of paper (even your phone), and I want you to write down a very detailed description of who your ideal customer is. Now, maybe you’ve already had a lot of good customers that you know. That’s your ideal client.
  2. Write down everything about them. What’s their age? What’s their gender? What’s their income? Where do they work? Where do they hangout? Get as detailed as possible down to their favorite clothes, where they shop, every single thing.
  3. Pause this video if you need to and fill in your answers.

Now that you’ve done this, you know exactly who you’re marketing to.  When you go to do your Facebook Ads, you already know the demographic to reach. Let’s say someone asks you to donate a giveaway to an event. You now know if your ideal client is actually going to be at this event, and whether or not it’s a good investment for your business.   

A lot of people get scared away from the ideal client because they think that if they do this, they’re not going to book anyone else. This is totally ok!  If your ideal client is 30, you can still book someone who’s 35.  You need to get clear on this so that you can target your ideal customers.  Everyone else that comes your way is just gravy baby!

So, comment below the word “gravy” because this is going to be gravy for your marketing from here on out, because you have your ideal customer!  Tag a friend so they can do this exercise as well.

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Molly Keyser

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