How to Take a Ton of Photos in a Small Space

Before I dive into today’s topic, I first want to address a myth that a lot of boudoir photographers believe:

You do not have to have a glamorous studio to be successful.

Trust me, I know. When I was first starting out as a boudoir photographer, I thought the key to success was having a beautiful studio with all the extras like pillows and multiple backdrops. I thought clients wouldn’t take me seriously unless I had the dream studio, so I spent so much money to first have a studio, and then constantly upgrade my studio. And I’ve seen my students do the same thing: they invest all their money into a studio and then they don’t have the money to do their marketing.

Here’s the truth: less is more.

You don’t need a warehouse or a condo filled with lavish furnishings to be a successful photographer. You don’t. You don’t even need to have a studio at all! You shouldn’t invest in a new camera or a studio or new equipment until you consistently have at least ten bookings a month and an average of $1.5k in sales per shoot. Because if you don’t have that, you can’t afford the studio.

Really, all you need, is a floor, a wall, and a window. That’s it! You don’t even need a bed! You can get plenty of pictures with just an empty room.

Let’s consider this: you’re doing a photoshoot in a hotel room. It doesn’t even have to be the nicest, 5-star hotel, just a decent hotel room with good lighting from a window. You can take all the bedding off of the bed and use the white sheets (bring a step stool so you can shoot from above!). From there, you can have your client lean against the wall, stand in front of the window, and lay down on the floor (I recommend bringing a furry rug or blanket or something. You can get it cheap from Wal-Mart or something). Right there you have 4 sets from a tiny hotel room! To get even more pictures, you have poses to rotate through and outfits to change! You can easily get 50 or more shots in a tiny, basic hotel room.

We love to overcomplicate things, but that’s what gets us into trouble. Really, if you’re driven and you’re creative, you can turn a crappy hotel room into a chic studio because what you have matters less than what shows up in the picture. If you get your angles right and think outside of the box, no one will know the difference!

The key to success is not the studio. It’s maximizing what you have and prioritizing your business over the extras. Stop spending your money on a studio when you’re still working on getting consistent bookings. Instead, invest your money in education and marketing, the things that will actually grow your business. When you’re ready to get serious about that, schedule a free strategy session with me!

How to Shoot a Ton of Photos in a Small Space

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