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How to Run a Successful Black Friday Sale for your Boudoir Photo Business

Have you been disappointed by your Black Friday Sales in the past?Black Friday Sale

Here are 4 Simple Steps to run a SUCCESSFUL Black Friday Sale. You should be starting to promote your Black Friday Special ASAP, so let’s get started!

Step One: What’s Your Sale?

Here’s the thing- everyone’s Boudoir Photo Business is setup completely differently, so you have to create a sale that works for you and what you offer at your studio. Here are a few things to consider:

-How much do you need to make?
-How many shoots do you want to do?
-What product do you want to promote?
-What are your costs?

There are no ends to the possibilities for a Black Friday sale for boudoir photography, so here are just a few ideas:

-Offer a discounted session fee
-Offer Mini Sessions through selected dates with a short shoot, 1 outfit, and a gift print
-Do a purse deal with a complimentary photo shoot, makeover, and print credit
-Throw in a gift print with a collection purchase
-Offer complimentary makeup and hair services with a session fee or deposit

The trick is to have a sale that is so enticing they can’t possibly say no- give them the “deal” they want, then wow them with such an amazing experience and portraits that they have to buy more!

Step Two: Sale Setup

You don’t want to work on Black Friday, right?

There is a better way! Create a page or post on your website specifically for your Black Friday Special. There, you can promote the sale with gorgeous images and a tight sales page, then use PayPal to put a “Buy Now” button on your page. The thing you need to be EXTREMELY careful about with having a purchase on your website is educating your customers. When someone is looking at your page without talking to you, you need to

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make sure they understand what is included in the special and when the actual photo shoot will take place.

Important parts of your Black Friday Sales page:

-Make a complete list of what is actually included in the shoot.
Note: You may want to even make a note next to this list that prints or photos are not included if they aren’t included.
-Include the dates that the special is available for (If you have a range of dates)
-Let them know when and where the photo shoot will take place (have a date range if you have one and your photo shoot times/location)
-Let them know when you will schedule the photo shoot (Since you don’t want to be at work over the holiday weekend, set the expectation that you will get in touch with them first thing Monday morning or whenever you’ll be back to work.)
-If sales are nonrefundable, make that apparent on the page.


Step Three: Promote Your Sale

You need to get your potential clients and followers excited about your Black Friday sale before it’s live. The awesome thing about having a Black Friday Sale is that you can use it as an opportunity to build your email list.

Here’s what you do:

1. Schedule posts on Facebook letting your followers know that you have a Black Friday Sale coming soon, and you are really excited to share it with them!
2. Tell your Facebook followers that you have a limited number of Slots available for the Black Friday Special, and you will be giving a sneak peak for the Black Friday Special to your Email Subscribers, so they need to sign up.
3. Email your Subscribers, letting them know when they can expect to see the sneak peek of your Black Friday Sale.
4. Schedule FB posts and emails to send out over the holiday weekend.

Below are some examples for your social media posts:


Step Four: Enjoy Thanksgiving and Black Friday with Family and Friends WHILE making money

With your Black Friday Sale live on your website, social media posts scheduled, and email subscribers notified, you can sit back and relax over the holiday weekend!

Though you may check your phone occasionally to see those awesome bookings rolling in! 😉

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