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5 Ideas for Promoting Your New Boudoir Photography Business

Hey you! Congratulations on starting to offer Boudoir Photography Services! What an exciting time! I know you’re just going to LOVE this rewarding photography field.

I remember when I did my first boudoir photo shoot. I was mainly shooting weddings at the time and one of my brides to be asked me to do a boudoir shoot of her for her hubby to be. I was super nervous but of course I said yes.

I wasn’t sure what to expect (I had honestly never even heard of boudoir photography before) to be honest but one thing I for sure wasn’t expecting was to fall head over heels in love with boudoir photography.


How to Start a Boudoir Photo Business


I remember that excitement and all of the things I did to get the word out about my new services.

By now, you’ve probably told a few people about your exciting new endeavor but I’m sure you’re wanting to let as many people know as possible so you can start booking those boudoir shoots, asap.

Here are 5 Ways to Promote Your New Boudoir Business, let’s get the word out!

  1. Use what you already have: Before getting news things I want you to use the resources that are already readily available to you. By this I mean: announcing to your email list if you have one, announcing to your facebook group if you already have one, announcing on your personal facebook page, your instagram account, etc. etc. Figure out which platforms you already have an audience on and make a fun announcement there. Be sure to include a call to action so those who are interested right away know how to act on it.
  2. Create an offer: Whether you’re already a photographer or if you’re totally new to the photography scene you need to create an offer that people will be bursting at the seams to sign up for. This is especially true since you’re new and you need to be mastering your boudoir craft as a photographer but also getting as many clients in as possible so you can get loads of great testimonials, photos, word of mouth referrals, etc to help keep the client momentum going. Your offer could go hand in hand with your “Now offering boudoir photography services” announcement. I would recommend something like “The first X to book a boudoir shoot with me get their session fee waived and $100 credit towards their purchase order.”Learn How to Market Boudoir Photography
  3. Sign up for an Event: You could host or sign up for an event where you could have a table/booth to be able to show off your services. Look for wedding fairs, ladies nights out, etc. in your area. Use your offer for the first X people to book to get people booking shoots with you fast.
  4. Do a Model Call: A Model Call is a program I created to help you build your portfolio while still getting paid. It’s a way for you to post online about needing real women models, give people a chance to try your services risk free, and let them purchase the photos they love. You can check out more on my Model Call program here.
  5. Meet other Businesses: Create a postcard with your business info, description, work examples, etc. and go meet some like minded businesses in your area. Go introduce yourself tell them about your new service and befriend them. From there you could ask them to display your cards and you’d do the same for them, or maybe ask to set up a meeting with the owner to discuss some co-marketing ideas. You could even offer your complimentary session and $100 credit offer to all of the employees. The sky’s the limit!

So tell me.. what are you MOST excited about in your new boudoir venture? Comment below! I’d love to hear from you 🙂

Love & High Fives!

Molly Marie

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