How to Let Your Clients Market for You: Mobile Marketing for Photographers

Mobile Marketing for Boudoir Photographers

One of the things I hear boudoir photographers struggling with most, is marketing. I admit, it can be harder to market boudoir then other avenues of photography. For starters a boudoir session is an intimate photo shoot
and most women don't want images of them in their skivvies to be shown online (and I don't blame them!). However, this can make it a bit more challenging for us photographers when we're trying to market and show off our past work to new potential clients.

The funny thing is that even though they don't want their photos “online” they still want to show them off and talk about the experience! I'v had my clients tell me they told their significant other, friends, co-workers (yes co-workers!), mom & their sisters about the experience having their boudoir photos taken! So even though the photos are not online you better believe if they loved the experience and photos they're going to want to spread the word! So this got me thinking. How can I help my clients spread the word and show off their images without them being publicly online?

Now picture this. Imagine you're sitting at work and your co-worker starts telling you about this fun photo shoot she had. “I was so nervous but it was so much fun! I got my hair styled and my makeup done. My hubby just loved the photos!” ……………..NOW imagine if that co-workers said that same thing but at the end she whipped out her iPhone and let you page through all of her photos!! You would know that the experience was amazing and you would see how completely drop dead gorgeous she looks! You'd be sold on a shoot!

I finally found a way to make this happen with Sticky Albums. I knew that my clients wouldn't lug around their giant portfolio of matted prints and I knew they weren't going to put their boudoir photos on facebook. So when I found this idea I was STOKED! Without the images being online for the whole world to see they can show their friends in person using their smart phone/ipad. Your clients aren't going to take the time to upload their photos to their smart phone even if you do include the digital files. However if you send them a private link to download a sticky album onto their phones home screen they now have an album “app” of their photos. If they're able to show anyone they'd like an album of their photos with one click of a button you better believe they will! Who they show the photos to in person via their phone is 100% up to them. This is so crucial when for a shoot as private as boudoir!
The first album I created was my sticky album “portfolio.” I gathered all my best shots that I wanted to show off most into a folder. I then logged into sticky albums and added everything that was necessary (your logo, info, etc). Then towards the end you just click to upload the photos you want. Once everything is uploaded it will say complete and show a link on your screen. If you click the link on your computer it takes you to a virtual ipad so you can see what your sticky album will look like on iphone/ipad, etc.. Lastly you can send that link to yourself. Now with your smart phone go to that link and click “add to home screen” on your iphone/ipad. You will now have an app that you can click on from your photos to show off your photos at any given time.

My favorite part is that you can email the link out to your clients. So, you could gift each of your clients a small sticky album of their photos to share with family and friends via their smart phone.


    • Make a sticky album of all of your before/after photos of clients. You could have an ipad out of these photos for people to flip through at your next event!
    • Make a sticky album portfolio of your best work. That way if you're out running errands and somebody asks you what you do, you can literally show them!
    • Create an album for each one of your clients and send it to them asap. They will have this saved on their smart phone and can show as many people as they want!
    • Puttogether a sticky album of photos throughout one entire photo shoot. When somebody asks you you can flip through and show them what a shoot is like from start to finish.
    • Include a photo at the end of each sticky album that has a QR code so that if other clients scanit with their phone it will let you know who referred them and you could add a booking inventive as well

What do you think? Ready to get rolling with Sticky Albums? 

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