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How To Get Invested Boudoir Clients and Higher Sales


Over the years I’ve learned the extra steps needed to get my clients truly excited about their photo shoot!  I want her to be “over the moon” excited and take time for herself during the process leading up to the shoot as well as the shoot itself. In order for her to have a life changing experience she needs to fully WANT the photo shoot and be super excited about it.

Here are two client types that I’ve had…

Client #1

– Over the Moon Martha “I’ve been planning this shoot for weeks, went lingerie shopping, got my legs waxed & scheduled a massage after the shoot! I canNOT wait!”
This client clearly is excited for the photo shoot.  She has received all my emails, tips and filled out my questionnaire leading up to the photo shoot.

Client #2

– Satisfied Sally – “I totally forgot the shoot was today and I just grabbed these pieces from my closet. I’m sooooo nervous!”

When I first started shooting boudoir I would have clients come in that clearly were not THAT thrilled or invested in the shoot process. Most of them said it sounded cool and so they would try it!  The end result would always be the same for me. A lower sale and a decently satisfied client.  For me satisfied wasn’t enough. I wanted ALL my clients to be those “over the moon” clients that would shout my business name from the roof tops! Below is a list I compiled of ways to get your clients to be more like Martha!

Ways to have ALL your clients be an “Over the Moon Martha:”

  • Send an info email once they book with clothing ideas, shoot tips & “What to Expect”
  • Send a questionnaire (use google docs, shootq, survey monkey, etc.) asking about specific things they want in their shoot & WHY they are doing this
  • Also ask them at least one personal question to get to know them. I always ask “what are your favorite bands.” I then play a Pandora station I know they will like based on that to make them comfortable when they arrive.
  • Send a “see you soon email” reminding them AND teasing them again for the photo shoot (2 weeks before the shoot)
  • Send a final “confirmation email” 2-5 days before the shoot
  • Have a boudoir inspiration board on Pinterest and tell your clients about it! ADD ME ON PINTEREST HERE!
  • Encourage your clients to email you with their clothing  ideas. This does create more time needed on your part but will be well worth it!
  • Post about client reviews on your Facebook page. This gets you new clients and gets already booked clients excited
  • Include and require professional hair and makeup styling. Pampering them with a makeover is a great way for them to LOVE this “life changing” experience.”
  • You can even use Instagram to get your clients excited! Ask them to friend you and post fun images from your studio, clothing ideas, sneak peeks from shoots, etc.

When the photo shoot arrives have her hang or lay out all her outfits. You can then both gush about how awesome the outfits are and how awesome she’s going to look! If she has a pair of shoes she loves (or any accessory) make sure to get a good photo of her with them. Women love shoes (and most invest a pretty penny on them) and they will be sure to purchase that photo.

Next, she’ll be in the makeup chair. Talk to her while in the chair and get to know her, this will also help to build her trust.  If your client trusts you it will be easier to pose her.

After the shoot I do a same day viewing/ordering session which you can read about HERE. This keeps the excitement rolling which has led to high sales and happier clients.  I’ve found that those who leave and come back to order another day (or worse, order online) become disconnected from the experience. Those that order the same day have a 1 day full experience and leave with a bounce in there step! They don’t go home wondering if their photos are good. They buy them that day and run home gushing over the experience!

Want some help building a boudoir photography business you’re proud of and that clients love? Book a complimentary 1:1 strategy session with me or one of my coaches at

Molly Keyser of Boudie Shorts give her "how-to" tricks for wowing clients and getting them invested before arrive at the studio. Her tips with help you get hirer sales in your boudoir photography business.

How to get invested clients and higher sales in you boudoir photography business by Molly Keyser of Boudie Shorts.

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