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How to Increase Boudoir Bookings & Create a Steadier Income


Lucky for us boudoir photographers there is no “boudoir season.”  Sure, there are months that boudoir is thought about more than others (V-day, holidays, etc.).  However, you are in full control of your marketing and advertising efforts and if you’re marketing consistently year round then you will book year round. Women are ALWAYS looking to feel beautiful, hear from their men that they are sexy and get some time to themselves! The key is to get the word out!! People don’t just wake up and think “today I want to have boudoir photos done.” They decide they want them done because they see an ad for it or hear about it from a friend. Here are some reasons women want to book boudoir. Use these ideas to market your business!

There are MANY reasons women want to book a boudoir session:

  • Anniversary
  • Gift
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Grooms Gift/Bridal
  • Holiday
  • Weight Loss/fitness goal
  • Celebrate “starting over”
  • Gift to her significant other over seas
  • For herself
  • To gain back her sex appeal
  • To do something out of her comfort zone
  • Have a fun day with her girls
  • Cross it off her bucket list 😉
…I could keep going. There are SO many reasons to do a boudoir shoot.  If you can address these different wants/needs year round then you are sure to book consistently.
Just ask yourself.  Who is my ideal client? Why would she want to book this? 
-Does she have an anniversary coming up? When? (if you’ve done weddings in the past look to see when their anniversary is and mail or email her out a promo)
-Is Valentine’s Day around the corner?  Post consistently about shoots for Valentine’s day a couple months before scheduling promos through facebook, email etc.
-Is wedding season coming up? Promote gifts to the groom!
-When is the month most people are into fitness/health? Advertise booking boudoir as an incentive and reward!
Keep asking yourself these questions and you’ll find out when to target certain wants/needs.

Here are some other tips I’ve learned over the years to increase bookings and keep clients rolling in consistently year round:

-Plan out your marketing efforts for the entire year at the beginning of each year

-Use a marketing calendar to keep yourself track.  You can’t just market when you feel like it.  If it’s inconsistent, your bookings will be as well. Have you ever had a rush of bookings, then you get busy and you forget about marketing?  Then it’s dead again and you start the cycle all over?  Yup, me too 😉  A marketing calendar/schedule will be sure to help.

-Use customizable design templates to save time. I once heard this amazing quote from somebody I know “you should be working ON your business and not IN your business.”  If design is taking up valuable time that could be used to grow your business then you should outsource it.  You can hire a designer or purchase boudoir templates.  Templates are going to cost you a lot less money and save you A LOT of time.

SCHEDULE social media posts! 

-Get involved with at least one event each month (ladies night out, bridal fair, etc.).   Want some tips on creating a successful boudoir booth? Click here.

-Send out monthly or weekly e-newsletters. You write all your e-newsletters in a few days and schedule them to be sent out throughout the year. You could also use boudoir templates in your e-newsletters to save you time and money.

-Get creative and brainstorm new marketing efforts and think about if they would work with your “ideal client.”


I know that this might be a little overwhelming but I promise that once it’s all in place you will enjoy your business so much more.  Go right now and mark off one day on your calendar to work on your marketing plan. Start by creating a marketing schedule/calendar. Once you have a schedule you will be able to put all the other pieces into place easily.

Want dedicated help on creating the perfect marketing strategy for your business? Check out my Boudoir Certified program and receive a complimentary strategy session with one of my dedicated coaches! 

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