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How I Booked 15 Boudoir Shoots in One Day / Part 2 of 2

This part is Part 2 of a Part 2 post. You can VIEW PART ONE HERE.

As you know from Part 1 I talked about HOW I booked 15 boudoir shoots in one day. I wanted to create a tool that could be used to book clients into my studio FAST.

I wanted to elaborate more in this post about WHY “Model Call” works.

Some of the most popular excuses boudoir photographers hear for NOT wanting to book a shoot include:

  • I don’t have a boyfriend or husband to do a shoot for
  • I need to lose 10 pounds before I can do a shoot
  • I hate all photos of myself, so I know this won’t be any different
  • I just don’t have the money right now
  • My friends will think I’m vain if I book a shoot for myself

If you’re a boudoir photographer you have heard at least one of these excuses if not ALL of them time and time again. It’s human nature to keep saying “I’ll do it tomorrow, or the next day or the next day.” As photographers we need to combat these excuses because we know that once they get into our studio, behind our camera, and view their photos that they will LOVE them and be glad they didn’t put their shoot off any longer.

The hard part is convincing them of this.

I’m not going to lie, I didn’t create model call TO combat these excuses. HOWEVER, once I used “Model Call” several times I noticed from the “Model Applications” that this is JUST what I needed to combat all of these excuses!

I noticed that IN the “Model Applications” a lot of lingo combating excuses was hanging out such as;

  • “I’ve been wanting to do this forever for my boyfriend but we don’t have an event coming up, so I figured now is as good of time as any.” (she bought him a boudoir album)
  • “I know I probably won’t get chosen to model but if I do I’d love to do a shoot. This would give me a chance to see me in a good light instead of focusing on my weight all the time.” (she bought HERSELF a boudoir box)
  • The girl who mentioned she hated herself in all photos I would able to convince otherwise 😉 (she bought herself glamour photos in a box)

I also learned during one of the “Model” viewing and ordering sessions that she wouldn’t have done a shoot just for her because her friends would have thought she was being vain. However, due to the model call she was able to tell her friends it was because she was chosen to model. 😉

You see, “Model Call” works because it gives that reason and purpose to ANY shoot. It builds excitement of needing to apply and be accepted to “Model.” By using the scripts and templates I created it also has text that builds that excitement, defines rules, and defines that deadline, so that they are wanting to be photographed RIGHT NOW.

By giving a purpose to any shoot, building excitement, having rules, and deadlines “Model Call” is how I booked 15 boudoir shoots in ONE DAY!

Iv you’d like to learn more or get your own copy of “Model Call” so you can get ideal clients into your studio fast, click here to check it out now.

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