How To Elevate Your Client’s Experience

Want the secret to making more sales, getting more referrals, and getting repeat clients? The answer is obviously simple: be amazing! If you provide your clients with an amazing 5-star experience, they’re going to treat you right in return. I’m going to give you three tips to help elevate your services to give your clients an amazing experience, which they’ll return to you! I’m going to separate these tips into before, during, and after the shoot to maximize just how you can elevate your client’s experience.

Before The Shoot

Before my clients even arrive at their scheduled shoot, I’m working to make their experience personalized and memorable. I send out a client question a week or two before the shoot to get a feel for my client’s and figure out how to customize the experience for her. I ask questions like how she would like her hair styled, how she would like her makeup, and what kind of music she likes. Not only does this help me communicate with my hair and makeup artist to help keep things on schedule, but it lets me do things like play my client’s favorite music during the shoot to help her feel comfortable and at home. I also like to include a question on the questionnaire about what sort of products she thinks she’s most interested, like if she’d prefer an album or a box or if she’s interested in canvas art, and things like that. Then, when it comes time to do the viewing and ordering, I know what to lead with and what to direct her towards so that she’s happy and I can get a bit of a higher sale.

During the Shoot

This tip might be the hardest for some of you to follow, but it’s the most important! It is vital that you have confidence! If you’re confident with your equipment, in your posing, in your instructions, and things like that your client will also be confident, both in you and in herself. If you’re nervous and flustered, if you’re struggling to find your lenses or you’re second-guessing the lighting, your client is going to feel awkward and will close up. So it’s important for you to be confident in order to get the best photos and lead to a strong sale.

Practice your routine. Get friends or family to fake model for you and listen to your scripts. Or practice to an empty room! Whatever you have to do to feel confident in what you do. Make sure your equipment is charged, easily accessible, and organized. Have your poses prepped, outfits set out, and your sets ready so that everything goes smoothly. I can’t stress enough how important this is! I’ve probably done close to a thousand boudoir shoots by now so I’m very confident in what I do, but that came with practice. I didn’t watch tutorials and magically acquire confidence: I got it through the act of doing it over and over again. And that’s what you need to do so that your clients have an amazing experience and recommend you to all their friends.

After The Shoot

The elevated customer experience doesn’t end when the shoot is over! How you end things is what really determines whether or not your client comes back for a second shoot. When I wrap up the shoot with my client, I tell her exactly what to expect next. I’ll tell her “you can expect your order in the next 3 weeks” or however long it will be, and that I’ll let them know when that is with a text message, or an email, or a phone call, or over Facebook–whichever way she prefers. And she can either pick it up from my studio or I can have it drop shipped to her; again, it’s whatever is easiest for her. Then, there are two things I include in their order that they don’t expect!

The first is a hand-written, personalized card thanking her for her business and connecting with her. I’ll include a little memory for the shoot, like struggling to unclasp a necklace or loving a little joke she told, whatever stood out and reminds her that I remember her! And I end it with something like “I can’t wait to see you again really soon for your next shoot” to plant the seed about being a repeat customer. To help that along, I also inlcude a 5×7 post card that’s a voucher for a complimentary photo shoot with a $100 credit if she books within so many months. I let her either use this for herself or as a gift for a friend! Either way, I almost always get another shoot in the books and am able to continue to grow my business!

Remember, your client’s experience is the best gift you can give her, and the best gift you can give yourself! By delivering an elevated experience, you’ll grow your business without having to spend a dime!


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Tips on how to elevate your photography client's experience before, during, and after the shoot!

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