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How to Design a Boudoir Album in 30 Mins or Less

How to Design a Boudoir Album in 30 minutes or LessMany boudoir photographers spend way too much time in front of their computers editing photos and creating products for their clients.

I actually do a preliminary edit of photos in about an hour, right after the shoot. They go grab a coffee or a bite to eat, and by the time they get back, I’m ready for their viewing and ordering session.

This has helped me in going from $600 in average sales to $3000+!

Once they order, I like to create their products as quickly as possible too, so that I can order their products and get them to the client fast, without sacrificing quality.

If you have a great template, you can actually design a boudoir album in less than 30 mins.

You can get a template as part of our Boudoir Certified Course so you don’t have to make one yourself. (Save even more time!)

Then, watch this video to see exactly how you can design the album for your clients:

Once you’re spending less time in front of your computer, you can spend more time growing your business. One of the best pieces I ever got was that I should spend less time working in my business and more time working on my business. This is how you’re going to be able to start earning the type of money you really deserve as a boudoir photographer.


Need help selling more albums? Check out my Boudoir Certified Course, which will teach you exactly how to make more money with each client.





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