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Why You Should Add Boudoir Portraits to Your Photography Services, and How to Do it

adding-boudoir-photographyWhen I first started my career as a photographer, I didn’t shoot boudoir. I didn’t even know what boudoir was! I actually got into boudoir by accident, when one of my bridal clients asked me to take some pictures of her in her underwear for a gift for her groom.

Who knew that this one shoot would completely change my life!

I started my photography business with 81 cents in my bank account, and even though I did find success doing weddings, families, etc., I wasn’t happy.

I now make 6 figures annually doing what I love. It is completely addicting to see how women react to seeing their boudoir photos. I love how they walk out of my studio with confidence!

Adding boudoir services to what you currently offer can be really great for all types of photographers… here’s why:

  • You already own all the equipment needed.

If you’re currently a photographer, then most likely you already own all the equipment needed to be a boudoir photographer.

Discover new tools for photographers that are big for 2016!

  • This can be an extra source of income year-round.

Unlike most types of photography boudoir is a popular shoot type, year round! This is a great way to have a more consistent cash flow in your photography business. And here’s the best part… you don’t have to take boudoir shoots on the weekends unless you want to! This was a huge plus for me as I wanted my weekends free. Basically, boudoir photography allows for an extremely flexible schedule!

  • The money is great.

Boudoir Photography is not a need, it’s a want …a luxury service. If you can produce an amazing product, experience and service, you can demand the prices you need.

This might seem crazy so let me explain. I’m the highest priced boudoir photographer in town, by hundreds if not thousands of dollars. It’s not unlikely for me to make a $7K sale on one photo shoot. So why do I keep getting customers? Do people really pay those prices? Absolutely. Why? …because I provide an exceptional experience, product, and service for my clients. According to my clients, my services are unmatched by leaps and bounds in the area. You see, people are willing to pay for exceptional, especially when it comes to the private nature of boudoir photography.

Learn how to price your boudoir photography high enough to support yourself while filling your calendar with bookings!

  • You get to help women feel as beautiful as they look! …and to believe in their beauty!

Many women never thought they would/could do something such as a boudoir shoot. Many believe they’re not pretty enough, not thin enough, not photogenic, etc. etc. These are some of the most popular reasons why women think they can’t do a boudoir photo shoot. I’ve even had many women say “I’m never going to look as gorgeous as the women on your website!” …and that’s when I say, let me shoot you!

This is when the magic happens… Either on the first image I show them on the back of my camera or during the reveal session…happy tears. Boudoir photography is an incredibly rewarding field. Watching your client leave your studio with a huge bounce in their step, shoulders taller, smile larger, it’s an incredible life changing experience.

Check out our blog post with the 25 best boudoir poses to get you started on flattering your clients!

You see boudoir photography would be a great addition to your photography business!

So now you’re probably wondering, how do I get started?!

I got yo back!

I created another blog post called Step by Step How to Get Started in Boudoir Photography, and you can read that post, here now. Then, fill out the form on my sidebar to get my free Break Into Boudoir Toolkit! This is going to give you absolutely everything you need to start adding boudoir packages to your offerings.

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Molly Keyser

Boudoir photographer and business coach, I am dedicated to changing the world with the power of a camera. Originally from Wisconsin, I'm now in Texas, but I help photographers around the world learn how to go full-time with boudoir photography.