50 Ways to Market Boudoir Photography in Your Community

50 Ways to Locally Market Boudoir PhotographyHey Boudie Babes & Boudie Blokes!

Molly here, and one of the most popular questions I get asked is, “how can I get the word out about my boudoir photography business?”

And I mean, I get it. Boudoir isn’t the easiest thing to market. You can’t just put boudoir photos up at your local grocery store haha! You need to find places you can market it that are acceptable and/or discrete but still visible.

Over the last 10 years as a photographer I’ve learned a thing or two about how you can get the word out about your business locally. I’ve tried so many different ways to partner with businesses, market myself at local events, etc. Some worked, some didn’t. Today I’ll share with you what worked.

Below I’ve compiled a list of 50 ways you can get the word out locally about your boudoir photography business! These scenarios would work well for glamour or other type of photography as well.

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1. Booking a Booth at Artist Markets
2. Booking a Table at Ladie’s Night Out
3. Be a Gift with Purchase
4. Always Carry Business Cards
5. Go to Grand Openings for Other Businesses
6. Have Your own Grand Opening
7. Provide a Photo Booth for Local Events and Collect Email Addresses
8. Sponsor a Local Event
9. Join Local Networking Groups
10. Sponsor Charity Events
11. Purchase a Table/Booth at Events
12. Host a Photo Booth at Your Studio During Halloween (or other holidays)
13. Partner with other Local Businesses
14. Get Involved with VDay Events at Local Jewelry Stores

15. Ask to be Added to the Boudoir Vendor Book at Local Lingerie Stores
16. Put a Magnetic Sign for Your Studio on Your Car
17. Hang your Business Cards at Local Businesses
18. Host an Event and Put Posters at Local Businesses Around Town
19. Swap Email Promos with Local Businesses
20. Rent a Corner in a Local Retail Store to Market Your Photography
21. Go to City Meetings & Meet Head Locals
22. Trade Brochure Space with Yoga Studios (they put yours out, you put theirs out at your studio or do an email for them)
23. Host a Local Women’s Book Club
24. Teach Local Beginning Photography Classes
25. Trade Advertising Space with other Local Businesses
26. Email Local Magazines/Newspapers and let them know you’re opening your business (they might do an article on you)
27. Pitch Article Ideas to Local Magazines/Newspapers
28. Offer to Photograph the Cover of a Local Magazine
29. Ask to Put Marketing Materials with the Makeup Artists you Partner with
30. Ask to Put Marketing Materials with the Local Hair Stylists you Partner with
31. Offer to Photograph Head Shots for a Local Business’s Staff in Exchange for Advertising Space
32. Put Window Cling Advertising Decals in Local Business’s Bathrooms (in exchange for something that helps them)
33. Offer to Decorate a Local Lingerie Shop with Boudoir Canvases
34. Find other Local Businesses Hosting Events & Offer Discounts for Door Prizes
35. Find Business’s Hosting an Event and offer Gift Cards or Discounts for Party Bags
36. Buy Ad Space on a Local Wedding Venue Website (bride’s want boudoir photos!)
37. Offer Discount Gift Cards for Local Wedding Vendors to Use as Booking Incentives
38. Form a Local Business Mastermind Group
39. Go Door to Door and Introduce Yourself to Local Businesses
40. Trade Promo Emails with a Local Tattoo Shop
41. Ask to Donate a Prize for Local Contests
42. Contact Realtors and Ask to Put a Gift Card in New Home Owners Gift Bags
43. Be a Gift with Purchase When Somebody Buys Roses for Their Sweetie on Vday
44. Find Fundraiser Auctions and Include a Gift Card for Your Services
45. Put Confidence Boosting Quotes on Window Clings with Your Website URL on Them and Hand Them out
46. Do a Model Call
47. Run a Contest to Build Your Email List and Spread the Word
48. Speak on Self Love/Confidence at Local Women’s Meetups
49. Booking a Booth at a Trade Show
50. Pitch Your Local TV/Radio Stations on Doing a Pieces on How Boudoir Empowers Women (around Vday)

If you like this list I’d love if you could pin it to pinterest to spread the word & make this list easily accessible for you!

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