How Flattering Poses Will Get You Larger Sales & More Clients

Let’s get right to it.  Boudoir clients will purchase their favorite photos based on how THEY look.  Even if you think the lighting/set is amazing in this “one photo,” if the client doesn’t like how she looks, she’s not going to order that photo. It’s vital to know how to pose & flatter your clients best so that they LOVE the photos and you LOVE the end sale.  

Knowing great posing techniques will help you with the following: 

-be more efficient with your shooting time
-help your clients to feel at ease during the shoot
-help the shoot to run smoothly
-earn a higher portrait sale
-book more clients via word of mouth

Flattering your clients will also help you to book more clients via word of mouth.  Her friends know how she looks day to day.  Once they see her with her hair/makeup done and posed in the most flattering way they will want to book too!  Winning! 😉

So, how can you learn more flattering poses, tips & tricks?

When I found out a lot of photographers were struggling with poses and not getting the high sales they deserved I created three posing guides. All the poses in these guides are poses that SELL.  I know this because I’v sold these poses over and over again to my clients.  Each guide also tells you EXACTLY how to pose her, what to say to her and how her expression should be. The guide can be downloaded in the form of a PDF.  This is great for fast reference via iphone or ipad.

The first guide is FREE and can be downloaded HERE.  If you like the first guide you will LOVE guides 2&3.  They are jam packed with more poses, tell you the lenses I use, go into detail on how to pose, go into detail on how to interact with your clients & several more tips and tricks that I use to get more clients and earn larger portrait sales. In addition I’v added a bonus element.  I go into detail on how to create an expensive looking headboard for under $15. This alone will save you hundreds, not wasting your money on an expensive headboard for a boudoir set. Being somebody that was unsatisfied with the boudoir posing guides that are currently on the market I made sure to put ALL of my knowledge, tips & tricks about posing into these 3 posing guides.


You can purchase posing guides 2&3 separately OR you can buy posing guides 2&3 together and save $29!  Each guide has 10 poses so you would get a total of 20 poses by purchasing these two guides together.

In addition I am offering a 60% OFF CODE!! use code: “ILOVEBOUDIE” .  This code will be valid until my birthday, July 13th 2012. 😀

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