5 Elements Every Boudoir Website Needs

5 Elements Every Boudoir Website NeedsHey you, want to make sure your photography website is setup to turn visitors into buyers?

Alrighty then – pull up a chair and let’s get to it!

In this post I’m going to share 5 elements every boudoir photography website should have but also HOW to best utilize them.

Everyone will tell you you need a contact page but what they won’t tell you is that there’s more to it then that.

I’m going to be pulling back the gold glittery curtain today and revealing to you more than just the tip of the iceberg.

Ready to get started? Alright, let’s dive in.

1. About Page

Every photography website needs an about page. But what I see most photographers doing is just listing out a bunch of things they like. I like ice cream, I like sun sets, blah blah blah. What you need to do is share YOUR story.

  • Why are your a boudoir photographer?
  • Why do you think every woman needs a boudoir shoot?
  • Why do you think every woman needs a boudoir shoot NOW?

Talk about how boudoir captured you and how you feel in love with it. Talk about how it’s changed your lives and your client’s lives. Talk about how it has transformed you personally.

When you can share compelling stories like this not only will your clients get to know you on a deeper level but they will also understand WHY they should book a boudoir shoot now.

2. Portfolio

Every photography site needs a portfolio but the mistake I see most photographers making is sharing WAYYYYY too many photos. Your clients can already tell that you’re the photographer for them after viewing 10-15 photos. NOBODY needs or wants to look through 50+ or hundreds of your photos – they just don’t care.

5 Elements Every Boudoir Website Needs

What they do care is to see if you’re a good photographer, see if they have photographed a woman before with their body type, age & see your style.

So yes you need a portfolio page that looks great on every digital device but please don’t slow down your site or bore your clients with hundreds of images for them to scroll through.

3. Testimonials

This page is a MUST. Boudoir is a very intimate type of portraiture and so before people book with you they want to know you’re a good photographer, you’ve worked with people before, people liked working with you & that you’re not a creeper. Haha, but really.

The best testimonials you can have are video testimonials. So after a shoot or during your client’s order pick up as them if they’d be willing to answer a couple questions on video. Or run a content to get people to make testimonial videos with their cell phone.

If you can’t get video testimonials the next best thing would be screenshots from facebook, email or other forms online. Screen shots are great because there’s no way to alter them.

People just don’t believe re-written testimonials as much as videos or screenshots but if that’s all you have then they’re better than nothing!

4. Contact

I know this is a no-brainer but what you might not know is that you can automate your contact form.

That’s right – you don’t need to be wasting your time everyday email potential customers back and forth to get them to book.

My contact form on my website is actually an email opt in form. When somebody fills out my contact form they are actually going into an automated email sequence (if you’re not sure what that is it’s a series of automated emails).

5 Elements Every Boudoir Website Needs

Here’s the thing – every potential customer asked the same things. How much? When are you available? Blah blah blah.. So why re-invent the wheel each time?

So when somebody fills out my contact form they are immediately sent an email with my info magazine aka my Dream Shoot Planner where inside they will receive loads of info and pricing on a boudoir shoot with me. Also at the end of the magazine it invites them to book their shoot.

If they haven’t booked their shoot after the first email they will continue to receive emails until they do or until the auto sequence ends.

You can view my entire auto booking process and my word for word script emails via my Set it and Forget It Method.

This method books me clients consistently even when I’m on vacation, working on my other businesses, etc.

5. Blog

Everyone is telling you you need a blog but you still don’t see the point in one, am I right?

I’ll make this really easy. Blogging helps you in two main areas. Forming a relationship with strangers to gain trust and turn them into buyers. Second is SEO.

5 Elements Every Boudoir Website Needs

You see blogging is best when you can mix a few of your beautiful images in with sharing stories of your clients. Lurkers (as I like to call them) are on the fence about doing a shoot but they want to see what type of people book, why they book, what the experience was like & what their photos turned out like.

Secondly you need to rank high in google for the city you’re in or the city your business is in. You need to be right up there so that when people google “boudoir shoot ___insert your city here___” you shot up #1 or as close to that as possible. You need to be everywhere when they’re ready to book a shoot.

Now go out and tweak your website as needed so you can get more bookings!

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Which one of these website element tips was the most eye opening?

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