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3 Easy to Implement Holiday Boudoir Marketing Strategies that Work

Were you hoping for more Valentine’s Day (or other holiday) boudoir photography bookings?

In this article I’m going to share with you 3 easy to implement and low budget marketing strategies that get boudoir clients booking with you fast!
Free Download: Vday Marketing Template for Photogrphers

1. Follow up with Past Leads and Clients:

It’s so easy to first think of always finding NEW clients but the truth is your past leads and clients already love you and our educated on your business and you so why not market to them?

This can be as easy as picking up the phone to chat with past clients to see how they’re doing and suggest they do a shoot for v-day for their significant other.

This year I chose to invite a bunch of my best clients out for wine and to catch up with them. I always miss my clients once their shoots are done so I’m always sure to keep in touch. Whenever I catch up with old clients they always ask me what’s new at the studio and I was sure to tell them about your valentine’s day shoots so they could start thinking about gifts for their significant others.

Another super fast way is just to follow up with past leads (people who inquired with you but didn’t book) via email. You will be shocked how many people STILL DO want to book with you but that they just need that extra nudge, incentive, or reminder.

Would you like to see our exact follow up email template we use at my studio?

Download it for free now, here:

2. Address the “Why”

Sometimes the best thing you can do for your business is to take a step BACK. I know this sounds crazy but if you continue reading you’ll see how I make this work in my business. If a marketing campaign or month of the year isn’t booking up quite as fast as I’d like it to I take a step back and ask myself 1) “WHY isn’t this holiday booking up fast?” and 2) “What would make clients want to call NOW and book their shoots for this holiday?”

You see, when you’re marketing boudoir for Valentine’s Day or any holiday you need to address the WHY.

3 Easy to Implement Holiday Boudoir Marketing Strategies that WorkGo now, and answer this question out on a piece of paper, “Why does my ideal client want to book her boudoir shoot with ME specifically for Valentine’s Day right now?” Once you answer that question in as many ways as possible you can take those answers and turn them into smart content for your marketing campaign.

So, here’s an example:
My ideal client would want to book a boudoir shoot with me specifically for Valentine’s Day because we have a cozy studio (it’s winter here, brr), we offer in house hair and makeup services (which sets us apart from others in my city), and we have same day in person viewing and ordering which will get them there photos super fast and in time for gift giving.

In addition my ideal client wants a photo shoot for Valentine’s Day because she wants to see her man super happy and shocked when he opens up the gift so they can have a memorable and sexy Valentine’s Day.

That was just one example and it doesn’t matter if you don’t have those things ( like a studio, etc.). The important thing is to illustrate what you offer and answer WHY they would want to book with you. So in my marketing I would mention what we have that other studios don’t and paint that picture of her shocking him for V-day, etc.

Then I want you to use those things in your marketing to attract clients and get bookings super fast!

3. Create your Call to Action

This last one is SUPER important for any marketing campaign with a deadline. Any holiday marketing campaign will have a deadline, of course, because you need to get them their products in time for gift giving.

SO, the important thing to get people booking is to have your own deadline and a call to action.

A call to action is something in your marketing text or text on your marketing pieces that creates a sense of urgency so they call or email to book NOW.

Here’s what NOT to do: “Book your steamy boudoir shoot for V-day, he’ll be so shocked!”

3 Easy to Implement Holiday Boudoir Marketing Strategies that WorkHere’s what YOU SHOULD do: “Want to surprise that special someone this Valentine’s Day with sexy photos of yourself? Call today (last day) to get your shoot on the books so you can have your little black book in time for gift giving! Oh! And we have a surprise for you when you call! Call us at…”

See how the second one seems more urgent than the first?

Of course, you should choose a call to action that represents your brand instead of using the example I create, that’s just a jumping off point.

So, go grab a notebook, a cup of coffee, and start brainstorming!


Oh! …and I’m sharing my Valentine’s Day Marketing Template with you, for free! You can download it, tweak it for your studio, use it online, print and use offline, and more!

Download your valentine’s day marketing template for photographers (free), Here Now.


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