How to Help Your Photography Clients Choose Their Outfits

I want to chat with you about how to help your photography clients choose their outfits for their photoshoot.

Now you guys might laugh at how simple I make this in my studio, but what I do is, first of all I send my clients My Dream Shoot Planner and that has a list of all the different places online where they can buy outfits, lingerie, for whatever type of shoot we’re doing right?

But then, all I do is in the pre-shoot questionnaire, I give them multiple choice, they choose:

  1. I have my three outfits ready to go.
  2. I don’t have my outfits ready to go and I need help, or
  3. I will have my outfits ready to go.

Basically if they choose that they need help, then you could reach out and call them, or text them or email them, but it’s very rare that my clients actually ask me for help. What I do most of the time is in one of my emails I say, “Look show up with a suitcase full of things that you like and I will help you when you show up to the studio to narrow it down to your three outfits.”

That’s how I help them. I list out websites. I give them the questionnaire so I can see where they’re at with their outfit selections and then I recommend that they just bring a suitcase full of things that they like and I will help them narrow it down to three outfits. Almost all of my clients do this. They absolutely love it. It only takes maybe 10, 15 minutes either while they’re in hair and makeup or right when they show up for their photoshoot, it’s really easy and it always works out really great and I love it.

I hope you guys enjoyed this tip. If you did please comment the word “outfit” below.

How to Help Your Photography clients Choose Their Outfits