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Get Paid while Creating Stunning Marketing Pieces

My friend owns a floral boutique in my city and I just love her work. She creates gorgeous floral arrangements and sells gorgeous boutique items out of her downtown

shop. I’m always thinking of ways to partner with businesses I love so that it can benefit us both and bring us both more of our ideal clients.

For years I’ve been reading articles on hanging your images as artwork in other business spaces to get your work in front of your ideal client’s eyes and attaching a small brochure holder next to the work so potential clients can grab more info. The problem for me though was whenever I would find a business that I wanted to partner with I could never figure out which pieces would be relevant to their space. I always thought it would be weird to hang random photos of women in say a clothing store, or a salon, or a floral boutique. I always felt that in order for the display to be powerful and really have impact it needs to be relevant in some way.


That’s when it occurred to me that I should do a shoot that is true to my style but also making the work relevant to fitting with the space so that it would really stand out.

I feel it would be more beneficial to the owner as well. After meeting with my friend who owns the floral boutique I asked her if she had any room for me to hang artwork on her walls to be showcased in  her space. I told her about my idea of doing a photo shoot just for her store. We could photograph one of her floral pieces with a “model” (not the type of model you’re thinking so keep reading hehe) use the images to hang in her space, ALSO post to social media linking back to her store, blog about it with links to her store, etc. etc.

I asked her if she would be willing to donate a floral head piece, bouquet, or other floral arrangement so that I could use it as a prop along with models to create images that would then “belong” in her space showcase my work and also hers. [This is also great because if it showcases her work she will chat about it more and want it to hang in a more prominent location because it’s also good advertising for her.] Not only would her pieces be in the images on her walls, but I would blog about them, put them on my website and of course credit her for the work which brought her much more benefit then just artwork for the walls of her business.
She agreed and I got right to work.

My next step was to find models for this shoot. (…and this is where this post really heats up)


I knew that I could use the floral head piece in an upcoming shoot (one already on my calendar) or use a friend for some shots etc. However, why not use this as a way to book some new shoots? Why not market this asking for models to wear the head pieces and be photographed by me.


So, that’s just what I did. I posted that I was looking for a couple no experience needed “models” (my exact wording and steps so that you get the right models and guaranteed signed model releases, for a successful and profitable model call can be found, HERE.) for a floral head piece shoot and I invited people to email me if interested.


I chose two girls that I thought would be perfect for the shoot and that showcase my ideal client well (AKA the proper age group, varying body types so the marketing pieces will appeal to all shapes and sizes, perhaps a moving story to share on the blog that would make a good testimonial).  No sense in marketing if I’m marketing to the wrong client right? 😉


I set up to photograph both “models” in back to back shoots the same day, the girls got hair/makeup, I photographed both girls with the floral arrangements, and then at the end they were able to view their photos and place an order if they’d like (we do same day viewing but this would work with any in person viewing/ordering session).Both girls placed orders, raved about the shoot, and we had SUCH a fun day!! To top it all off I was left with beautiful images to perfectly fit the wall art display for my friend’s Floral Boutique!I always take any chance I can get to reach out to potential clients to use as models instead of paid models. I’m not knocking working models because they are great too! It’s just that me doing a model call and reaching out to potential clients works so much better for my business.

PROS to doing a “MODEL CALL” to create Stunning Marketing Pieces:

-It gives potential clients a chance to experience a shoot with you free of expectation
-It guarantees you a signed model release
-you can choose which model applications to accept based on who would be best for the marketing idea and who fits the mold of my “ideal client”
-A “model call” gives potential clients a reason to do a shoot with you if they don’t already have one
-A chance for a sale (if you choose the right models and you produce amazing images they will want to buy the photos)

I wanted to share this idea with you guys because it has been SO powerful for us at my studio. The key for us in making it successful was implementing the right rules, setting expectations (in emails to send out to the models), setting expectations again with a proper questionnaire, reminding them about their shoot, figuring out which models to choose for what projects and which models were not our “ideal client,” etc. etc.

Utilizing the rules I came up with, and setting expectations with the proper wording, I was able to book FIFTEEN models for shoots with marketing purposes and also get sales (our average sale was $1600) from all FIFTEEN models. I’ve now done model calls 3 times and had amazing results each time.

I’ve BEEN DYING to share this with you guys! I finally bundled up all the templates we used along with an instructional e-book on exactly how I host successful model calls with successful sales! Check out Model Call HERE and learn how boudoir photographers just like you are building their portfolio, networking with businesses they love, and getting paid to do the shoots they want with clients they like best!


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