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How to Get Your Portrait Clients to Willingly Hand Over their Contact List

Get More Portrait Photography Clients with these tips
Word of mouth referrals are great but how do you ensure your clients actually tell their friends about you?

Even if your client had a wonderful time, wrote you a thank you message, and bought lots of photos from you, that doesn’t 100% ensure they will send their friends to your website.

Even after doing hundreds of boudoir sessions each year, the amount of referrals coming via word of mouth for me was dismal. I had far more clients coming from trade shows, social media, email marketing, etc.

…until I changed one simple thing.

As you may know I am a huge fan of questionnaires and surveys. They’re mega important for your business to survive and thrive.

As of right now I have a pre-shoot questionnaire and a post shoot questionnaire. I use the pre-shoot questionnaire to get to know my clients, their desires, expectations, etc., so I can give them an amazing experience, exceptional photos, and exceed their expectations.

The post shoot questionnaire is used for me to get feedback and testimonials.

However, on the post shoot questionnaire I added one question that I would find a year later had increased my word of mouth referrals by 300%.

I added this question…

“Do you have any friends who you know would love this photo shoot experience? List them below with their contact information. We won’t spam them or add them to our email list but we will simply send them 1 email with more info.”

Almost every single client lists at least 1 person and that is one HOT lead! 😉

In addition, I send them a Sticky Album. For those who don’t know what that is, it’s an app for your clients with the photos they ordered. You can check out more on that HERE.

Alongside their photos in the app I add one photo that mentions word of mouth referrals and how I will give them a gift for each referral they get. The referee gets $100 credit and the referrer gets a spa service of their choice from a local spa.

When a client does send you a referral, you can send them a beautifully-designed gift card to spend on their next shoot. Check out the Boudie Shorts Design Boutique for gift card and other templates you can customize for your clients!

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