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It's no secret that boudoir photography is popular. If you haven't already started offering boudoir shoots, then chances are you're considering.  According to Google Trends (see image below) boudoir is only continuing to gain popularity. For us boudoir photographers that means great things.  The more we talk about it and spread the word, the more popular and desired boudoir will become!

This does also mean that more and more boudoir photographers will pop up, and like always, it's important to stand apart from your competition. The best way I'v found to set myself apart is to create a custom product for my business that none of my competitors have. First, I decided to simplify my price list and offer wall prints, canvas & a linen portfolio box with matted prints inside (that I customized).  Whatever prints they got inside the folio box they would also get high res on a custom flash drive with personal printing rights. My brand is simple so I chose to go this route. My clients are always on the go so they don't have much time to look through a 3 page price list. My clients trust me and I made this decision based on their needs. This will depend on your target client, make sure you know who that is first.

The most important thing to know is that you don't have to go the route that anybody else did. This is your business and it's important for you to single in on your target client and then create a custom product that works for them and your business.
  • Decide what type of product you want to offer that can be customized (box, albums, jewelry, wall prints, collages, large standing canvas, bamboo print, etc)
  • Make sure that the product relates to your brand. If your brand is all about going green then maybe offering bamboo prints or eco friendly albums would work
  • Know that even though many photographers already offer boxes, albums, etc you can customize those to be unique to your business
  • If you offer digital files have custom flash drives made with your branding.HERE is a great resource for flash drives.
  • If you enjoy design consider offering beautifully designed pages within your boudoir albums, etc.
  • Maybe your products come in custom purses instead of shopping bags or you sew bags for your albums to go in
  • Think outside the box – being different is what sets you apart
Once you've chosen your custom product and it arrives, take photos of it! Then post it online and hype about your new product. Tease potential clients with images of your awesome new custom product that NOBODY else offers! Not only will this custom product bring clients you way but it will attract the clients YOU want!

Looking for more ideas to get bookings? Check out my post on How to Find the RIGHT Boudoir Clients.

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Molly Keyser

Boudoir photographer and business coach, I am dedicated to changing the world with the power of a camera. Originally from Wisconsin, I'm now in Texas, but I help photographers around the world learn how to go full-time with boudoir photography.