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Gain New Clients with Gift Bags and Never Pay for an Expo Again (if you don’t want to)

If you’re looking to gain new clients for little to no money (if you already have these items laying around) this blog post is for you. Although expos work for my studio I get tired of paying for them all the time 😉 IN addition to the money it’s honestly A LOT of time. I do think that expos are a fantastic way to get in front of your ideal clients and we will always do them(if you choose the right expo) but if you’re strapped for cash, time, or lack of expos in your city this idea might be right up your alley! I started to brainstorm new ways to get my business in front of my ideal clients at events without having to pay OR be at the event (if I’m busy that night and can’t attend).

Aside from BIG expos there are events going on in your city constantly. Ladies nights out, Makeup parties, Pants parties (lol, it’s really a thing), Business Open Houses, Fundraisers, Grand Openings, Art Shows, Botox Events, Movie Premiers, Fashion Shows, Comedy Shows, etc. etc.  The key is to find events in your area and then make a list of the ones you think your ideal clients would be at. Think, ladies night out VS monster truck show (hah!).

So whip out your trusty notebook, a piece of paper, a word doc etc and start listing and searching for events in your area! You can TRY to do this idea with expos (I haven’t) but I really think it will have a larger impact (and cost you a LOT less) if you use this idea with smaller events.


-Make a list of small events happening in your area
(THINK: where would my ideal client hang out? Then call and see what events they have for the year or check out their facebook/website.)
(Other places to look: local magazines, local newspaper, bulletin boards at local businesses, google search, ask around with other business owners, find out if there is an events in your city forum on facebook (my little town of 60k has one).


-Contact them and ask if you can donate door prize gift bags for their event
-OPTION ONE: You can donate a few bags and have them pick winners at the end, like door prizes.
-OPTION TWO: Ask how many attendees they think, and bring enough bags (and then some) for all attendees.
(Use your judgement to judge how good the event might be for you and if your ideal clients will be there)


-Assemble the bags
WHAT WE INCLUDE: We include a fold-able brochure containing several images from our work, a before/after, and an image of a video with a QR code (so they can scan with their phone and watch the video) AND a short URL they can use to view the video as well. We also include a price list, a thank you card (optional, depends how many bags we’re making), AND lastly we include a gift card that covers the shoot, hair/makeup, and $100 print credit.
(TIP: Entice them with the gift card but don’t giveaway a whole shoot+images. Entice them and give them a little print credit so that you can up-sell them. Our prices range from $250-$4000)

-Bag – $0.30
-Gift Card – $0.10
***Make sure you put a “call by date” on your gift card, you need a call to action or people will put calling you off 🙂
-Tissue – $0.03 (or less)
-Brochure – $0.20
-Pricing Guide – $0.30
-Thank you card – $0.10 – (optional)

Total =$0.93/bag

We get our packaging materials from and our printed marketing materials printed at


-Drop off the bags to the event contact
(TIP: Bring them a gift card to try your services along with some chocolates or other gift.)


-Attend the event so you can mingle and chat up your business!

If you decide this idea will work for your business be sure to email me and let me know how it goes for you! – I love to hear your feedback! At my studio we LOVE this idea and it really gets the word out and helps us book in more clients! We do this idea for events, door prizes, and even fundraisers! I can’t wait for you to put this idea into play for your business and GAIN NEW CLIENTS!

So, what do you think? Never paying for an expo again?!! Which idea will you run with first? Share with us in the comments below! We love hearing what you’re up to!


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