How Maranda Mcmartin quit her Full Time Job & Went Full Time with Boudoir Photography in 41 Days with Boudoir Certified

How Maranda Mcmartin went full time with Boudoir in 41 days with Boudoir Certified

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Speaker 1: 00:00 Okay. Hey, how’s it going? Good. How are you? Cool to chat with you one on one. This is awesome. And so tell everyone where you’re from. What’s your name and what’s the name of your,

Speaker 2: 00:16 Your Business. Okay. So I am from vermilion, South Dakota. It’s about an hour from Sioux falls. That’s where everybody knows. Um, my name is Maranda McMartin. Sorry. Forgive me. My name is, I am the proud owner of simply darling photography and I have recently just switched over to being a full time photographer. So that’s super duper exciting because of certified. So it’s been great.

Speaker 1: 00:47 And let’s see here. Something big happened with you recently in your life, right?

Speaker 2: 01:02 I am a full time student and I was working full time going to school full time and basically my photography was full time too. And I had, and so I decided, you know, this a lot of stress and a lot of stuff was going on. So talk to my house and I was like, yeah, what would you say? Hey if I, cause I found certified and I was like, what do you think about this? So we talked to, talked to him, he did this and things were going really well and I was like, what would you say if I put my job, do it. Okay. So yes, I think today’s started week three that I have now officially quit my full time job of four years to be able to do photography full time.

Speaker 1: 01:47 And how does it feel to finally be like living your passion full time?

Speaker 2: 01:53 Amazing. Um, so I had some big news actually happened last night that I haven’t told my group yet, so I’ll share that here. I actually have, since I’ve lived an hour away, I actually drive to Sioux falls from all of my sessions because I just wasn’t finding that business down here. So I drive to Sioux falls cause that’s very, very central in the three states that come up, can join. And I actually just signed a second lease on a second studio to be able to fill all of my sessions so they will no longer have to be in any hotels. So

Speaker 1: 02:24 very exciting before and after. Oh yes, definitely.

Speaker 2: 02:32 Yeah. It’s so exciting. It’s going to be amazing.

Speaker 1: 02:35 Uh, when did you officially join Boudoir certified?

Speaker 2: 02:39 So I got all my stuff. November 5th, I got all of it. MMM. I had gotten a call, it was late Friday nights, so I got all my logins come that next Monday, so as November 5th and I busted butt on that stuff. You,

Speaker 1: 03:00 yeah. You’ve gone through and you’ve graduated. So how long did it take you from the state you started to the day you graduated?

Speaker 2: 03:07 So, because I like to like when I guess, and I wanted to really get it done. I managed to get through of certified in a 41 days. So that is going through the month. That is booking model calls, that is, um, making the required, uh, average, the total sales, everything. And that’s the only reason we took me.

Speaker 1: 03:32 Yeah.

Speaker 2: 03:33 Everything. I mean, and the only reason why I probably took me so long is because finals week was in there and Thanksgiving, or I would’ve had it under 30.

Speaker 1: 03:41 Oh my gosh. You’re amazing. That’s so cool. Uh, me and Sarah who you know, is a results coaching certainly went through the course live together to see how quickly we could go through it. Okay. And if you sit down and you just like go through it, you can watch everything in one day, but obviously you have to implement it and 30 or whatever is just phenomenal. So that’s awesome. So tell us, where was your photography business like what was it like when you first like got a camera and started your business?

Speaker 2: 04:15 Ooh, non existent unfortunately like completely. I had started back in 2015 I believe it was and so I had done a bunch of free sessions just to build on my portfolio. Like boudoir] wasn’t even a thing. So it was mostly just families engagement sessions, all that stuff. And I had done, I want to say eight sessions and I didn’t get one booked four, two and a half years. And then I finally got a friend, she ended up paying me I think to do with like some, either a couple of their engagement session and then I had maybe one other paid session. And that was it in the last four years. It was frustrating. It really was. It was like, you know, well this is something that you really want to do it. And I like, nobody wants me and just, it was awful.

Speaker 1: 05:13 So you just felt, yeah. You felt like nobody wanted no. What do you wanted? You wanted to work with you and you didn’t feel good about it? Yeah, I mean I can, I can see how that would make you feel.

Speaker 2: 05:27 It’s frustrating cause I was like, I know I’m good and you know, I can compare my pictures. You know, you never want to compare it because everybody’s different. They’re already settled up there, but it’s like year in like I feel like my quality’s better in them even cheaper and nobody wants me.

Speaker 1: 05:45 I think that’s a really good point though, is like when you are struggling, you start to compare and get kind of negative and I know you, you’re not a negative person even you can get that way. You know what I mean? Like, no, it’s not great. It is normal. So if you’re feeling it is normal but we can help you get out of it. So tell me, what did you do to get out of that and what made you decide like I’m still going to pursue this?

Speaker 2: 06:14 So there was actually a point that I actually had to quit the photography for a while. I ended up having to get a second job and that was kind of another thing why I started my photography is going to help out financially and it didn’t work. So I got a second job and I went back to school again and I finally picked it back up. I rebranded my business back in August of 2018 um, everything, new name, new logo, new concepts, new gear, everything. And I was like, if I’m going to make this work, I need to do something different. And that’s what I did. And I, so I started back up August, September, so be September of last year. Started getting some engagement sessions. I did get a few family sessions, but again, it started that same concept of back when I started in 2015 I did get a few of the startup, but then it was like, Ooh, no. So I was like, man, I gotta do something. I don’t want to give up on a dream of mine. It’s always been a dream of mine to be able to tube. He a full time photographer and I knew something had to change and I came across Molly’s group and here we are today.

Speaker 1: 07:22 So you joined the boudoir & photogs group

Speaker 2: 07:25 I did.

Speaker 1: 07:26 Cool. And then you must have saw a post about certified or

Speaker 2: 07:29 or did

Speaker 1: 07:33 and then you, yeah. Tell us what happened to saw post and then with,

Speaker 2: 07:37 so I saw post and I was like, this sounds really cool. You know, maybe this is something that I can do. So then I, Oh, if I got an email to set up a phone call or somebody called, I can’t remember the whole beginning, I’m so sorry. But then it was, it was a Friday night. So the Friday before I got all my logins. I had gotten a phone call from Tiana, hope I said her name. Right. Okay. And she was amazing. The girl is so sweet and like being in boudoir certified and learning so much about her. I love her dearly. I love everybody in that group. They are so amazing.

Speaker 1: 08:15 But it is, we are a huge family and I love it so much. So did you have reservations before getting into food work? Cause it sounds like you were kind of doing like engagements and other things I was doing.

Speaker 2: 08:29 So there are three different concepts that I really loved and photography and I really wanted to do. So I always wanted to do wedding photography. That’s not to say anymore, but it was one thing I wanted to do. I was like, I want to be a wedding photographer at my wedding day was fantastic. I want to be the same thing for everybody else. No, not a thing. Um, I did actually did both a couple of weddings. I do have later this year than I wish I didn’t anymore. But that’s okay. They’re going to be mmm

Speaker 1: 08:57 yes.

Speaker 2: 08:59 Well you gotta be what can you you now? But I was like, no, I just got to tell him, hey, you want a boudoir for your a hubby before. MMM. So was weddings and where I live, the wedding industry is so saturated with wedding photographers. It’s not even funny. But I was like, Hey, I can be like everybody else. No. So that’s not what a think anymore. Another one I really wanted to do was birthing. I think giving birth is phenomenal and beautiful. But the more I started kind of do like getting the concept in my head it was like I don’t know if I can hey around here for every that lasts five weeks of some of these pregnancy cause we kind of travel a bit and we do racing. So that’s all over. And I was like, yeah, that’s a lot of, and I was working fulltime job, so to be able to take that off, they were not having that.

Speaker 2: 09:46 So that one went exnayed out the door. And then the other third category I always wanted to do with a bit more and okay this is a chance. So I’m always group, this is awesome. Like look at all this inspiration and now there’s this education thing as like, man, I have to do this. I have to do it. Cause I told him I was, when I though I’m in a Rut, the only way I’m going to get out of this, I need somebody help. That’s it. It came down to I can do this by myself, so I need somebody to help me. And that’s what my oldest son. So, and is that amazing?

Speaker 1: 10:21 Awesome. And it’s so true. Like I always use the example of Olympic athletes. Like they would never compete without a coach. And you shouldn’t run your business without a coach either. No, it’s made a huge difference in my business. I see it make a huge difference. And all the certified students’ businesses too.

Speaker 2: 10:38 Well, and I knew nothing to be completely honest about business. Business is not my thing. I didn’t know marketing. I didn’t know nothing. I knew how to cook my camera. Okay. And that’s even been better because of Molly. So everything, all things go to Mali truly, because without her I would probably have thrown my camera away.

Speaker 1: 10:59 I’d like to tell people to like, I like photography, I love business and marketing and I know rivers are the complete opposite and that’s what,

Speaker 2: 11:13 and the thing of it is so like, I love numbers. So all this stuff, especially the new spreadsheet. Oh my gosh, I have loved my cheat. Yes. So funny and fun fact outward. And you still like for fun to make spreadsheets? Anytime I could. I love spreadsheets. So when I saw that I was like, yes, this is going to be fantastic. I love seeing the numbers. I’d love seeing progress. I love saying that what I’m doing is working, so it’s going to be great. I can’t wait.

Speaker 1: 11:39 That’s awesome. And the other reason we made that is obviously so you guys can track everything, but also so that the results coaches can actually go in and make sure that you’re on track and just like check up on everyone. I’m so excited about it. So yeah, think was that tipping point that made you be like, okay, this is that. I’m going to join who are certified.

Speaker 2: 12:00 Um, like Kinda like I had explained I was, I wasn’t getting any bookings, I wasn’t getting anywhere where I wanted to be. Um, I was ready for a change. Obviously I’ve quit my full time job, something that’s been a huge weight off of my shoulders to be completely honest. Um, and to be able to do something I love and I just, I got to a point and I was really down about it and I was like, I’ve just wasted, he’s a lot of money buying all this new stuff thinking hey, this is going to be the change like this all I need to do. And it was an, and I just, I did, I told my husband, I was like, we have to make a decision. I have to figure something out because I don’t know enough business wise to do it because I heard that too. Anybody can take a picture on a camera and take a good picture. If you don’t know how to run a business, your business isn’t going to last. And I 100% agree. 100%

Speaker 1: 12:57 me too. Because just like you said, you’ve compared to other people and you said, my work is better. Why am I not booking sessions? And the hardest thing to hear as a photographer is number one, yes you do need to take great photos. However that is not a factor. Like that doesn’t matter. It doesn’t business good. You could take the, I know photographers that legit are some of the best photographers in the whole world and they struggle with their business and it like, you know what I think people always think like, oh, the better the pictures I take, the more bookings I’ll get. But it doesn’t work that way. You have to learn marketing and that’s why you see sometimes photographers where you’re like, my works better. Why are they booking so much? And it’s just simply because they put the time into the marketing and the business and found strategies that work. So, uh, was your husband on board or like did you have to talk him into it or tell us about that because some of our students, you know, they’re on board but their significant others are like Leery, you know what I mean?

Speaker 2: 13:58 Well that’s kind of a funny story. So I had the phone call and I actually went to a different room to make this phone call. I knew it was coming, I told him it was coming and he actually had been napping on the couch right behind me watching TV. So I go in there Friday night to have this phone call and um, you know, I talked to Deanna and everything and I made this decision. I did not tell him he was still sleeping. So I put, I put my money down for, I did everything I had to do. He woke up and I go, honey, okay, here’s the deal. I was like, you know, I had my phone call. This is what they all offer. This is what they’re going to help me with. Here’s the deal. And I, that’s all I said. He goes, okay, that sounds great.

Speaker 2: 14:49 How much does that cost me? Well, it cost me the ability to hopefully make my business grow. And he goes, okay, sounds good. Any question he’d like, he was never against the idea, but he did was like, he’s never been of what I’m doing, but he’s like anybody else, you know it’s, you’re investing in your business and not scary, but you got to think about a year buying a $2,000 lens for your camera that is also investing. But this isn’t investing in a different way because it’s making your business better, not making your camera better. So he’s like, you know, I have a hard time kind of understanding like why the prices and what it is. And then I got my information, I log and he goes, holy crap, that’s a lot of stuff. And we actually went on a road trip the some Saturday, the Saturday, Sunday after I got my logins or 10 hours, I had my laptop on my lap going through months.

Speaker 2: 15:50 And sometimes I’d unplug and I was like, like it was a bootcamp live last year. I was like, look at this lady, she’s awesome. And he’s like, oh my gosh. She’s like super motivating. And so, you know, she was all on board. Everything was great. And then I ran my first model call. I had 108 applications on my first model call Fred. I ended up booking 2024 people out of that model call. And once I started, you know, have those model calls bringing money in, he goes, well there’s, there’s your money, you paid for it. It’s already paid off. Like, okay, this is the best thing you could’ve ever done for your business. So, you know, I mean, I was still, I’m, or kind of a realist person and numbers money. I’m like, man, that’s a lot of money, but okay, this’ll work and then get this really good high.

Speaker 2: 16:46 And I’m like, okay, what about this? I was like, I kind of have to go up and down. It’s not that I’m a negative person, but I just feel like there’s so many things that could go wrong. There’s so many things that could go right and everything went right. I mean, I’m just had my downfalls. I’ve had one really bad model call just didn’t turn out. Um, I didn’t list the moment then that’s what happened. Um, but other than that, like, you know, we all have good days. We all have bad days. But in the end, this is, like I said, the best thing I could’ve ever done for myself and my business because obviously I’m home and it’s 1130 and I am not working for a corporate company. It’s been great. So what would you say to somebody who, who really wants to join but their significant other is like not on, um, I’m kind of on the idea of it’s your life, it’s your decision.

Speaker 2: 17:36 Um, you know, we have a joint bank account, but it was my money and if it’s something you truly love, your significant other, I would hope to, God actually supports every decision you’re making because they may not understand the concept of what you’re doing. You know, they see you’re spending this money to watch a bunch of tutorials. Yes. Ish. I mean the Q and A’s, you have all your questions answered. You have the monster learning. So many things. You have downloadable links for everything that you need. Molly tells you everything. I mean, there’s literally nothing. I’ve had to figure it out myself at all. And to be able to have that information and neither for so much stuff you don’t even think about. It’s like, Oh, why? It’s like, I need this, why do I need this? And then you implement, you know, like this, this is awesome.

Speaker 2: 18:19 Like I see why this works. And it’s just, you know, some people have, I don’t know, it’s just one of those things for me and my husband is so supportive, so it’s kind of hard for me to see that side. He’s always been that way. But I guess it’s just, you know, you have to invest in things in life to better things in life. And if your business is that important to you and hopefully your significant other sees them, I hope they’re willing to invest in you because I’m sure you’ve had the same thing for them, whether it’s a new truck or a new house or something, you’re always investing in something. Why not put it towards something that could change your life really, truly. So one of the certified students said, you come into this world alone and you leave the world alone. Um, you know, it’s your life and it’s your business.

Speaker 2: 19:08 And I totally agree with you. Like, um, you know, I would hope that your partner would be supportive. Um, Aaron and I, we support each other like crazy and he’ll, he’ll say the same thing half the time. We’re like in our heads, we’re like, that’s going to work for the person anyways. And it always ends up being great because a lot of times they just, you know, they can’t explain everything that they see that they vision for, you know. So, um, so if you had to pick like one thing, what do you think would be like your favorite part of certified or like your favorite download or technique or, or support or something like that? That’s a hard question. A man. And Are you willing, I got my ticket as soon as I got told I could get one. I was so ready for this. I’m so excited. So excited me. And I don’t know. That’s such a hard question. Um, I don’t even know.

Speaker 2: 20:17 ALL OF IT like I really can’t be, I’m not trying to saying like I had to have all of that to make my business a thing. Um, what about the done for you? Price list. That’s my favorite. Yes that is fabulous!. And beginning we were like, okay, here’s how to like calculate your own prices and like get it out. And then we’re like, you know what? This is the best price. Low security. Never, never, never, never in my right mind think that would be a thing and people were going to buy that. But holy crap they do in a heartbeat. But it’s again, it’s investing in yourself. That’s the thing you like. Do you see this as a great thing? You’re going to invest in yourself and that’s why people do these sessions. And it’s been great. Um, another thing, so when I first started, I obviously didn’t have been pictures, so I was just showing people my price list in my emails.

Speaker 2: 21:04 And this weekend. I have spent way too many hours, but I’ve been working on my dream shoot planner and I’m so excited to get that setup. Finally. It’s not done because I’m so picky, but I’m working on it. It’s getting there. It’s taking a little longer. When you first joined, you got like a hundred applications. You booked how many molecules? Like 24 of them. Indeed. Just in December, I think at 24 applications in December. That’s amazing. And now you have a second studio. So what would you tell to anyone who is on the fence about joining who are certified? It’s the best thing you could ever do. Um, in, in my area, like some people were very against it and I’ve opened the eyes of so many people by adding them to my group and they’re like, well, this isn’t what I thought. Like this is awesome.

Speaker 2: 21:56 Everybody looks amazing. I don’t have to be a model to do this because to be honest, a lot of my, um, women that I have had sessions with so far, they’re not your, she’s your smaller women. To be completely honest. I just had more like plus size women come into my studio so far and they’ve been amazing. These girls are drop dead on gorgeous and I don’t know if that’s kind of been like an eye opener in my group. Like, Hey, like you shot most women that are normal looking, they’re not a model looking and that’s really like opened everybody’s eyes and um, it’s just, it’s something that you could never have dreamt of. It really isn’t like to be able to quit my full time job. I have now sent at least on a second studio. So I never ever shoot in a hotel again because those are expensive.

Speaker 2: 22:44 But yeah, once you can, the only thing you can get out of them, it’s crazy. And so to be able to have two studios, I mean I’m only at leasing cause I can’t afford to buy right now, but some day I’m going to have my own studio and that’s great. But it’s a stepping stone, um, to learn about business and marketing. I know how to now market and I know how to get people in the door. I have the confidence to make a sale of thousands of dollars, which was so scary the first time I saw that pricey and you know, to be able to get your questions answered within the group under Q and a is um, I can answer, ask a question at three o’clock in the morning and somebody’s going to use, whether it’s Molly at 7:00 AM which comes and worked or whatever time it is, or Sarah at 11 o’clock.

Speaker 2: 23:28 It doesn’t matter if somebody’s going to figure it out. I’m a morning person. Yeah. Um, yeah, it’s, you know, it’s a scary thing. It’s so scary. I’m like, anytime I come into a situation, it’s like a huge door in front of me. I’m like, okay, I got to get through there. How do I have to make this work? And for me it was joining good certified and it’s like this glorious world behind that door. Like everything you could ever want. It’s there. I posing lighting, marketing strategy, Facebook ads, question and answers, price sheets, everything. Nothing it would have ever thought of doing. So it’s, oh, it’s, it’s so hard to talk about because it literally changed my life. Again. I am sitting at home at 10 30 in the morning. I left a job after four years. I’ve had a normal, normal job that I’ve done since I was nine years old. I used to like go cater with my parents, like I’ve always had a job. So that’s, that just quit. My job was the scariest day of my life. I pulled so many times. I say I was so scared. This is a big step, but I was like, you know what? I already took a big step to join boudoir certified. Um, I am now in boudoir empire. I need to get my butt going on that. But like,

Speaker 1: 24:42 so you know, when you have a new week today,

Speaker 2: 24:45 I know I have to catch up.

Speaker 1: 24:48 Sorry, had to finish school the first couple of weeks. So I’m, I’m working on it, but I know,

Speaker 2: 24:55 yeah, it’s, it’s truly, truly life changing. If you want to try and do this on your own, more power to you, all these women and all these booty dudes in our group, we’ll beat you. Just saying.

Speaker 1: 25:06 That’s amazing. I love them. No, we got some awesome movie. It’s in there also. Yeah. Um, once you enroll, you can also get your ticket for boudie camp live, which is included you there. Um, well I am so freaking proud of you. I love your positivity and your energy and just the way that you just go after you know anything. And when you agree that discomfort breeds success, like you have to get out of your comfort zone

Speaker 2: 25:38 to, to do something new, to have success. Absolutely. And like me, it’s, it’s kind of a backwards concept, but I worked so well under pressure. I work my best under pressure. So like coming into this I was like, you know, I need to make more money. I need to do this and all this. Like I felt like I have so much weight on my life and we want to do all these things in life and financially, you know we do well, but it’s like we’re not where we’re at. And I was like, I know we can do it. I know he can do it. I know I can do it. Holy Crap. So much is going on. And I guess the last month of November and December I was working on school finals and I still made effort to finish, all of which are certified. I made sure to do all my model calls.

Speaker 2: 26:17 I made sure to do all my sessions to get done because I knew this was going to work. How scary, how everything it works and it’s been great. Whatever. It sounds like we’re in February, we’re not in February, but are getting there and like every month I just get you get more and better. Your clients get better. It’s that ideal client that you’re shooting for and you know you’re what people buy get a little better. And just the people that I’m bringing into my group, especially like they’re phenomenal women and it’s even if I don’t book a session with them, I know I’m changing their life just a little bit because I’ve had this, I had this thread in my group just recently. Like, Hey, you know, what do you think about doing a session with me and people I have no idea who they are to like, I’m really thinking about it now. Like you work so good other than I really am thinking about doing it. I’m like, yeah girl, you do that. Come on over.

Speaker 1: 27:12 Oh my goodness. Well is there any last words that you have? This has just been a super fun chat and

Speaker 2: 27:19 just do it. I mean like Nike just do it that it’s not tied back to that. But yeah, seriously find the money, make it investment, change your life, good marsh certified. We’ll do that. And with the new bid war empire, it’s just that next step. So once you get through certified, if you don’t have to finish it in 41 days, like I did like a crazy person. Well, you can, you can you search him if it takes you three, four months, do it do it was he knew six months. I’m, Holly doesn’t kick you out. Do that. Move on. Go to empire with me and all the other women and men in that group, and you will change your life. You will change your business and you will change this industry. So just do it. Don’t wait any longer at all.

Speaker 1: 28:01 Amazing. Well, thank you so much for chatting with me today and I will see you in empire today and tell her, and I’ll see you at a boudie camp live as well. So talk to you later.


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