How Jessica Jones Transitioned From Weddings To Full Time with Boudoir Photography with Boudoir Certified


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Sarah:                                                                            We’re live. Yay. All right, so my name’s Sarah Sobon. I work for boudie shorts and I am interviewing Jess Jones.

Sarah:                                                                            What is your business name?

Jess:                                                                                 And my business name is Jess Jones Boudoir. That’s where you can find me.

Sarah:                                                                            where are you located?

Jess:                                                                                I am located in Columbus, Georgia. Um, it’s kind of like on the border of Alabama, like right in the middle of the state. Awesome. When your army base big army base.

Sarah:                                                                            Oh, even better. Yeah. Um, so why did you become a boudoir photographer?

Jess:                                                                                Oh, um, I just love it. I love, um, doorbell. Um, I love the creativity of, um, of the, the [inaudible]. Um, I really like the one on one with the people involved. Um, and I am over shooting weddings basically. Um, yeah, weddings. I did it for probably like seven years and it just, um, just became a lot and I’m doing the one on one gives me the creativity. I was like artists to, you know, really enjoy what I’m doing.

Sarah:                                                                             Awesome. Can you tell me about a session that you’ve had that you feel like has had a big impact on your client?

Jess:                                                                                Oh Gosh. Um, there’s been a, I’ve photographed so many people this year and it’s been really awesome. Um, two that stand out to me, um, was a plus as client. Um, she’s, she was a younger girl, um, but she had two sessions with me and um, she really came out of her shell after seeing her photos and, um, especially the second session, we, I kind of like pushed the envelope a little bit more, doing some poses that were, um, a little bit more revealing of her whole body.And she just really, um, loved it and she loved the experience and she really embraced, um, her body as it is now. And that was really awesome to see. Um, another one that was really impactful was, um, a girl named Jamie. Um, she was a very like, tomboyish type person and she came in for a session. She had just, she wasn’t someone that I had been on my radar. I don’t even know if she was in my group. Um, my Facebook group, but she came to me and she, she did a session, she just was like, I just want to feel pretty for once in my life. And once, uh, she saw her photos at the reveal session, she just, she was like, she asked me, she was like, is it normal for people who like get emotional when seeing their photos? And I was like, yeah, definitely.Like, it’s totally normal and a lot of people do. Um, she was just so, um, you know, so emotional about what she saw and, um, seeing herself in this different light for the first time. And you know, in her, I don’t know, she’s probably in her early thirties, and she just was really trying to make changes and get her stuff out there and start dating people. And, um, it really helped her see a different side of herself. So that was really awesome. Um, but I have so many, like, I don’t know, there’s so many that, um, have had awesome impacts on me and like, you know, being able to continue doing this, but those two really stand out.

Sarah:                                                                            Yeah. I love that. I love that. It’s like you almost want to make them cry, but it sounds like you’re really like, oh, I want to make my client and you cry.

Sarah:                                                                            Well, you’ve been in Boudoir Certified for a long time. I think you joined well about February, 2018 and then, and you’re also in our empire program. Um, but what was your business like before you started boudoir certified?

Jess:                                                                                Oh Man. Um, I just was really floating over the place. Like I had been a photographer for like 11 years and I just, you know, I was just in the [inaudible] stuck into like shoot and burn cycle and just wasn’t making any money and like not charging enough and like just not really believing in my work enough to charge. And I didn’t believe that people would pay me what I get paid now. And, um, and I continuously, you know, get people to book and it just, um, before certified, I just had no idea how to put all of those pieces together.

Jess:                                                                                Um, you know, cause I could, I could shoot, I could, you know, I didn’t have the bookings that I have, but being in certified helped me kind of figure out that process and like figure out the roadmap of, um, to where I am now. So it’s been, um, invaluable really to be in it and like have found the program. So.

Sarah:                                                                            Awesome. Um, what would you say your favorite part about being a boudoir photographer is?

Jess:                                                                                 Oh, Gosh. Um, I, well I really love, um, I s I think about this all the time that I really love the variety of people that come to my studio. Like I really don’t just have one type of woman, um, client that comes in here. I have, um, people from all different walks of life that, that come in for sessions and even my makeup water is still comment like, wow, is a different person. Like, you know, it’s not just the young brides or whatever. I have like I’ve had 60 year old woman and women in here and it’s awesome to, you know, it’s awesome just to have the variety that I have that that comes to the studio and I really love being able to, you know, show them a different side of themselves and um, you know, impact the women in my local community. It’s awesome. That was awesome.

Sarah:                                                                             Yeah, it was, I know when I became one, it was weird that I thought it was going to be one thing and then most things are totally different and I love it. Yeah. What would you say is your favorite part of the certified program?

Jess:                                                                                Oh God. Um, now, oh, well now I would say that I really love the community of photographers that I’ve become friends with and it’s just, it’s the events that we have are so fun and I love having these close friends that are like all over. Um, in the beginning, before I met everybody and like really got to know everybody, I would probably say like the accountability of the course. Um, and just all of, and, and now it kind of ties in like all the, um, the people in there also helpful. And there’s accountability from, you know, all different types of people. Like everyone’s got their ideas and you know, everyone’s really eager to help each other and that’s, that’s one of the best, really the best things about the course and being in certified is the accountability and like the comradery of all the photographers, um, around the country. It really is fun and well, we’re all, there’s different. Yeah.

Sarah:                                                                            Um, what would you say about like how has your life changed just having a successful business?

Jess:                                                                                Oh, man. Um, well personally it’s, it’s really helped me become more like a more confident person. Um, and, and just in the fact that, um, I didn’t have that before. I just didn’t, I was unsure of myself. I knew that I wanted to be a photographer, but I just didn’t have to like business like understanding and having that has really given me the freedom to, um, okay, I guess be the person that I want to be and like that I always wanted to be. And like knew I was capable of, but I just didn’t know how to get there. And being in certified and now empire, it really, um, it helps me kind of be the leader in my community that I wanted to be. And like, you know, it just, uh, it’s really changed my life and given me freedom I guess to, to be what I always knew I could be.I that I’ll make sense. I felt random rambly.

Sarah:                                                                            I liked it. What would you say to someone that’s considering joining certified?

Jess:                                                                                Um, definitely do it. Um, I can 100% say that I wouldn’t be in this position if I had not have found the course. Um, it’s really just, um, given me a 180 in my business and you know, I didn’t really even have a true, legit business before and finding the course as has just changed my life tremendously and I definitely can 100% recommend it. I’ve got friends that are in there now who are like, I’m so glad that I did this. And, um, it’s, it’s an investment in yourself and in your business. And if you really, really, really want to make this work for you, then it’s definitely the way to go.

Sarah:                                                                            Awesome. Um, and then would you mind if anyone has questions, if they could like reach out to you and send you a message?

Jess:                                                                                Yeah, definitely. Um, send me a private message. You can find me. I’m in, uh, Jessica Jones. I know there’s probably a lot of those, but if you search the, um, the boudoir empowerment photographers group, you can find me in there and find me on Facebook. Send me a message and I can really answer any questions that you have about the program and what it’s done for me. I’ll be glad to steer more people in the right direction.

Sarah:                                                                            Well, thank you so much Jess. And then, um, we will be featuring Jess on her Instagram probably in the next week, so keep an eye out for, on the boudie shorts, Instagram. Um, so you can also see more of her awesome photography. Thank you.


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