How Joy Mayfield quit her Full Time Job & Went Full Time with Boudoir Photography with Boudoir Certified

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Speaker 2:                              05:02                       So today I am interviewing joy Mayfield. She is one of our certified students and she’s just doing awesome in certified program. Um, she is the owner of joy mayfield photography. So joy at what was your photography business like when you first started photography? So whenever I first started photography I had, um, so I guess when I started with [inaudible] certified yeah, right before you started it would be good. Yeah. So I started studying photography about four years ago and I did not take it full time until I started reading are certified. So, um, I just like, I had full time jobs the entire time I was, I was actually in sales and so I worked a lot and photography just became my absolute passion and we got a really nice camera and just like got super excited it and took all of my free time to study.

Speaker 2:                              05:59                       So, um, started doing that then. And so I went full time. Um, technically it was last December, but this January. That’s great. And you’ve been at photography for four years and now you’re full time, so that is awesome. It is awesome. Um, are you doing all boudoir photography when you first started photography or did you do everything? No. So, um, I did everything and I didn’t really know what I wanted to do. Was it a big part of that? So I just kind of did a lot of different things. I wasn’t doing it for money, so, you know, I could just kind of do what I wanted. My husband and I actually shot several weddings together, which was really awesome. We had a lot of good experience with that. Um, but I actually did not perfect, didn’t get paid because like in the years before I started Boudoir certified, like I had been getting paid for photography, but it wasn’t like a full time job. It was really enough just to pay for continuing education and my materials and my equipment and stuff that way. Um, so yeah, I actually didn’t do any paid boudoir shoots at all before I started. Oh Wow.

Speaker 2:                              07:07                       That’s funny. So let me, do you want to start Boudoir photography? So I actually had a friend who had asked me if I could do a shoot for her and I had no idea even what it really was, to be honest with you. I never heard the Boudoir. Why are looked into it, did the shoot. It was a lot of fun. Um, and I came across Molly a little bit later and that kind of continued to keep the seed with, with how like empowering is and how much, you know, more people actually do this because it was an absolute blast. It was probably my favorite shoot I had ever done. Um, it wasn’t so much that it was about how like sexy she was and that she was naked because that was like my initial fear with it. But it’s like so much about her confidence and seeing her in front of the Lens as we, especially as the shoot progressed.

Speaker 2:                              07:57                       It was just so much fun to see how much different she was when she left the studio. Um, then when she came in and none of my other types of photography had ever even close to done anything like that for anyone. So that was what really got me really looking at Boudoir profession. I love that. I definitely agree with that. It’s a good way to give back. Yes. Did you have any reservations about starting to shoot boudoir? Yeah, so I actually, I’m, I’m located in Springfield, Missouri, so right in the smack dab middle of the country. And it’s not a very high income area. It’s not a very, very left area. It’s very, very conservative. And so, um, it was something that like, I hadn’t even been, like I said, I ain’t even heard of it, so I’m like, who even heard of this?

Speaker 2:                              08:45                       Who is going to like look for this? Who’s going to try to pay someone to do this? Um, so that, that was like a huge thing for me. It took a lot for me to want to make the jump and just trust that it’s something that I love. The other one we’re going to love it if I can show them that as well. Yeah, that’s great. I’m glad you got over that. So what made you want to sign up for our certified? So I had been following Molly for awhile. Um, I also follow a lot of different groups. I’ve taken lots of different like little courses and classes that you paid for lots of different tools and stuff in the past and I knew that I had been studying this kind of stuff for a while. I already have sales background but I didn’t know like all of the steps, all of the fine, like to two more.

Speaker 2:                              09:30                       I was going like I could come up with, oh, for this step I have five different techniques I can use, but I knew I needed a program that was going to streamline that for me and really keep me focused on what is actually going to make me money and what’s actually going to work for my business and not just half neat tumbling all over the place and a bunch of different pieces that don’t work together. Um, and I absolutely loved Molly and she really resonated with me because I feel like like personality wise we’re very similar. Um, so it works very unfortunately. Nice for me. I’m very excited. I got to [inaudible] actually doing. That’s awesome.

Speaker 2:                              10:04                       Okay. So what were your hesitations before enrolling in boudoir certified? Um, I, I really didn’t to be honest with you. Like I was super excited about it. It took me, um, I had to finish up my job, um, and kind of get past that because I knew that for me I did not want to start the program and not have the time to do the program. And so the honestly the time that I found out like, okay, I knew this is why I wanted to do, but the, it was a few months before I could actually make the step and it was solely because I was trying to get myself like in the spot where I could seriously dedicate my time to this program because I know that with business it’s like you get what you put into it. And so I wanted to make sure that I had, I was ready.

Speaker 2:                              10:51                       Yeah. You’re going to make the jump. Yeah. That’s awesome. Um, was your significant other or your family on board with you signing up for certified? No, a not kind of, yes and no. Um, so everyone just kind of thought I was crazy. I’m not going to lie like my husband look, like I told him I quit my job. Like I just quit my job and I came home and told him, I said, I quit my job. I put in my two weeks and I signing up tonight for this program and I’d, I’m just going to do it. And he was like, you’re going to try to do boudoir.

Speaker 2:                              11:29                       Yeah. You know, and I’m like, that’s what I’m going to do. He’s like, well we already have you know, portfolio for weddings and all of this and like I don’t want to do weddings. I don’t, I want to be able to spend time with you on the weekends. And I like want to, this is what I want to do. So what I’m passionate about. So he trusted me enough to let me do it. He didn’t tell me I couldn’t do it, you know, and but like my family, I told them I was doing Gregoire all like what you know and like my mother in law, I remember being on the phone with her and I told her I was doing photography and she was like, oh well you guys going to be able to for like, is that something you can actually do? Cause you know, photographers, everyone just thinks you’re a photographer, you can’t make money and you can’t be a successful business. So really for me, it, I just had to get over it and I didn’t take it personal because it’s not that they didn’t think I could do it as much as they don’t know how I could do it and hardly anyone actually does. So yeah, I understand. I understand. I just, honestly, I just didn’t take it personal and I just fought through it and now that I’m where I’m at now and I’m continuing to grow, everyone’s like, oh wow, okay, now you’re killing it . So it’s like you have to prove I’m right.

Speaker 2:                              12:45                       No, that’s awesome. I love that you quit your job, came home and told your husband. You’re saying, honestly, be something I would do. I have to talk to my husband. Like we had talked about it for months and we had been on and off the offensive when it was the right time. And so I just, I just knew it was the time and so I, I just did it. How would your passion, um, so what is your favorite part about certified? I love the community and certified, I’m probably as much or more than the program itself. Um, it’s so fun. Like I’m like, we’re in, like we have our private group and I can talk to people one on one or in smaller groups or in the big group. Everyone is just so supportive of each other and has a lot of different feedback on what is working for them right now or what’s not working for them right now and what we’re for you and what doesn’t work.

Speaker 2:                              13:43                       And so it’s something that’s consistently getting feedback all the time. Like right now if I need it, which is super, super awesome. And I’ve already started forming relationships with some of the other photographers in the group and it’s just, it’s just an awesome community that I had never had before and I don’t have in my current towns. So it’s really, really cool for that. Yeah, the group is awesome. I love it. So much fun. And you’re coming to boudie camp live, right? Yes. Tickets. So we’re very excited. We got our flight tickets. Awesome. I’m so excited. Um, what would you say is the best technique you found in certifiedworking for you? My biggest technique is probably the process of giving my clients to experience that has been just the best thing is making sure that I am giving each of my clients a very consistent, positive, uplifting confidence, inspiring experience in so many different levels.

Speaker 2:                              14:42                       And there’s so much that goes into that. Um, and I’ve really appreciated that and I feel like, like my feedback from every single one of my clients since I’ve joined here has been, oh my gosh, I just love this experience. And even in the short amount of time that I have started, my, like my following has grown a lot more than I would have ever even close to guests. And um, they’re like the women without me even asking are just wanting to share me and share the story and share everything. So that has been really awesome. And that is one of my, that’s probably my biggest takeaway from boudoir certified that I just, it’s too totally invaluable. That’s awesome. I love it. So how is your business now that you’ve been in, how long have you been in certified? I should asked you that.

Speaker 2:                              15:29                       So technically I started in the [inaudible] at the very last week of November. And so I quit my job and then join certified. So I started like next week and um, the graduated at the end of January, I answered your question, however it, it kind of, it worked out really well because I had to have had some serious family illness issues and so that, um, has actually afforded me the time to like, like December I spent a lot of the month with that situation and taking care of being able to work on this on the side, even though I wasn’t able to pick up shoots yet, I was able to continue to like to start working on the program. So yeah. That’s great. Um, so what is, what is your business like now that you’re graduated and you’ve been certified for three or four months? Yeah, I’ve been certified for, yeah, for a few months now. Um, I just, I can’t even believe how awesome I business has been so far.

Speaker 2:                              16:34                       So, um, I have average, my average sale is about $1,250, which is insane. Absolutely insane. And, um, I know I, this next month I’m almost completely full. I ran an ad and got going, um, in February, just fill up my march and I’m already almost there and have a lot more people that I’m still like scheduling and getting together. So that’s really awesome. I can’t believe this early on I’m able to schedule that far out and actually like actually book people, which is really awesome, actually do shoots. Um, and I don’t know how many suits is a completely booked for you. So completely book for me is going to be 20 shoots in the month and um, yeah, which is a lot and shooting for a big month in March because I do have some family stuff going to be coming up in April and May. So I want to make sure that I have like some push to push me into that month.

Speaker 2:                              17:42                       So that’s not normal. Probably normal for me. Um, it’s probably more normal to have about 15 shoots scheduled in January. I had eight sessions and then so far in February, I have had seven sessions and I have two more, three, three more this week. Yeah. So it will be a couple more this month too. Awesome. Yeah, you’re doing, you’re killing it. We love it. Um, what would your advice be for anyone considering boudoir certified? So my advice would be definitely to do it. If this is something that you are serious about, you are ready to actually take the leapand make the work because this is not an easy program at all. Like this isn’t something that you just put in your name real quick and throw something up and then all of a sudden he got clients, like you have to work your ass off for it, but it’s totally worth it.

Speaker 2:                              18:40                       So if you can, if you’re in the run set and you’re ready to make, Boudoir photography, your fulltime per profession and you’re ready to do anything it takes to do that. That’s when you need to join and the money will come. Um, I, I mean, I personally made sure that I was ready to be able to afford like the first month because I do know that with business sometimes getting started is like the hardest part. Um, but it’s really awesome. This program works. So like so quickly in my first week of shoots. Um, and like I said, because I had to wait in lunch because a family that had nothing to do with the program. Um, my very first week of shoots was like the very first week of January. So this is right after Christmas, right after everybody’s spent all of their money, you know, that whole thing.

Speaker 2:                              19:25                       And I had, um, I have it right in front of me. I had four shoots in the first week and I had just shy of $7,000 in sale sales. Yeah, that’s amazing. Yeah. So it’s pays for itself. I mean it’s just like no brainer to me and that’s within the first month and that’s not including how well I’m going to continue to do so. Exactly. You know, the money will come, you’ll work. We have, you have a strong support system behind you. Um, and, and you know, it’s kind of sad, a little bit of a net, but make sure you’re just ready to like seriously dedicate your mind to it. I love that. That’s perfect. So you are located, where are you located? I’m in Springfield, Missouri. Okay. So Springfield, Missouri and your business team is, um, oh my gosh. Joy photography.

Speaker 2:                              20:23                       Do you have anything else you wanted to share? I like, we got a lot, so, yeah. Perfect. Um, if anyone had any questions where they are, they welcomed to send you a message? Sure. Yeah, I’m certainly perfect. Well, thank you so much for talking with me. No, thank you. And you are a part of the group. I don’t know if everyone knows, but you are like main mentor and I freaking love you and like you, it’s so cool to get to see like everyone motivating each other and pushing and like I was planning on waiting to graduate in February and you’re like, no, you just need to graduate. So you were the one who really pushed him like Sarah’s right. I can just graduate. Well, I love having you in the group as well and I love to push you guys as well too. So. All right. So, well thank you so much, joy. I will see you in the certified group. Thank you. Bye.



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