How Tiana Klotz Went Full Time with Boudoir Photography with Boudoir Certified

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Speaker 2: My name is Sarah [Sobon 00:03:14] and the Results Coach for Certified Program, and I am interviewing Tiana Klotz. Right? I said it right?

Speaker 1: Klotz.

Speaker 2: Okay. I’m sorry. Yeah. So can you tell me what your photography business name is?

Speaker 1: Tiana Lee Boudoir.

Speaker 2: Beautiful. And how long have you been shooting boudoir photography?

Speaker 1: Since 2013.

Speaker 2: Oh, wow. Some of you that are watching might know Tiana. She is also a Strategy Coach for the Certified Program. So we’re just going to talk a little bit about your business, and why you like boudoir photography, and why you think Boudoir Certified is the best program ever.

Speaker 1: Well, I’ll kind of go backwards, and then let me know if I miss anything. I think the biggest thing for me was I had tried so many programs, and none of them covered everything. None of them gave you a step-by-step plan. It was just kind of this is how you edit my way, or this is a piece of my marketing, and trying to combine everything I was learning just didn’t add up. It didn’t make sense. It wasn’t efficient. So Boudoir Certified is really something that’s a step-by-step model. It doesn’t get any easier. I mean, you put the work in. You do. And it’s amazing, because instead of putting in work and then not reaping the benefits of my labor, I now do.

Speaker 2: So what made you start shooting boudoir photography?

Speaker 1: Oh, gosh. I’ve always kind of just been drawn to symmetrical things, and women’s bodies are beautiful, and it just happened. I kind of just fell into it. I kind of knew what boudoir was but didn’t really know there was niche for it. I just knew some people shot pictures like that, and there was a very wide spectrum. But I always was trying to find a way to promote beauty for all sizes, all figures, all races, everything. And then when I found boudoir, it was just so fun. It was just… The women completely opened up, and then I found out it was an actual niche. Then I found Boudie Shorts, and I was like, “I can make this niche a living? This can be a reality?” It just seemed so just over my head.

Speaker 1: I didn’t believe it at first. I went and stalked like, I think, 10 or 11 different student profiles on Facebook to see if they were real. But, yeah, I got into boudoir, because I love how it empowers women and helps them open up and just gain that confidence and that boost and realize that they’re not just a mom. They’re not just a teacher. They’re not just a rundown, tired business owner. They’re beautiful. They’re strong. It gives them that refresher.

Speaker 2: Mm-hmm (affirmative). Yeah. Did your family or anyone in your life have any pushback for shooting boudoir photography?

Speaker 1: Yes. So my whole dad’s side is Catholic, and my mom’s side is very Christian, which is fine. Now the Catholic side just kind of stayed out of it and kind of went, “Whoa.” My mom, I think, was just… I was fresh out of high school when I first kind of started photographing different things, so to her she was like, “This is really cool. My daughter rocks.” And she was promoting it, and then all of a sudden, she went, “Wait. You’re going to try to make this a career.” And she got upset. One, because tradition. You go to college. You get a good job. I was a 4.0 student through college, and she could not understand why I would leave that for something risky. So there was that. There was a little bit of the religious factor, but for me, we’re worth more than rubies and pearls. That’s what the Bible says. That’s what I show women. That’s how they open up. I’m not shooting porn. Now my mom wants her own shoot. It’s them actually seeing what it is, and what it actually stands for, and how Boudie Shorts has helped me develop that brand. Now they understand it’s not… In generations like 70s and kind of more recently it’s more been about Playboy, and things like that, and like a men’s view on women that wasn’t so empowering. So a lot of these people in my life were coming from, “Ah, you’re going to be a porn artist!”

Speaker 2: Yes.

Speaker 1: But those were easily overcome by the women in my life who watched me, and now those people, my mother-in-law, my own mother, they’re like, “Wow. I am so sorry, because I see how you change these women’s lives.” And even my confidence has been boosted just by seeing women like me come forward.

Speaker 2: Yeah. I agree with that. I’ve had family members like that, too, and then once they see your work and see that you are making a difference, they’re on board with it.

Speaker 1: And my church has no problem, and I’m a leader in it. So if that’s anybody’s worry, it does depend on the church sometimes, but everybody knows what I do in my church. I’m not out there showing my portfolio when there’s a million guys or kids around. But they know what I do. They know it’s classy, and they know it’s empowering. It’s not as huge of a mountain that sometimes we make it to be.

Speaker 2: Yeah. I agree. I think, yeah, you’re always worried about what other people are going to think, and it’s not really that big of a thing. What did any of your family think about the Certified Program in general?

Speaker 1: I think it shocked everyone. Some of them asked what I was doing. They knew I was taking some kind of program. My husband kind of just looked at and went, because I’d taken other ones. He was like, “All right. If that’s what you want to do, just make it work.” And he knows I’m driven. Once he saw the money coming in and the bills getting paid off, like all of a sudden, his truck was paid off, he was like, “Where’s this money come from?” And I remember just turning so slowly one day and looking at him and being like, “Oh, so you remember that thing I did.” And he was like, “This came from that?” And it was just a turning point. Everything was lighter. We didn’t have so much financial stress.

Speaker 1: I think the big thing was with my mom and my step-dad. My dad really supported me. He’s also called like the nut of the family, so, of course, everyone just thinks he’s crazy. But my mom and step-dad who are very traditional. Growing up I was a military kid for half my life. It was very this, this, and this. I think once I started seeing my success, it inspired them to have their own, because now my step-dad all of a sudden was excited about talking to me about his business plans and then actually went and did it. Now he’s big in his industry. So it’s really cool, and it’s really inspiring to see that, even if we’re not in the same line of work, my own family is inspired by what I do.

Speaker 2: Yeah. That is a really cool story. What would you say to anyone that’s considering signing up for Boudoir Certified?

Speaker 1: Take the jump. You’re going to regret it if you don’t. I think the biggest thing is mindset. It’s always a matter of going from that survival mode, or even just kind of stagnancy, or not being at your best, and it’s a matter of saying, “You know what? I’m going to take my life into my own hands.” If I don’t do this, all of these things I want, whether it’s more time with your family or paying off your freaking debt. I’ll be debt free at 23 in less than a year, and I took on all my husband’s crappy debt. But if I can live better than most 60-year-olds, who… I’m sorry. I’m not a financial buff, so if I looked at my timeline, I would’ve been well into my 70s before I paid off my debt, okay? And that’s even with paying a little extra.

Speaker 1: This program I did in September, just this past September. So if I can be living now better off than most people in their 60s, what do you want? What are you trying to do, because that’s attainable. If I can look better than half the people in America right now in their 60s, you can do that, too. You can be at that point. You can pay off your debt, but you need to change your mindset. You need to say, “I’m going to do this, no matter what it takes.” And you need to do the work, and then you flourish.

Speaker 2: Yeah. I love that. Is there anything else you want to share with our awesome free group, the boudoir group?

Speaker 1: I think all of you are amazing, and I love the culture here, I always have, that Boudie Shorts has cultivated. I think a lot of you have brilliant minds, you’re just stuck, and I want you to get out of that freaking rut and stop getting in your own way.

Speaker 2: I agree. I like that a lot. Well, if anyone wants to send you a message and talk to you, is that okay?

Speaker 1: Absolutely.

Speaker 2: Also, you’re in Iowa, correct?

Speaker 1: Yes.

Speaker 2: Okay.

Speaker 1: Two thousand people population.

Speaker 2: Yes [inaudible 00:13:13].

Speaker 1: I… huh?

Speaker 2: I was just saying exactly. You made it work with two thousand people.

Speaker 1: Yeah, and I’ve actually never shot one person from my town, and that’s not bad. That’s just… Boudie Shorts, through marketing and branding, shows you how to pull people in correctly who are your ideal clients. The people around me, they don’t value the art. And that’s okay. I have people flying to me from Dallas. I have people coming from Chicago. It works. You just got to follow the steps.

Speaker 2: Yes, exactly. Well, awesome. So if anyone has any questions, they can reach out to Tiana. Otherwise, you can also sign up for a complimentary coaching call, and I will put the link in the comments. Thank you so much, Tiana. It’s so good to talk to you.

Speaker 1: You’re welcome.

Speaker 2: Well, have a good day.

Speaker 1: You, too. Bye, guys.

Speaker 2: Bye.


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