How Wendy Wood Increased Her Bookings and Went Full Time with Boudoir Photography with Boudoir Certified

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Sarah: So my name is Sarah Sobon. I’m the results coach for Boudoir Certified, and I’m interviewing Wendy Wood, a recent Certified graduate.

Wendy: Yay!

Sarah: So Wendy, what is your photography business name?

Wendy: What is my photography business name?

Sarah: Yes.

Wendy: My photography business name is Wendy Wood Photography, and I have kept it that way because I’ve been in business for 16 years. But for my private Facebook group and stuff like that, I’ve switched it to Boudoir by Wendy Wood.

Sarah: I like that. And where are you located?

Wendy: I am in Golden, Colorado.

Sarah: Great. Love it. Okay. What was your photography business like before you started Boudoir Certified?

Wendy: I have been very fortunate, I think. I’ve had a really great photography business. Like I said, I started about 16 years ago, and it was a great time to get into photography. It was a lot of hard work. I started out doing weddings to get my name out there, but it was before everybody was a photographer. So it’s been a really good business, but it’s been primarily word of mouth, and I’ve been really fortunate that it’s been a thriving business. But that’s what I’ve loved about the Boudoir program is that Molly totally has introduced me to marketing and bringing on a new niche to my program.

Sarah: That’s great. What made you start shooting Boudoir photography?

Wendy: You know, I think it was just I’m always looking for something new. Again, being in business so long it was nice to add something different and exciting, another service. Also really to make myself stand out from a lot of the other photographers that are … they just … yeah. I think to make myself stand out even further.

Sarah: Great. Did you have any reservations about starting to shoot Boudoir?

Wendy: Reservations. No. I don’t think so. I mean I guess if any reservation at all it would be maybe just, how do I convince women that they would enjoy something like this? I think that with family portrait work and high school Seniors it’s kind of a lot of people really feel it’s something that they need to do, whereas Boudoir photography women unfortunately way too often, as we all know, put themselves at the bottom of the list, so that was I think probably my biggest hesitation. Will they do this for themselves?

Sarah: Yeah. I completely agree with that. It’s not as much of a need like wedding photography is. It’s more like you have to convince them.

Wendy: Right.

Sarah: What made you decide to sign up for Boudoir Certified?

Wendy: I had been following Molly I think for about a year, and so I knew of her. I was watching. I had bought a few smaller pieces, items, and I was kind of just dabbling at the idea of Boudoir. And then as my life always goes … I always say that this time of year is my quiet time of year, and so this is when I try to think up my new ideas for the following year. How am I going to stay busy? And so it was a year ago that I was kind of dabbling in checking out some of Molly’s stuff, and then I got busy, and then it was December. This past December and I thought, “Oh my gosh. I haven’t done anything with Boudoir.” And I think because of the fact that she was offering a program, it was regimented, specific classes, I think that was really the selling point for me because I needed someone to keep me on task, and I knew that I needed to do it now when I am a little bit slower. And so that’s why I was so motivated. I joined towards the end of January. I’m like, “I need to do this. If I’m going to do it, I need to do it now.”

Sarah: Yeah, yeah. And you liked that it was a full program and not just little bits and pieces?

Wendy: Right, right.

Sarah: Was your family on board with you starting Boudoir photography and starting the program?

Wendy: I definitely consulted with my husband. I have three kids. I didn’t really consult with my kids. I mean I run a full-time photography business, so to them it really wasn’t that anything … They’re excited. They know that I’m doing well. But my husband was a little bit hesitant about the investment, but I told him, I said, “[Derick 00:05:09],” I said, “I’ve been in business for 16 years. I have no debt. I do really well with my finances. I know this is a good investment in myself.” And he said, “Well, then I will trust you.” And then, as you know, it totally paid off just amazingly quickly.

Sarah: Yeah. It’s so great when you can show them the results. It was good that you trusted me because it does pay off.

Wendy: Exactly.

Sarah: What else do I have? Oh! What would you say is your favorite part about being in Boudoir Certified?

Wendy: About being in the program, not necessarily about being a Boudoir photographer? Is that what you mean? Just to clarify.

Sarah: Yes. Being in the program.

Wendy: Okay. My favorite thing about being in the program. Oh gosh. I love a lot about being the program. I love, again, I’m a checklist type person, so I love the fact that there’s checklists with each module. I’m highly motivated by that type of program. So that worked really well for me. I love the fact that you can do the program on your own time. I love the Facebook group. The private Facebook group is a huge resource. Whenever I got stuck with something I could do a search. And to be honest with you, I feel really guilty because I’ve been so busy getting this program done in eight weeks, and with all my model calls I feel really guilty that I have not contributed as much as I’d like to to the group. But I do get on there and I try to whenever I can. And then instead of bothering people all the time and just putting in a generic, “Help me with this,” I love the fact that it’s got this search program, because I don’t want to be taking from everybody if I’m not equally giving. So the search button has been amazing because most people have already asked similar questions that I’m stuck with, so that’s been huge.

Sarah: Yeah. I love the Facebook group. It’s always a lot of fun in there.

Wendy: Yeah.

Sarah: What would you say your business is like now that you’re graduated Certified? Have you noticed a change in doing more Boudoir?

Wendy: Well, I just [inaudible 00:07:21] yesterday I think. But how has my life changed since being in Certified? I think its … I’ve raised my prices. I’m more motivated, and I’m a little bit more self confident I guess.

Sarah: That’s great! Do you have any advice for anyone that would be considering joining Boudoir Certified?

Wendy: Advice for someone considering joining. I highly recommend the program. I think Molly has done an amazing job of setting things up step-by-step. I think the way she really encourages people to go step-by-step, and don’t cheat, and don’t go ahead, I really did listen to that as hard as it was at times. It’s so much information that you don’t want to do that, because if you skip ahead I think that you can just get lost. So getting back to your main question, I think that it is … It’s a small investment in yourself. I mean really it is … and the fact that I have paid it back and made double in eight weeks, I think it’s well worth your investment. If you have the time to commit to it, and if you’re serious about it … Sorry. I’m jumping all over the place.

What I was going to get at before is by not jumping ahead, you have to trust Molly because she has it so well laid out that you’re doing stuff that you don’t even realize why you’re doing it. Like I know when I got to the Dream Planner I was like, “Oh my gosh! This is brilliant! I’ve done all the steps. It’s all here. I just need to go back into my files and plug this stuff in and I’ve got a Dream planner.” Whereas if I had jumped ahead and started working on the Dream Planner, I would have been like, “Oh. This is going to be so much work.” But yeah. So I’d say go for it. Trust Molly. Trust yourself, and you’ll enjoy it.

Sarah: Yeah. That’s really great advice. Yeah. Definitely having trust in yourself and the program is huge. Is there anything else that you would want to share?

Wendy: I would say that I would like to share, for me another huge change in the last eight weeks is that I’ve always loved photography since I was in grade school. But by being a Boudoir photographer, it’s taken my photography to a whole new level. I really just am blown away by the comments from my clients during their sessions, after their sessions. It’s so inspiring, and I keep pinching myself saying, “Is this really real? Are these clients … Did someone pay these clients to say this stuff?” Seriously! I’m like the reviews that they’re giving me … So my point is that I’m still the same photographer. I mean I’ve grown, and I’ve changed, and I’ve improved, but my point is that these women need this. And I love the fact that this is something so different in my photography business, because yes, they needed Senior pictures. Yes, they needed family pictures. But this is life altering for these women. And so for me what a huge bonus for my business because I feel like I’m really making a difference in these women’s lives, and I love that. [crosstalk 00:10:57].

Sarah: Yes. I agree with that. I love Boudoir photography to be able to give back and everything like that.

Wendy: Yeah. Absolutely.

Sarah: Well, thank you so much.

Wendy: Absolutely.

Sarah: I am so happy that you graduated in eight weeks. That’s just amazing. And I’m so excited to see you at BCL-

Wendy: I’m excited.

Sarah: … next week. All right. Well, thank you so much. And then again, you are Wendy Wood Photography.

Wendy: Correct.

Sarah: And I’m sorry. The city?

Wendy: Golden, Colorado.

Sarah: Great. And then if anyone wanted to reach out to you and send you a message would that be okay?

Wendy: Absolutely.

Sarah: Perfect! Thank you so much.

Wendy: All right. Thank you.

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