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How to Make a Gorgeous Floral Backdrop for less than $85

How to Make a Gorgeous Floral Backdrop for less than $85

Are you bored with your backdrops?

You can create a unique, magazine cover worthy floral backdrop for less than $85!!!

What You’ll Need:


I got my flowers at for $65.41 with shipping-

60 Cream Peonies- $16.99
60 Pink Peonies- $16.99
84 Fushia Rose buds- $16.99
12 Ivory Baby Breath- $7.49
w/shipping = $65.41


Michael’s has rolls of burlap in different sizes. I got an 18” width burlap garland for $12.99

We decided to use burlap so that we could roll the backdrop up for storage as well as take it on site or outdoors.

Garland Burlap 18 – $12.99

Duct Tape

1 roll – $3.89

Total Cost = $83.22


1. Separate the flower stems.
2. Roll out burlap garland.
3. Stick a flower stem through the burlap and tape (or glue with a glue gun) the stem to the back with a substantial piece of duct tape (we used tape so we could remove them or move them if needed).
 How to make a floral backdrop How to make a floral backdrop
4. Continue to stick the flower stems through the burlap, taping them to the back.
Alternate between the different flowers/colors to create a more organic array of blooms.

5. When you have attached all the flowers, flip burlap over and reinforce the back with more strips of duct tape.

How to make a floral backdrop

6. Give yourself a high five, and get ready to take some GORGEOUS portraits!!

Makes 1 Floral Backdrop 18” x 42”

How exciting is that?!! What tips and ideas do you have for making fabulous backdrops for less? Share in the comments below! We love hearing from you!


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