How to do a flash sale for your photo business

I wanted to share with you how to do a successful flash sale to get clients in, to get more bookings when you need them and things like that.

How to do a flash sale. The first thing is to pick two days on your calendar to do the flash sale. I have found either Tuesday & Wednesday or Thursday & Friday (because a lot of people get paid on Fridays) to be the best. Now, you don’t want to do it longer than two days, because as you learned in one of my previous videos, is that my two favorite words are “scarcity” and “urgency”, and that is the only way that a flash sale is going to work.

In order for there to be scarcity and urgency, you need to have it be a short number of days, so I would recommend two days, and that gives the urgency. Then you need to have scarcity by saying there are only X amount of shoots available at this special deal price, or whatever it is that you’re doing for your flash sale.Again, two days, and then say maybe, “five shoots” or “three shoots,” or whatever it is you want to pick.

And for the flash sale, I recommend … I personally have my regular session fee at $300, and then for flash sales, I reduce it to $199 or $99. So I would say, “Hey, guys, heads up. I’m running a flash sale. It’s only for two days, and there are only three photo shoots available. Click the link below or private message me for details. Remember, first come, first serve. These usually sell out really, really quickly and you’re going to save at least $200. You’re going to get a shoot, hair and makeup, same day viewing, $100 credit, all this cool stuff, for just $99. But act fast, it ends in two days and there’s only three more spots available. Click the link below now.” So again, we’re getting scarcity, urgency, and a call to action.

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