How to find a hair and makeup artist

How to find a hair and makeup artist.

This is such a great thing to offer to your clients. It doesn’t matter if you’re offering boudoir or maternity or family sessions or seniors. Offering professional hair and makeup is really gonna set you out from the crowd and allow you to charge those premium prices because you’re really delivering a better value package as well.

Here’s how to find a good hair and makeup artist. First of all, call around to all the different salons in your area, make a list, and ask each salon if they offer professional makeup. Now, if they do, keep a running tally of the ones that do. Then the next place you wanna go is email or reach out on Facebook to every photographer in your area and ask if they use or would recommend any makeup or hair artists, and then make a list of those. Call any spas in your area and ask if they offer makeup services. Do a Google search, as well, and then I would simply ask around at any other outings that you’re at, or ask any other business owners, things like that.

Then compile a list and narrow it down. First of all, I like to narrow it down to places that can offer hair and makeup together before I’ll hire a makeup artist and a hair person separate, because it’s a lot more work to do it that way. Once I’ve narrowed it down to about three to five people that I think are the best … And keep in mind, you guys, I live in a 60,000 person town, so if I can find three to five really good hair and makeup artists, I know you can too. And if you live in a smaller town, like I said, call salons. You can always send them training videos, or ask if they’re willing to be trained. Present them with the amount of work you think that you would be providing them with. Or you could even learn hair and makeup yourself. But, first of all, do this strategy, try to find them.

Then when you’ve narrowed it down to your top three to five, go ahead and do interviews with them. And what I mean by interviews, is schedule your own hair and makeup appointments with these people, and obviously pay to have your hair and makeup done, and then go with the one or two that you think are the best. I think it’s always good to have two to three people in case one’s booked or full or out of town. Then you can go with the ones that you liked, and you wanna make sure that they’re not only good at hair and makeup, but they’re gentle, they’re fun to talk to, things like that.

I really hope that you guys enjoyed this tip on how to find a good professional hair and makeup artist. If you did, comment the word “artist” below.