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The Great Photo Industry Hoax and Why You’re to Blame


I’m sick and tired of fluffy crap being sold to photographers.

Every day I see random templates, backdrops (yes we need these but probably not 100), actions, camera purses, cushy retreats, and less and less HELPFUL educational info.

If photography is a hobby for you and you just want to make enough money to buy these things (and no profit) then you can stop reading here and unsubscribe from receiving future posts.

When I started this blog, Boudie Shorts, last July my goal wasn’t to “sell crap to photographers.” I think this is pretty apparent in my tag line as well, “NO BS education for boudoir photographers.” My goal was (and still is!) to HELP success seeking photographers have the business of their dreams.

I really wish our industry focused MORE on business, marketing, financials, etc and LESS on buying “fluffy crap!” huh…maybe it’s NOT our industries fault though?

…maybe it’s OUR faults. Maybe, it’s YOUR Fault!

Maybe if we would stop investing in fluffy crap we don’t need and started investing in things that would actually HELP us improve our businesses, grow our paychecks, better market to our ideal clients, etc. then that’s more of what the industry would OFFER US.

Now let’s think here for a second.

If you wanted to EARN $60,000 this year (or whatever your goal may be) from your business, would you:
a) buy new PS actions
b) buy a new camera bag
c) invest in learning from a photographer who has DONE that successfully and is offering you business + pricing advice SO YOU can do the same?

….gosh let’s hope your answer is “C.”

You see, the number one complaint I get for photographers is that they don’t make enough money.

…and I totally get that. I MEAN, if you’re running a business, working long hours, constantly trying to perfect your craft, stressing out over booking more clients, dealing with customer service, etc. etc….you kinda want to MAKE MONEY, right?

I want to stress that there’s nothing wrong with wanting to make money. A lot of times I hear from people “well I just LOVE photography,” or “I just need to break even.” If you’re serious about photography as your job then you NEED to get serious about BUSINESS + PRICING. NO MORE FLUFF!!!!!

I know focusing on your financials can be scary, boring and is certainly not as “sexy” as buying all the fun fluffy photo crap.

…because I want these things to change and since I want to HELP YOU HAVE A SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS (heck, if YOU WANT TO anyways), I started an online course for photographers who want NO FLUFF and 100% helpful advice, called Boudoir Business Camp.

If you’re SERIOUS about your business and WANT to:

  • have a business SAVINGS (and heck maybe even a retirement plan, good health care, etc.)
  • earn your desired salary
  • attract your ideal clients
  • have an organized and well running business

…..then I really want you to consider looking into my course Boudoir Business Camp. I know business isn’t as “sexy” and instantly as fun as buying a camera bag purse but this course if packed with info to help you gain a rock solid business plan and the price list you need to run a successful portrait business.

I’ve also included worksheets (so it can be fun and easy to see results quickly), a private forum so you can ask questions and learn from each other, AND bonus NO FLUFF videos from industry leaders (who also passed my no effing fluff policy).

I really appreciate you reading this post and considering what you invest on within your business next. If you liked this post then I’d love it if you’d download my FREE E-BOOK and sign up to receive more posts from me here:

>>>>>>SO, do you agree with me or am I all alone in this? Would YOU like to see less fluff and more HELPFUL educational advice for photographers?  What would you like to see more and less of in our industry? COMMENT BELOW!


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Molly Keyser

Boudoir photographer and business coach, I am dedicated to changing the world with the power of a camera. Originally from Wisconsin, I'm now in Texas, but I help photographers around the world learn how to go full-time with boudoir photography.