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Facebook Group Marketing for Boudoir Photographers

I think it’s safe to say that (literally) facebook pages don’t get the reach they used to. As much as we’d love to sit around all day crying into our lucky charms, it’s time to move on.

The next best marketing tool facebook has to offer (aside from facebook ads) is Facebook Groups.

Do you currently have a Facebook Group for your photography business? No? Keep reading.

This post isn’t going to tell you how to add random people to a facebook group and try to sell them stuff *cough* if I get added to another body wrap group I might have to rip all my hair out *cough*.

What this post will cover is how to create a group for past, present, and potential future clients. This group will cultivate relationships, raise your odds of repeat clients, and let your old clients do the marketing for you when it comes to potential customers.

So let’s get started.

I recently created a “closed” group on facebook called “Molly Marie Photography.” Before I added anyone to the group I made sure to add a thoughtful cover photo.

Can you guess what that cover photo was?

It’s a graphic showing my head shot, our Dream Shoot Planner (our freebie ebook) and text that says “click here to download your Dream Shoot Planner magazine, for free!”

When they click on the image there is text and a link for them to go to to download the Dream Shoot Planner.

It’s important that I do this because when potential clients join the group (or members add their friends) I want to be able to get them to download the Dream Shoot Planner and get them onto my email list.
Email Marketing for Photographers Example

Next I wrote a description for the group that says, “This group is for past, present, and potential future clients of Molly Marie Photography. If you’ve already done a photo shoot, are about to do a shoot, or are just considering a shoot with Molly Marie, this is the place for you. This group is great for questions, shoot inspiration, sharing your story, staying in the loop and more!”

Then I used Edgar (a social post automation service) to schedule up a bunch of social posts that would automatically post to the group. This way I can have the whole group automated and I don’t have to waste a ton of time in there every day while still getting leads/bookings.

Once I had everything set up it was time to add people to the group.

First I added all of my past photo clients that I was already friends with on facebook.

Next I sent out an email to ALL of my past clients letting them know about the group.

Then I added auto social posts about the group on my Molly Marie Photography FB PAGE.

And lastly I added bits to my email marketing funnel saying if they still were unsure about booking that they could join this closed group and ask past clients questions, get ideas for shoots, make friends, etc.

Come on, what’s more powerful than a past client telling a potential client in real time through social media that they loved their experience and they must do a shoot with me!

It’s unmatched marketing I tells ya.

So let me ask you this…What do you think of this idea? What other ways do you think we can use fb groups for marketing to our boudoir clients? Comment below! I’d love to hear from ya 🙂


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