Photographers: When is a good time to do a Facebook ad?

Today I wanted to answer a question that someone sent in and that is, “When is a good time to run a Facebook ad”? I thought this was a really great question so thank you to whoever sent this in.

A good time to run a Facebook ad, first of all, again is to really stop questioning, when is a good time and just go ahead and do it. That is, if this question was intended for maybe you feeling inadequate to run a Facebook ad because you will learn it as you go and Facebook itself has a lot of restraints on how to actually run the Facebook ads.

But taking the question in a second direction. When is a good time to run a Facebook ad? This person could have meant, what do I have to do to my business to justify running an ad for X, Y, Z. right? One of the things you can run a Facebook ad for is some kind of a flash sale. So if you are doing a three day flash sale, or like black Friday, or a Birthday sale, or any kind of sale. Running Facebook ads is great. You could run traffic from the Facebook ads to the page that you are using for the flash sale.

Maybe you have a page that says, these are the times that are available, this is the special price point, here’s what you are getting included, here’s the link to book your shoot. And you could run Facebook ad traffic to that page targeting people in your area, people who fit your ideal client criteria, people who have interacted with your page or liked your page or something like that so that this traffic is warm and interested and all that good stuff.

Now another time to run a Facebook ad is just all the time. You could come up with some kind of freebie, a lead magnet, if you will. Like say a dream shoot planner or something you know your ideal client would be interested in for free and run Facebook ads to that freebie opt in page to get them to put in their name and their email address in exchange for you giving them the freebie, they’re now on your email list and you can market to them however long they’re on your email list until they opt out or book a shoot with you.

Those are really the three different kinds. First of all it’s a fear, just run your Facebook ads and learn as you go. You can get started for as little as $5 or $10 a day ad spend to start to see results. Second of all, when you are doing a flash sale, and third of all just to consistently run Facebook ads to grow your audience and grow the list that you can market to.