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How to Edit Photos for Viewing in 30 Minutes

I find many photographers posting about editing into the wee hours of the morning. I also see many photographers handing over discs of 100+ images to their clients. If you’re not selecting your images down (culling) to the best of the best and having your clients choose from there I feel you’re doing your clients and yourself a disservice. I have three packages that my clients can choose from. Without going into too much detail they can narrow it down to 5 images, 12 images or 20 images. I present 40-60 images through pro select 30 minutes after their portrait session has concluded the SAME DAY. Clients also LOVE that they are able to view their photos the same day. If the clients pay for the images in full that day as well (aka not a payment plan) then I’m able to post those photos to Facebook the same day as well. I love me some FAST networking.

Below I’ve listed the steps I go through to post process my images and prep them for in person viewing right after their shoot.

Step 1: Open Raw Files in Photo Mechanic (or Lightroom or the program of your choosing)

Step 2: Cull the images (select down to your favs. I select down to 40-60 images)

Step 3: Open RAW files in Photoshop (or Lightroom or the program of your choosing)

Step 4: Batch edit the photos (select all the images and edit at the same time), color correct/tweak exposure if necessary
*If you use Lightroom this is a GREAT tool for better editing: click here
*I’ve also been batch using these film plugins by VSCO

Step 5: Export as Jpegs

Step 6: Import into pro select (or viewing software of your choosing) and have clients choose their favorite images

Step 7: I then take the 5, 12 or 20 photos that’s they’ve chosen and all that is left to do is skin retouch! I work with a pro makeup artist for all my shoots so there is already minimal skin retouching. So all that’s left is a one click quick skin retouch with my favorite PS plug in and BAM, DONE!

There are of course many ways to process images and you have to find what’s right for you. I hope you enjoyed my process! I just love being able to finish an entire session from start to finish in one day. So so rad.

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Quickly cull and edit your photos for viewing in just 30 minutes. Here's how to.

For same day viewing, you need to cull and edit your photos quickly. Here's a how to guide on how to do edit photos for viewing in 30 minutes!

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