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Quick Tip for Doubling Your Portrait Sales



Right now, you should be pricing yourself with a session fee, along with collections during your in-person ordering session or same-day viewing and ordering. This is my preferred method.  But how can you get them to buy a bigger package? You can offer them a payment plan.

Now you might be thinking, “Payment plan? I want all the money right now.”  You know what? So do I. Money’s great. But, you will increase your chances of them buying a larger package if you offer them the option to pay with a payment plan.  You can either break up the payments yourself, or you can say, “Hey, I’ll break up your collection over three months through PayPal.”

Something really cool that I learned recently is that you can use something called PayPal Credit.  You will need to have PayPal Pro (about $30 a month), but it’s worth it. Here’s how PayPal Credit works. You say, “Hey, your collection total is $2,000.”  Your client will then go and pay that collection price through PayPal.  They can select “PayPal Credit” and pay that $2,000 with zero interest for six months, and you get your money up front. They’re able to make the payments, but you don’t have to act as a bank. You can let PayPal be the bank through PayPal Credit.

Like I said, you can offer payment plans yourself. I sometimes do that as well. But PayPal Credit is going to be able to offer payment plans for your bigger packages, while at the same time getting you your money upfront.  Pretty cool, right?


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Molly Keyser

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