My Client Stephanie Reveals Why She Did a Boudoir Shoot & Her Love Story

My Client Stephanie Reveals Why She Did a Boudoir Shoot & Her Love StoryI invited my client Stephanie to share her incredible love story, why she scheduled and rescheduled her boudoir shoot a few times & in the end why she did a boudoir shoot and what it turned out like.

Here’s what Stephanie had to say…

Our Love Story

I had just recently moved back from Chicago and had sworn to myself that I would not begin a relationship with anyone for at least a year after returning to my hometown.

One week after moving back in with my parents…at 26…I decided I needed a night out with my friends. We ventured out to a local bar for a night of karaoke, we had been hanging out for most of the evening talking and having some drinks when I heard his voice for the first time.

Coming through the speakers was Let Her Cry by Hootie and the Blowfish in the vocal styling of my future husband 😉 I didn’t see him, I only heard him singing and I began wandering around the bar in search of the man behind the voice.

Just a small distance away from me, behind a crowd of people, sitting on a bar stool singing his heart out, there he was. I waited patiently for him to finish singing and I approached him with a nervous and flimsy invite to my friend’s house after we were done at the bar.

He graciously accepted my invite and we all headed out.

A couple hours were spent hanging out with all of my friends, he and I stealing away moments to talk, feeling an instant connection with each other. Eventually everyone else drifted off into dreamland and he and I were left…alone…sitting on opposite couches from one another…staring…in an instant we both jumped from our seats and kissed.

It was like lightning and calm all at once, as if the moment was racing to a future point while simultaneously freezing time….it was magical. We stayed up until the sun came up talking about our lives, our pasts, our dreams, our fears, our failures, and everything in between until we fell asleep in each other’s arms on the couch at my friend’s house.

When we awoke in the morning, he drove me home to my parent’s house, we exchanged phone numbers and I went inside. Flooded by all my feelings for him and also the promises I had made to myself, I was torn.

My life was a mess, his life was a mess, I didn’t know what else to do but to tell him that all I could offer at that time was my friendship.

So we became friends, that talked everyday, thought about each other constantly, and finally gave in. No amount of time alone or space for myself was going to change the instant knowledge that this person was my person.

We have been together ever since, 8 years ago I met my best friend and the keeper of my heart. We married two years after we met and over the last 6 years of marriage we have grown together, fought for our love, and become happier than ever.

And when we kiss time still simultaneously stops and propels to the future, and it is magical.

Why I Decided To Do A Boudoir Shoot

The first reason for the boudoir shoot was as a gift for my husband, but ultimately it came down to something I needed to do for myself as well.

I had been thinking about doing one for a while, I had even scheduled and rescheduled my shoot a couple of times.

Always rescheduling for the same reason, my body.

I have always been extremely hard on myself and in my mind I was not going to be ready for a boudoir shoot until I reached my goal weight and had a killer body.

After talking with Molly for years about this shoot, it truly was years, I scheduled my shoot for just before my husband and I’s 5 year wedding anniversary and promised both her and myself that I would not cancel over my body.

As my shoot drew near I wanted to cancel because I still had 30 pounds I wanted to lose and I just didn’t feel like I could possibly look sexy.

That is when it hit me, I had to do this, and I needed to prove to myself that my weight did not define whether or not I was sexy. So I did it.

My Client Stephanie Reveals Why She Did a Boudoir Shoot & Her Love Story

My Client Stephanie Reveals Why She Did a Boudoir Shoot & Her Love Story

My Client Stephanie Reveals Why She Did a Boudoir Shoot & Her Love Story

My Client Stephanie Reveals Why She Did a Boudoir Shoot & Her Love Story

My Client Stephanie Reveals Why She Did a Boudoir Shoot & Her Love Story

My Client Stephanie Reveals Why She Did a Boudoir Shoot & Her Love Story

My boudoir shoot with Molly was amazing!!! We took a gamble and planned some outdoor photos because I love the outdoors, I knew this was risky due to weather and lighting, but we got really lucky and ended up with a day you probably couldn’t recreate if you tried.

Molly made me feel so comfortable in my own skin and the shoot was so much fun, I felt like a professional model and it actually felt so good!! I couldn’t have asked for a more professional yet fun experience, and all of my photos turned out so well that I had a hard time choosing the ones that I ultimately did end up gifting to my husband. (He loved them!!)

It is so hard to explain what happens in your mind, the shift when you realize that this idea that you carried about yourself was only an idea that you carried. Letting go and freeing that inner voice saying “you aren’t good enough” is one of the most empowering feelings in the world.

After my shoot my confidence in myself was given a tremendous boost that I still carry with me today!

Thank you so much Molly for opening my eyes and helping me see that I too can feel beautiful no matter what I think about my body!!

If you have ever even considered a boudoir shoot, do it!! And if you do, I couldn’t more highly recommend Molly!!

TELL ME IN THE COMMENTS BELOW: Have you done a boudoir shoot yet photogs? Why or why not?

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